Does anyone find it harder being on this planet at times after "awakening"?

Hi everyone. I just wanted to have a discussion about whether anyone finds it harder being on this planet at times after awakening. I know it's challenging for us to be here to begin with, but is harder after being able to see the world for what it really is and knowing that this life isn't all there is? For me, awakening has been exciting and filled with amazingly high vibrations, but then the illusory limitations of the 3rd dimension and the systems set in place that enslave us all come into play, and it makes me not want to be here sometimes since I know there're places out there that are paradise compared to Earth. And I'm very tired of being a slave to the time clock just to live, ugh.

Share your perspectives and thoughts :)

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Of course we're all bogged down by the daily grind, but all of us know how to chop wood and haul water... Let's not forget the whole point of our collective sacrifice in order to wake them up in the first place. They're right there on the precipice, and while we've helped a significant chunk of them to be able to see it, they still don't have any clear pathway to repopulate and re-inforce their dying ecosystem in their oceans, or how to replant their rainforests so that they become a carbon sink again instead of them now emitting as much carbon as the total vehicular exhaust systems in the US, and while they finally have the key that was re-given to them towards zero point energy right now, the rodin's & pulsar coils aren't being put to good use and so they're still having nuclear reactors fail and their environment is becoming more and more toxic every month.

Now that we're all here, except but for a few of us, I wonder how many of us will allow ourselves to directly impact their destiny here. We got them to expand their minds so that they could see a little bit more clearly, but the sight that they're seeing for their immediate lives is more dismal than that daily grind... I wonder if we're only here to remind them that they're eternal in the ethereal and to hold their hands while they wither away. I've invested so much of myself to come here and inhabit this flesh and I've learned to love them all as brothers and sisters (except when Im stuck behind them in traffic). I don't want to see them condemned to their collective fate & I don't think it's too late.

What are your thoughts?

Would love to leave to return to lightest density world
Except whole purpose of this planet is infinite density dissolution into white light
So we're here to stay
Mo Pai Nei Kung
This planet is the Final Home

I think awakening's shock us to our cores, this can have the adverse affect of knocking us out of our comfort zones. I think it takes time but eventually we disconnect from the wild and reconnect into stable everyday lives. I'd say give it time, with your new knowledge and understanding of the Universe you had to be pulled out of your norms, with time you'll sink back into living. Good luck!

Yes i definatly feel the same way, im not even from here, i know that and id like to go home now, im ready like right now! I no longer have time for other humans and their smalltalk, they are all just programmed sheep or rather free range chickens lol. Im a truther too which doesnt help the situation so iv turned into a bit of a hermit since awakening in Oct 2015

Oh and its funny you mention the time...i cant take it, so i live on my own time, i love to stay up all night cos i prefer night time rather than daylight so i just do as i please and run on my own time...bad luck for my mother who is staying for a while lol

Awakening is a dificult thing but im not sure of the spiritual definition. What i do know,as an empath with sore shoulders is that if a feeling is acompanied by fear or anger it is not awakening but a taste of which to be awakened to. this disheartened feeling towards life is the dillusion in which u are here to learn to defeat, it is a photo of the enemy and a way to recognise a friend because with out the photo you would never know the face was even there.,, m also getting this vibe to say up your vitamin d intake get it checked please SAM-e will usually clear any heavy metal based nevous system depression also... it is VERY VERY common

Hello Highest Dimension. Sorry it took me a while to reply. I got caught up in life.

Before I answer your question, I want to tell you about myself. I have in my life tried all of the religions and I don't particularly find anyone of them attractive. Because I am a psychic by nature, my spirituality is shown by being psychic and doing what divinity wants me to do to cleanse, heal, and purify this planet.

Now about your question, "What do you mean by chosen one will come and destroy everything?". Well, according to most prophecies, Age of Gold is suppose to be ushered in. And most of the religions are expecting someone to appear and do this.

When I said, destroy everything, I am talking about all of the things we are not doing right or those things that are not earth friendly.

The most basic thing is that, NATURE HAS DIRECTION. Which means, if we don't live earth friendly lifestyle or with nature, there will be reaction. This is why we have, water, air, and earth being polluted. Whole planet has become diseased. Right now we have those disease that were not there even 30 years ago. When I was growing up, the most we had to worry about sexual transmitted disease such as VD (Venearal Disease). here was NO Aids, no nothing. Fishes didn't use to beach in 70s and cancer wasn't prevalent.

The chosen one will destroy all of this from the root. For example, destroy the makers of cocaine in Afghanistan, destroy the alcohol, meat, cigarette other industries. Find better source of fuel other then Petrol. I remember in 1970s someone had come up with electric cars, but petroleum industry stopped it. In India, someone has come up with car that runs on water. Go to YouTube and check it out. Did you know it takes 10 pounds of grain cow feed to produce 1 pound of beef? So this is not economical. All of these industries have to be destroyed to make our home, Mother Earth, and ourselves healthy, clean, and happy.

He will also have ability to take on reptilians, aliens, hybrids, illuminiti, and other "Non-Existent" people.

Another example, of "NATURE HAS DIRECTION" is Islam. The only thing they are doing is creating negativity. They are going counter-clockwise in a circle around an object that is square and opposite to rotation of Earth. It creates negativity. These religions will be finished along with Christianity. Other stupidity of other religions will also be finished.

Earth will have a monarch. Earth will be one family. He will bring everyone together. Christians call him, Anti-Christ, Musims call him Mehdi, Buddhists call him Maitreya, and Hindus call him Kalki. Concept of nation will disappear.

I am telling you all of this from my psychic and telepathic sense and not some prophetic litearature. This is what I was told.

No matter with the name or religion, I was told using my psychic ability that This Personality" has already taken birth and is preparing.

I hope this answers your question.

K Shukla

i know this feeling all too well, i have wished upon so much that i could be back in my suited body and lifetime around what i have always had memories of working with and doing as my intergalactic duties. Having to deal with the limitations and boundaries of what the 3rd dimension here has held on us is stressful enough and its consistently harder when what you are used to working with and doing is a practically impossible feat to work with here due to lack of advancement the planet courses through on a day to day basis.

Hi :)

I don't know if I would use the word 'awaken' either though there's nothing wrong with it at all, but I know what you mean and I can relate very well.
Sometimes it's overwhelming, seeing so many sad things happening all around the planet, it made me notice that all of us are so primitive as species... but also I feel so happy when I look at the half full cup and aknowledge that we are so many: lightworkers, inspirers, people who really have been feeling a major calling for being part of a great change and positive shift! :)

Being "awake" doesn't necessarily mean being happy or living in bliss, it means being aware of ones self and ones truth. The thing is truth itself is fluid and is constantly being created and recreated by ones intention. This is why something that is true for one person may not be true for another person. Truth and "reality" is constantly being created and re-defined on both the individually creative and collective co-creative levels.

I think it's perfectly normal for someone who becomes "awake"to go through a period of sadness or even shock when the individual realizes the type reality in which they entered. Living on Earth certainly has it's challenges but remember that you wouldn't be here if you weren't up to the challenge.

For me personally, the hardest part of my self-realisation was the time between becoming self-realised and remembering my purpose. I remember thinking that now I'm a self-realised soul I would live in bliss but the Multi-verse was very quick to bring me into check. Sometimes I get so caught up in my day to day life that I forget to reconnect. This is normally when I go though a difficulty which forces me to look into myself so that I do reconnect. It's the way my higher self reminds me to stay centered so in essence I am creating my own difficulties...we all are. Remember it's never what happens to you that matters...only how you respond.

If you think your a slave then you'll be a slave. If you think you're free then you'll be free. That's the Universal law of creation in action.

Love and Peace,

Yeah, after getting through some phases of "awakening" I no longer feel like I belong here.

It feels like everything is too simple and there's nothing for me to do. It's not deppression that I am feeling but more like self realization. Sometimes I may get a bit sad when I think of it tho.

Razvan Ra, I can totally relate. A lot of the time it feels like I've detached from many things on this planet and I just want to leave. Maybe it's because life is mundane and I'm witnessing the affects that the limitations of this dimension have on my life. I'd really like to be doing exciting things and have freedom of time, but day to day it's the same routine, go to work for an average income, and be around people I don't have much in common with. Being here feels pointless at times.

Razvan Ra said:

Yeah, after getting through some phases of "awakening" I no longer feel like I belong here.

It feels like everything is too simple and there's nothing for me to do. It's not deppression that I am feeling but more like self realization. Sometimes I may get a bit sad when I think of it tho.

I did find it very hard to look at things the same way I did before I started getting interested in spirituality. For a few years, it was hard for me to ground myself. Now I think I have found a nice balance between the two.

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