So I was told my soul originates from Earth. After many "visitations," and being told I come from some spaceship, along with other past memories of being outer space and living in under water, I have an extremely hard time resonating with this answer. I have tried numerous times to get my souls origin, though my guides do not see fit for me to know. Like seriously mine are strict! I'm frustrated, and just want the truth of who I am and what my souls purpose is. Why is this so hard to get for some, and are there others who have been told they are of Earth?

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I could be going out on a limb here, but I think it is possible that your soul "originated" from earth, but has been moving around since. I get this feeling about myself a lot. Or, you have spirit guides that are ET or otherwise.

I don't know if I would say that I've been "told" that I'm from earth, but I was "told" that through lucid dreams. In one lucid dream, I asked a dream character about my soul origins. All I could make out was something about runes, and the character kept repeating it. From then on, I've come to resonate so much with being a "wise one." I believe that my soul has probably traveled around a lot since then and/or spent a lot of time in "retirement" and that's why being here, in this physical world, in this meat sack, surrounded by these frustrating humans, is hard for me.

Then on another occasion, maybe a week or two ago,  I asked a dream character again and they were basically like "duh, you're human, silly."

Whether it is the truth or not, there was a time where this would have disappointed me, but in reality it is not a bad thing at all. Being a human soul is actually kind of cool because of all the interesting challenges that we get to face to gain experiences as a soul. How great is it to make it through all of this earthly "muck" and still be able to shine? Not bad.

I think the point is to not get so caught up in a particular idea about where your soul originates from, and to embrace being here, now, as a human. It sucks a lot, and I have trouble with it all the time. But I think that it is necessary.

Have you seen the movie "Ratatouille"?  I heartily recommend it :)    There's a line near the end of the movie "A great chef can come from anywhere".  So, wherever you're from, I can't think of any reason why you couldn't be a great soul.  Cheers.



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