I have been away from the forum for awhile. I was hoping to see some posts about Disclosure but surprisingly, nothing. I know there are skeptics out there and on this forum about Disclosure, well... this post isn't for skeptics.

I have been keeping abreast of this upcoming event through a source. He isn't psychic but is able to communicate with his guides during deep meditative states. Although I don't think he is familiar with the term "starseed" he does know that his soul's origin is from Sirius. One of his guides is also from Sirius and that is where his information about Disclosure comes from. Although, I wouldn't put the date at 100% certainty (but still a very high probability at this point), they are aiming for October of this year. I was also on another forum (non-starseed) and a psychic/medium gave a reading for this year and said there would be a major event that would change the world around that time (he saw November). I could only guess that he is speaking about Disclosure.

Crossing my fingers that plans are on track.

UPDATE: It seems I missed a newsletter from the guy I've been following about Disclosure. It looks like the highest probability is actually sooner than October. At least for the first part when the information starts coming out. The new timeline is summer (possibly as early as June), depending on the timing of the details. However, there is something else that is going to happen as part of Disclosure that will take place towards the end of the year.

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Lol I been hearing about this now for 6 years..since 2011. still haven't seen much in the form of disclosure..should I be looking for anything specific?

About 15 years here :-D Ever heard of the Ashtar Command? People have been waiting for the whole "disclosure" thing since the 50s.

I'm tired of dates & deadlines being channelled / received / whatever for Earth changes or shifts or alien contact - not that any of those things are impossible, but for one person or a select few to know when it'll happen is impossible in my opinion, or at least very improbable.

To point to dates every single year for decades then go quiet when nothing happens, or keep dismissing each failed prediction as "it would have happened but humanity wasn't ready" is exactly what cult leaders do to keep their followers hanging on.

what do you expect to happen if you tell people there are being on other planets and dimensions? what will actually happen ? ...nothing..people will still be lazy and still wont do any techniques and most likely still wait for jesus to save them or better yet the space ships.. wishing for these is a waste of time..its better to reach the highest level yourself..

Many will say they are demons, many will still attach to their beliefs and do nothing waiting for Jesus to come, but many will come to the realization that though it is our responsibility to make a positive change in the world we are not alone and and have the help from our brothers and sisters from other star systems, I think the disclosure will take place when a critical mass of people are open to accept their existence, and I hope that will be really soon.

Yves, why do you think I'm posting on the Starseed forum? The notion of extraterrestrials is not new to members here. In fact, that's what this forum is about! Yes, the rest of the world may freak out. That was taken into consideration and that’s what they want to avoid. From what I remember reading, they do not plan for Disclosure to happen until enough of the world’s population is open to the idea that humans are not the only ones in the multiverse. That’s part of the reason Disclosure hasn’t happened yet. To those who don't believe it or think it is a hoax, that's their belief, to each his own.

No one has made any suggestions that people do something or practice anything to prepare for this event (not necessary at all) nor did I say anything about this event being about any group of beings or anything saving the world. From what I've read on the forum, I don't think that's what people are expecting. This event is called Disclosure, not The Rescue.

Myself and others are not holding our breaths. We are still living our lives as normal. However, I do agree that we should reach for our highest level. I am doing that.

As to the timeline, we've all heard about it and talked about it for several years now and that's because there are details on earth that need to fall into place first and since this is a global event, it takes more time. If it was about them just landing and holding a news conference, it probably would have happened already. This event involves certain people that have been taking their time to make their decision in when to make it happen and that's why it hasn't happened yet.

I agree! and for the ones that need more intel please visit gaia.com and search Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock or go to www.2012portal.blogspot.ca from beginning to end it talks about our Galactic History with full High Level Insiders ranging from High Rank Military's to High Government/Political Position Staff and much much more...!!! Nathalie Frechette

Beautiful post I hope something happens this year :)

The reality of ETs will likely continue to be disclosed gradually and quietly...at least, for the remainder of the current century.

Matters may pick up pace eventually, but I wouldn't hold your breath for another Tzolk'in 2012 anytime soon. Life rarely works that way.

I suggest: Focus on your Spiritual growth, and don't waste time waiting on dates of improbable timeline potentials. The Divine right timing is in ever dynamic flux.

It is sort of happening, but it is continuously bashed with censorship, coverups and released and packaged with false information that may include Anti-ET agenda propaganda inside.

So you can hate and believe there are bad aliens and then there are the few good aliens who support the belief in a magical sky wizzard. The bad aliens created earth people as slaves to mine gold... and if anyone dissagrees convince them as much as how flat earthers make people believe the earth is flat.
And dont forget it has been turned into an industry to make money other than share truth, facts , information and knowledge , but you buy it with a mixturc of psuedoscience, assumption, belief, Allergy Warning: and may include to some or a lot of usual traces Anti-ET agenda propaganda, for the last card of the industrial military complex if WW3 is foiled by the peacemakers of the planet.

They make sure you buy those tickets and subscriptions or just order and buy this and that... refer others to buy, dont share, dont disseminate and analyse to filter out the truth, because they believe the additives are in place to keep you ignorant about extraterestrial life, then undetsranding life the universe and everything.

You can say Disclosure has been sabbotaged.

I believe you are talking about something related, but not the actual event I and others on the forum are talking about. This is not about brainwashing and all that stuff.

It will be interesting to see what happens this year. My only fear about disclosure is that they won't tell us the full truth but instead give us a half truth. Disclosure is one of those things, I'm not waiting on because the obvious they are here and they have been around. I think people are so use to being told what to believe. The truth could be so clear in their faces and they will believe anybody propped up on TV with credentials following their name.

Has your friend predicted anything else that has come true from his guides?
Have you heard of Cosmic Disclosure by Corey Goode? What do you think about him?



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