I know i am not the only one.
But I have completely regressed. My spirit is just broken and the best way to describe how I feel is DISCONNECTED.
I'm not to sure why I am here. I honestly want to delete my entire profile description because I am not sure anymore. I just don't feel that I belong here. I don't understand the humans. I don't understand why I have to be SO sensitive and everything just kills me inside and breaks me down. Any guidance is much appreciated. I wish I knew more about myself. Where am I from? Why do I feel like i'm so freaking old? My hands are so old and have looked that way since I was a child. Something about orion keeps popping up. Anything in3s or triangular shapes or 3 in a row...

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Very well put..

I've been feeling the same way. I think it's all the chaos and negative energy flowing. We have to put forth more effort. I've been working on my health and getting more exercise. I got a dog for the first time in my adult life too. She brings me joy and peace and makes me get out into nature.

I also had the three in a row thing. Turns out it was pointing me to alpha centaurians. Alpha centauri is a three star configuration.



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