Does anyone find it harder being on this planet at times after "awakening"?

Hi everyone. I just wanted to have a discussion about whether anyone finds it harder being on this planet at times after awakening. I know it's challenging for us to be here to begin with, but is harder after being able to see the world for what it really is and knowing that this life isn't all there is? For me, awakening has been exciting and filled with amazingly high vibrations, but then the illusory limitations of the 3rd dimension and the systems set in place that enslave us all come into play, and it makes me not want to be here sometimes since I know there're places out there that are paradise compared to Earth. And I'm very tired of being a slave to the time clock just to live, ugh.

Share your perspectives and thoughts :)

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Glitch - You made this post at 11:11 which is pretty cool:-)I too have lost my old friends and most of my family. I haven't been able to feel comfortable living in this world as I seek out new friends that I can talk to and experience life with. I WANT to find these people in real life and NOT online - however I find there are people online that I just don't come across in my daily life. I still hope that online friendships can become real at some point. Michael...

Glitch said:

I feel this way multiple times a day. I also have lost all my old friends because I suddenly could not connect with them anymore. I find it almost physically painfully to be around others who I feel are still dealing with being brainwashed. My love for them never dies but I have progressed consciously while they have suddenly stepped back. In fact I'm finally getting rid of my FB this week because of it. Even people whos consciousness is expanding and "eyes opening" are still choosing to stay blind to some stuff. I find those who pick and choose what they want to believe instead of knowing the truth to be the most painful to be around. People who are starting to open their minds to reality get scared and use denial as a coping mechanism. I find it hard to take part in society in any form. I have always struggled w humans but it is only getting worse. It's strange, to talk to hundreds's of people over your life and hear the same words and inflection used over and over again. To hear the same weak reasoning. The same programming. I can't take hearing it again for even a second. The part that sucks the most is I want to help. But any time I have taken that leap and tried to explain what I know , they freak out. Every single person regardless of age, sex or race has the same attitude when I meet them. That they need to teach me something. In reality their spewing the same drivel every other human has said to me through out my life. Helping others is the best way to be at peace here so if your better at it than me go for it. Be careful, if you are the sanest person you know, you'll go mad. .. Jim Carrey - "To me, breathing had become nothing more than ammunition for a sigh." lol

Actually for me it got easier..That what will happen if you awake..cant get harder..if it does it means you more asleep ..people tend to confuse readiness with accomplishment..readiness is just the begining , it does not imply that any progress has been made..you may feel ready but you have an enormous amount of work to do..how much meditation have you done? how much breathing techniques etc etc?

Have you changed your diet? Do you do good deeds for others without expecting anything in return? Do you do any practices daily?

If no then its going to be hard

Thank you for raising this subject Ramon.

I've been agonising over the gap of understanding between myself and my loved ones.

I see them going around and around in the same self destructive patterns, unwilling to see the things I try to tell them, that will free them from their illusions.

Its sad you realise how much helpful things you've learned only to find the only one you can help is yourself. 

I was born 'awake' and aware of who i was, where i came from etc.
It was hard for me as a kid and i did struggle with it.
I didn't feel in place here and felt like 'they' left me behind.
In general my childhood was filled with being sad, feeling alone and angry.
On top of it all, i obviously turned out as the weird kid in school.

But... I just turned 30 in october and i can say, I don't feel that bad about it anymore. I have peace with it now. I even kinda feel good here. I don't feel homesick or sad if i think about my home or the beings. I always had and have contact with them.
Tho i put that on a low point for now. I don't really need it that much.
They can contact me if they need to. I know that they sometimes will because of certain reasons. But most of my days are pretty 'normal' and i like it to be honest. I don't feel the need to 'convince' others or 'wake them up'.
Nor do i talk a lot about stuff like this. I haven't even been here for months. It's part of me but not who i am in total. I'm more than this.
I'm glad that i came to this realization because i see a lot of people, like in this topic, struggle with it. It seems like many seem to think they should behave differently, talk about other things. Everything needs to be spiritual and good all of a sudden. You are still you. You are not some sudden guru or better than someone else. And you also still have hobby's you once had and will find new ones when life goes one. So how or why aren't there any things to talk about with your old friends and now ones you will meet?
We all have and had a passion in life. For me it's mostly animals and art.
So in stead of sitting there, being sad, complaining about how nobody gets my spiritual tuff, i share this, look for people i have other stuff in common. And you will find out, even those 'asleep' are still not that different then you are...

The only struggle i keep having is finding my place in this world when it comes to jobs. Everything i like doing isn't something i can make a living with. Most jobs feel empty, boring and useless. I did a lot so far when it comes to jobs and being on and off school couple of times. I got my teacher degree last june but it turned out that being a teacher isn't my thing either. So i'm on the road again, looking for something else, again...



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