I know i am not the only one.
But I have completely regressed. My spirit is just broken and the best way to describe how I feel is DISCONNECTED.
I'm not to sure why I am here. I honestly want to delete my entire profile description because I am not sure anymore. I just don't feel that I belong here. I don't understand the humans. I don't understand why I have to be SO sensitive and everything just kills me inside and breaks me down. Any guidance is much appreciated. I wish I knew more about myself. Where am I from? Why do I feel like i'm so freaking old? My hands are so old and have looked that way since I was a child. Something about orion keeps popping up. Anything in3s or triangular shapes or 3 in a row...

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I feel the same as you I suggest look for someone who can heal you I will try and guide you but atm im busy

Hi Linds,

I am willing to try and help if you are interested.

Though I felt as you did, at least to a point, I just did/do the isolation thing. Recently a specific healing did reduce my response to the sensitivity.. still seems to sense it but not react to it.

A lot here share the same though each of us have developed different methods to deal with it.

I suggest meditating inside nature, trying to clear your mind or to fill your mind with everything that is already there. I also suggest you drinking more water.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJWGpI-Zjgw (K-Rino - Tower of sadness)

I'm sure you figure it out!

I understand EXACTLY how you feel.

I have old hands too. And I was disconnected my entire life. It was awful in many ways, as there was simply nothing I could do. I still don't understand the sensitivity part. The reason you feel old is because you are an old soul. Many of the ways of others may seem childish. You've been there.

But about 2 months ago I undertook a juice fast and some other rituals. And boy things started to change in a brilliant way. I got reconnected. And I saw the number 3 EVERYWHERE. I could only eat 3 meals a day. My apartment was on floor 3. I was only to attend to 3 tasks per day. I stayed in that located for exactly 3 months. It was a 3 week juicing progress. I was not a believer in numerology until then but 3 and 7 important numbers in my life now.

You are already over the finish line so to speak, and like a plant your growth is going to be organic and natural from now on, though there are some things you can attend to.

Rejoice my friend. The sign of 3 is a good one. You are in for quite a show

I dont think its really possible for your spirit to regret.
Why do you think you dont want be here anymore?Maybe someday you can find something usefull on here.
You dont need to understand humans,or even care with everything that you see.Things are happening in the way they are supposed to be.Its a process of evolution,and this does not happen my mistake.
You need to find ways to keep yourself healthy and in balance while in this lifetime.

all your perceptions and understandings have not aligned nor they have clicked or held place to the things you once believed. you feel there is more but you dont know how to grasp it. you stare at the sky hoping it stares back at you. you want to believe again but have a hard time trusting all the information that is heard and related. take a moment spend time at night by yourself call upon the sky with a light heart and warmth and you will get a response.

the sky will wink back at you and you can respond with a smile

Another though.

You could be connected to someone who is in a depressed state. That is another problem with being sensitive. So is anyone, a close relative, friend etc. in a depressed state too and you are in resonance with them? For me I have to look or test to see if the energy of the feeling is external coming in or mine. Nearly 100% external source.

If that is the case do you have any self control over your frequency so i.e. shift it slightly higher or away from that you are resonance with? But up a barrier to the largest source of the feeling if it is from outside.

You are lacking your inner conection.
The more unhappy we are, the more we are unhappy with the external world often.

So I would meditate.
Look within.
Close eyes. Let thoughts come and go.
Breathe slowly.
Just observe thoughts. Notice them, but let them go.
If a thought arises, just notice it, let it go.
Feel the peace
Notice the peace

Feel how you feel afterwards

may have to try a few times, with persistent meditation your answers are likely to be answered, else you may have to join a meditation group. That's an excellent way to pursue your spirituality, because the truth is within.

remember, few things come just for free, often we need to do things a few times

and it is the same with meditation

the more you do it, the more rewards it brings for your life

many people have been completely changed around in their life from it. A transcendental experience. Once they know who they are, there is no going back. And it was that needing to know that got them into meditation.

Buy yourself a pendulum and learn how to get rid of the negative implants.

Sometimes we lose our way to find it again, to understand ourselves more and understand our path better. Connect to your current identity, love yourself in your human form, you will be able to connect to others in love as well, and there will not be a disconnect as you say. Ground yourself, love yourself so you love this life more.

Let yourself go, do not hold back in any judgement of yourself or others, then the heart will open and any disconnect will dissolve.



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