Do you ever get the spiritual feeling that your zodiac is wrong?

I remember as a child being told that I was the sign of Gemini, and being told that I was the Year of the Monkey - in the Chinese Zodiac.

As soon as I heard this I remember repeatedly saying "I am not! I refuse to be that sign! I know I'm not!" as my mother tried to convince me that I was as that was the animal that represented the year that I was born and that the sign of the month that I was born in. 

I refused to believe it and to this day I still hate it. I've always felt that it didn't fit me, and I feel drawn spiritually to the sign Scorpio and the Year of the Rat.

These signs fit me and when I do fun tests based on which Zodiac fits my personality they always come back with Scorpio and the Year of the Rat I always answer honestly and I don't try to get these results).

I know these signs don't make me, me as I've more than a Zodiac sign. But it's something that I feel deep inside me, unless it's my ego reacting to it somehow?

What do you think? Has anyone else gone through this because at the minute I feel totally alone, thinking that I'm the only one that does feel this way. 

Also, I feel the presence of the Rat sometimes, almost like it's saying that I can associate myself with that animals year, but when I think of doing so I'm always reminded that I can't as I wasn't born in that year and that I'm just fooling myself into pretending to be something that I'm not. I wish I was born in the Year of the Rat. 

I know it's silly believing in something like Zodiacs and Horoscopes but it's something that I've always felt connected to as a child. 

Plus I did some calculations and if the Chinese Zodiac started in the year 0AD when our normal calendar did then the year I was born in WOULD be the Year of the Rat! But it didn't, it actually started in the year 2637BC. Which in itself doesn't make sense as it doesn't start at 0 OR year 1. 

But then I guess it is just a measurement of time, and I suppose we don't know when the year 1 started lol 

Oops, sorry this got so long! 

Just wondering what you all think.

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My Zodiac is libra and wood dog, but personally I never felt the zodiac stuff really mattered all that much, my intuition atleast feels that way. Zodiacs is really just something that matters here in my opinion.

you should check out to find your dominants. :)

also, the sidereal zodiac is quite interesting. 

Gemnis often say "Dont fence me in"

So your comment is that of a typical Gemini?:)


Anyway, no, I dont relate, I think my data fits perfectly. But it is possible to move beyond ones signs too, and access the raw elements it seems/source itself.

Moon in Cancer

Sun in Sagittarius

Libra Ascendant

Find your sun,moon,ascendant signs. Be sure your birthday and birthlocation/birthtime is fully right.

Also I'm not subscribing to that 13th zodiac sign thing, but even if it works, it doesn't change much , the old system works great for me.

Fits most people I find. Just never use newspaper horoscopes , or public horoscopes -- They are often very inaccurate and made for Entertainment only. Disgustingly inaccurate....

Any newspaper horoscope, is often just a big lie

That's my experience anyway. But real astrology seems to exist too. If one seeks deep.

There are some stones that may open you to the world of astrology, amethyst is a good stone for opening you to cosmic energies, and accelerate that learning.

Astro fits very well on me,my bro,mom,dad etc. , in fact just about everything they say or do.

Sometimes it fits so well I may get in doubt if we have free will at all. ;-)

Just acting out those elements are we?

As far as your signs go then you should look into your rising and venus signs because they can have a bigger sway in your life than your sun sign. I for example am born as a leo but am born on the cusp of virgo (12 hours later and i woulve been born under the virgo sign) and my other two rising signs are virgo.. so if you conaiser that, then i am more virgo than leo. (These two signs are conflictual in many ways, so i often thought i was not a leo at all)

Also maybe your time/date of your birth isnt recorded quite acurately... but i would consider this to be less likely?!

Ps. Please dont think it silly! It may look that way from.the outside but in my opinion astrology is quite complex and has a lot of depth. And if you feel deaqn to it then it obviously has stock for you.

Chinese astrology never quite clicked for me...but i also think they have their own system of elements which seemed to make more me. Look into can find are answers for yourself :)

The whole natal chart must be concidered. You may have moon in scorpio as do i,  or other important places in scorpio such as your mars position.

If your a water sign moon like i am the sun sign gets diluted very quickly by the heavy, emotional , receptive and feminine influence of water. Usually the water moon is dominant if you have a masculine air or fire sun sign 

I'm a pure libra with Sun, venus and mars all in libra..a real Venusian.... but my scorpio moon really dominates its like a tidal wave that overrides much of the airier, lighter and fluffy libra influences. I look like a libra but my personality is Scorpion.. I'm tougher, and and more resiliant than the average Libran with tremendous reserves of will power that are bestowed on me through my Scorpio moon. Feminine influences tend to pack more of a punch than the masculine influences in the natal. Just think of the nature elements they represent.....water and earth are certainly heavier than air of fire so they tend to leave more of a dominant influence on the personality . Masculine suns get watered down and diluted very quickly with numerous earth of water placements..

Sun. moon, and mars should all be concidered , as well as the ascendant to get a more accurate picture. As a gemini you may even have many Cancerian placements in your chart since we tend to be a mix of neighboring signs as well and cancer comes right after Gemini (which would also leave a watery sensitive influence)

Monkey yrs are 1968, 1980, 1992 as the chinese zodiac is a cycle of 12 animals which repeats over every 12 years.

If your born in one of these yrs you are a Monkey

The ascendant rules the whole chart.

We can be like our sun, moon or ascendant. There could be other stronger aspects in our chart that could often overshadow those too. I feel that is the case for me. The sun sign is the fuel, the conscious, the moon is the unconscious, and the ascendant is your drive. So you can be either of them.

By rule gemini is not a good match for scorpio. Then again, there are no hard and fast rules to compatibility, because then relationship synastry comes in and that can tell a different story, a more detailed story so to say.

I believe we are more than our sun signs :)

Yes like i said the sun sign can get diluted very quickly especially if its a masculine sun overriden by a heavier earth or water sign. You pretty much are what element is the dominate one in your chart. A masculine person will have a predominance of fire and or air and feminine signs are most likely predominant in earth or water. if you have a gemini sun (masculine mutable air) but the rest of your chart is in water or earth your more of a feminine sign regardless of your masculine sun. 

Yes the sun is only a small part of the picture the whole natal is vital for an accurate picture

I see what you're saying in the fact that the other signs can affect the Sun sign but the problem is that the first four signs, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are ALL Gemini! Here is my chart for extra information.

Free Chart 63%



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