I know i am not the only one.
But I have completely regressed. My spirit is just broken and the best way to describe how I feel is DISCONNECTED.
I'm not to sure why I am here. I honestly want to delete my entire profile description because I am not sure anymore. I just don't feel that I belong here. I don't understand the humans. I don't understand why I have to be SO sensitive and everything just kills me inside and breaks me down. Any guidance is much appreciated. I wish I knew more about myself. Where am I from? Why do I feel like i'm so freaking old? My hands are so old and have looked that way since I was a child. Something about orion keeps popping up. Anything in3s or triangular shapes or 3 in a row...

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Sometimes we lose our way to find it again, to understand ourselves more and understand our path better. Connect to your current identity, love yourself in your human form, you will be able to connect to others in love as well, and there will not be a disconnect as you say. Ground yourself, love yourself so you love this life more.

Let yourself go, do not hold back in any judgement of yourself or others, then the heart will open and any disconnect will dissolve.

Very well put..

I've been feeling the same way. I think it's all the chaos and negative energy flowing. We have to put forth more effort. I've been working on my health and getting more exercise. I got a dog for the first time in my adult life too. She brings me joy and peace and makes me get out into nature.



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