Does anyone find it harder being on this planet at times after "awakening"?

Hi everyone. I just wanted to have a discussion about whether anyone finds it harder being on this planet at times after awakening. I know it's challenging for us to be here to begin with, but is harder after being able to see the world for what it really is and knowing that this life isn't all there is? For me, awakening has been exciting and filled with amazingly high vibrations, but then the illusory limitations of the 3rd dimension and the systems set in place that enslave us all come into play, and it makes me not want to be here sometimes since I know there're places out there that are paradise compared to Earth. And I'm very tired of being a slave to the time clock just to live, ugh.

Share your perspectives and thoughts :)

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Personally I don't like too much the word awake because it implies that the other people are asleep (to me sounds like "I am awake so I know better, the others are asleep and blind and ignorant) so don't use it

I gradually adopted new views and believes about this reality, but for me the greatest shift in consciousness was when I heard the "story" of the earth ascending into higher dimensions, like a year and a half ago, it highly resonated with me and from that point on I felt so very good, soon after I found this forum, now I know a bit about my soul's purpose and I really found meaning in my life so now life is easier and I live happier, I am very, very optimistic about what will come next, life became funny and full of excitement, of course I am not fully happy and the new stuff that I have learned in the previous year hasn't quite manifested in my daily life or physical plane but definitely having expanded my consciousness beyond the mundane things was a huge breath of fresh air now I am glad I am here at this time :)

:D :D

That is a good question. After I had had some profound "awakening" experiences, I felt more conscious of other aspects of myself, and, at times, it was very difficult to function in my normal job and taking care of business as usual, because I wondered if I should be doing something else. However, I'm feeling more back in balance now, and realizing that all is as it should be. We are all in this together, and I'm thankful to still be going, one breath at a time.

Hello Iulia! Yes, we are in this together. Glad to hear that you are back in balance. I'm trying to get back there myself, but like you said, one breath at a time. Thanks for sharing!

I feel this way multiple times a day. I also have lost all my old friends because I suddenly could not connect with them anymore. I find it almost physically painfully to be around others who I feel are still dealing with being brainwashed. My love for them never dies but I have progressed consciously while they have suddenly stepped back. In fact I'm finally getting rid of my FB this week because of it. Even people whos consciousness is expanding and "eyes opening" are still choosing to stay blind to some stuff. I find those who pick and choose what they want to believe instead of knowing the truth to be the most painful to be around. People who are starting to open their minds to reality get scared and use denial as a coping mechanism. I find it hard to take part in society in any form. I have always struggled w humans but it is only getting worse. It's strange, to talk to hundreds's of people over your life and hear the same words and inflection used over and over again. To hear the same weak reasoning. The same programming. I can't take hearing it again for even a second. The part that sucks the most is I want to help. But any time I have taken that leap and tried to explain what I know , they freak out. Every single person regardless of age, sex or race has the same attitude when I meet them. That they need to teach me something. In reality their spewing the same drivel every other human has said to me through out my life. Helping others is the best way to be at peace here so if your better at it than me go for it. Be careful, if you are the sanest person you know, you'll go mad. .. Jim Carrey - "To me, breathing had become nothing more than ammunition for a sigh." lol

Still feels a little hard sometimes. But nowdays this have been less hard.
So I find it easier being on here after 'awakening'.

For me it goes both ways. I find it harder to connect with people beyond superficial dialogue, but then it was never all that easy to begin with. And I find it harder to feel invested in the drama life drags up--loves, fears, hopes, dreams, purpose. Remembering soul history has a way of putting all those things into context, not trivializing them but still encouraging some detachment from them. Yet I also find life on earth significantly easier, more voluntary and intentional than it had been. I remember why I left, so I know why I would not go back. There are still some things left to do here. That helps to quiet the thoughts of home. 

hi ramon
its a nice topic you started.

many of us has these problems before awakening. knowing your out of place, doesnt fit, feeling strong pain out of nowhere (especially empaths), being confused cause you dont really udnerstand the system and other humans.
the one thing changed for me was that i learned why all these things happened and why i feel like this.
i dont think its easier now but its also not harder too.
sure there are things that get worse, seeing people fight, learning about yourself and remember "good old past lives" xd. but there are also gifts we see now or are ready to accept that makes everything bearable.

i feeling with you being tired. live here is exhausting. but im sure that goes for every being on this planet, awaken or not, even if they dont realize and dont know why.
but this world is already changing little by little, someday it will be fine :)
and some day we can go to sleep and recover for our next adventure ;)

I think that is called a depression not awakening... awakening should make you feel bliss, you should walk in nirvana every singe day and look at every problem , every care in the world like in Queen song - Nothing really maters :D. In 2011 i thought i was awakened but turned out i was super delusional and thought everybody else are delusional except me, no i was the suffering awakened one, who sees past all bullshit...turns out it aint so after all.

I feel the same considering I'm living at the low vibrations it's hard to meditate think live or connect with those around me

the worst thing that i feel sad about is our satanic gowerments because since i saw the home demolition derby that usa gowerment had and murdered around 3500 peoples in 9/11 and places like sweden kiss their ass i know the satanic clan runs my sweden television ,it makes me very sad to see all peoples ho is sleaping and brainwashed specially in usa its very bad and yes manny in sweden is brainwashed to they thinks their governments is good and thinking about their best but in fact they is pure evil and they lately wants humanity to become even more retarded watching to many bad commercial on television hahahaha and the news on tv is pure shit i hate it all and they wants human to eat fluoride and all other poisionated food suply but as funny it is i see its about to shange lol but if the peoples is sleaping brainwashed they dont see the truths i only can wait for alien dislclosure that will change this earth if its made in a good way the future of earth is written in the stars notting in stone things will change soner or later

i was born awaken so my life has been difficult from the start. i have always found it hard to live in human society and to just well act human in general. as most of us born in certain time periods it was practicality a sin to be us. the new generation is lucky to even have info on what is going on lol. even though i had a mission to help its really it becomes impossible for a bug to fight a raging river. watching people get trapped by all the things to blind people and hold them down from ....well evolving. it really was hard watching no mater how many people you help they just seem to jump back in line to the rest of them once you showed them there is more. its like they are scared and to stay de-evolved is easier..free will i guess. choosing to remove your self from corporate control is hard its not a easy life ..its be a slave to corporations or be homeless but honestly either are hard...how ever that is not overly what they mean to be enslaved...its far deeper than that. to be enslaved is to be blind with out knowing why. only those who free them selfs will know the truth about this world and the ets who run it. that is your free will to choose to find out or stay in line.

@ Atylmo I agree, the satanic cults running our world have us totally surrounded. You can be "awake" and be unhappy. Imagine your own family members being brainwashed by these people and not being able to break through to them... To be an empath and feel the pain of so many in the world and not being able to do anything about it. There is large scale suffering right now. If anyone knows about REAL satanism what they really do, who they are and the scale of the operation it is overwhelming for any of us. I remember a gifted life on Mars and a gifted past life on earth, not to mention remembering the dimension we call heaven/home. Of course we're not happy here. On Mars we were destroyed in a single day. In heaven before I came to the life I am in now I remember being in a group of people called together to meet with some larger light beings. These beings showed us what was going to happen on Earth soon. Everyone in the group had lived a past life where we experienced "End times" before.They told us this time would be much more drawn out and severe. I remember asking, "If I go back will it keep another soul who had not experienced times like these before, from having to go through it?" They said yes. We all looked at each other in silent agreement to come back. The light beings asked us if we were sure, almost trying to get us to change our minds because it was going to be so bad. Almost as if we were retired and coming back just for this. Of course I don't like it here. It would be a wonderful place if there wasn't so much evil here. Like I said in an earlier comment, helping people is first and foremost what we are suppose to be doing. "End times" are a small part of a very big cycle, so even if we are eternal there are still spirits/souls that have not had to go through it. Us that have, I think tend to just be waiting to go back home.



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