Please note that this is just a theory. If everything is conscious, then maybe everything has a consciousness.

That means that that lying, evil voice in your head that says "I'm unloved", "I'm fat", "I'm unwanted", has a consciousness of its own. A consciousness that *overlaps* with yours, and everything else in existance. My theory is that this consciousness is what people call "demons", or, a "spiritual virus".

Last year, something peculiar happened to me.

Due to an autoimmune disease (ME), I was unable to feed myself properly. I was starving. In the beginning, it wasn't intentional... I was trying to gain weight. I was begging for help. But then something happened.

*Never* in my life before this event that I'm about to tell you about, I had had issues with believing that I was fat etc.

While I was starving, out of *nowhere*, I got the belief that it was okay for me to starve. That voice in my head, that was myself, told me that I needed to lose a certain weight to be a "good person". I set up a goal for myself, to feel less bad about myself. Despite the fact that I was *already* starving due to my disease.

So, while I was starving, I thought "I might as well not do anything about it since it's healthy for me". (Everyone knows it's unhealthy to starve and that it can kill you, but at the time, I got a belief in my head that was surpressing my normal beliefs)

Not until I had lost the weight, I realized that I had been fooled.

Fooled by that voice. That voice of not-being-good-enough.

I realized quickly that I had to gain weight again (which is exceptionally hard with my disease).

I believe that I had a brief encounter with a spiritual virus, or, a demon. Beliefs that had been caught in my system for years, from the media and the internet. Resting, in the back of my mind. Waiting for the right moment to attack. Like a conscious being, overlapping its intelligence with the intricacy of my own mind. A "demon". Making plans behind my back, in a world that us humans cannot see. A being that is gaining its energy from our suffering. In hindsight, I would think that I can even see glimpses of an intelligent plan/structure (but I won't go into details since it's very personal).

Never listen to the voice of not-being-good-enough. It's a demon. You will only realize when it's too late, unless you notice it in time.

Now, the funny thing was, this demon came back to me, half a year later. As if the same exact beliefs had been resting inside of my system, like a frozen virus, ready to explode any moment. Thankfully, I quickly recognized it and fought it off immediately.

"Go away from me. Liar."

Never would I let such a being touch me again.

Note that this was a brief encounter with this demon.

If viruses can exist in physical form, why can't they also exist on some kind of spiritual level? And they're contagious too.

My theory of us overlapping our consciousnesses with spiritual viruses/demons was inspired by this article about a demon called Choronzon:

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Well demons are real as a race of beings, albeit not viruses, that's something else entirely. Viruses or parasites are usually energy that took on a form of sentience, but for it to maintain such sentience it has to take on the role of a virus or parasite to survive. 

Well, I don't really know the difference. Maybe demon/virus isn't the right name for it. I was thinking more of some kind of evil form of consciousness, that we somehow allow into our ways of thinking.

Well demons aren't like new age/christianity portrays them, rather they are like any other race, they can think individually, have their own thoughts, religions, ideals, etc. They don't need to do that. While viruses/parasites do it to survive by any means.

Do you mean like state of mind/attraction?

This might sound a bit spacey, but I believe that everything exists (infinite realities), and that anything could be "tuned into" (as if you were a radio). Maybe some types of frequencies are more common here on earth, and maybe there's even an evil agenda out there. Thus any type of negative consciousness that partly intertwines with yours (as it tries to disturb you), making you a puppet of their ideas.

To someone, maybe it's a demon. I don't know much about them other than the Choronzon. To control you, you must let it in. I interpret this as my consciousness overlapping with the consciousness of a being that's being tortured by a demon, or whatever it is that caused my experience. It's just a theory that I have, and it's a bit hard to explain it.
Great topic - There could be these frequencies that are just on Earth that we have to navigate through. Because it does feel like there is a certain spiritual warfare that we have to undertake.

I have used the word demon before, and I feel that it is just a word to describe something that for lack of a better word I cannot describe. When I talk of heaven that is the right word for what I sense I am connected to.

Also do you think it could have been the sickness you had been fighting talking with you?

My personal advice: Don't think of your thoughts as something other than you that you have to resist because here's the catch: Everything is is consciousness and everything is one!! If you try to make it an arm wrestle game of I vs them, trust me, they are way more equipped to win than you because your anguish feeds them. The harder you resist(resistance is negative energy) the bigger the "demons" get. Instead, listen to them in a non-resisting way because ultimately, every experience is here to teach us a lesson. If you learn that demon's lesson and grow beyond the demon, it's gone forever!

I've found a fabulous video explaining the whole thing really well

Thank you, but I luckily do not have those thoughts anymore. And when I did, they were very, very mild (I questioned them a lot), and it was easier for me to fight back thinking of them as something caused by an evil consciousness.

Regarding the video: Very interesting. I didn't know that other people had thought of how "everything exists" and made such a connection with demons. Also, I know that angels exist, that's for sure.

This..^^ above

@topic, yes demons are real in my experience. So are angels. Meditate if you want to connect more with your real being and get more mind control. Most people are not aware their thoughts are not their own, but there is always a busy chatter for most people. It's like a worst case scenario, you walk into a room, and mind says 'everyones looking at me' -- bt everyone is not. It's just our fears, emotions etc. that manifest as thoughts.

With meditation you can become above your thoughts and above your fears. Thus reach higher states of consicousness. But we have to do it regularly or it doesn't really work much. Only persistent meditation shows results.

Don't fight mind

Don't fight others

Don't fight thoughts

Do't fight emotions

But if a demon wants to enter your space, or body, say no

I too found they vanish once we face them, but I still notice them in people. Only vanished from my dreams.

Much of humanity has demons.

But it is their own choice, they love demons. Addictions are often caused by demons. Same is anger often.

All is energy, and demonic energy is negative fear based.

It is better to move up the energy scale, by Acceptance.

Also it is possible to have demons without being aware. In fact most humans who have will have them a whole lifetime without finding out. They can usually only be removed by a shaman or psychic or such.

They usually cause little trouble for most, in fact it may give them fame, money, but als make them hurt other people for fun. Anger is often demonic. Anger for no reason.

Self injury with food or drugs too... , because it is natural to love ones divine human body.

It is best not to get a demon.

They prey on those willing to give up their will, and they can enter our life even if we don't invite them in. May get them from others.

If 80% of society has a demon, chances you will get it too, unless you live your life caringly.

And that's where meditation comes in.

Some say people drink to get possessed and drinking means spirit inflicting, spirit affecting (spiritus original meaning).

Yet complaining about drinking/drinkers too, usually a demon too.

So avoiding demons is very very hard to do.

It is interesting to note that a guru is said to be a person who has driven out his own demons.

No anger in a guru.

Also means a person whodrives out demons I heard.

Brings love from source to drive out world's demons.

Because the world ha many demons, and wars etc.

Knowing the truth about demons wouldn't help us like above post said. Not if demons give us anger.

Only acceptance, love,,,, love is the truth.

Only love heals.

Demons Want us to fight. To fight them.They gain power there.

It's why they feed us stuff that make us angry politically, in tv ,,, or even why people attack us for fun in school to 'fight us' --- they needed prey.

But holy is he who is able to turn the other chin

Who has given up all need to fight

Or to share anger.

It is not easy to stop sharing demon's ways.

May have to stop mentioning demons at all, even if they exist. I.e. to stop mentioning they prefer sharing their 'messages' of fear,anger in tv,newsmedia,radio..

What can liberate humanity, can imprison humanity too.

But love always liberates.

Love is the exception.

Love is the truth of what we are.

We are light and love.

Light bodies. Manifested from heavenly light, and unconditional love.

Light shapes the body.

Demons can only dim the light, if we chose their ways.

make sure chose creators ways.

organic? , kindness? peace, love ,,, focusing on love ways

For me it helps to deny/fight off these thoughts when they appear. I recognize the pattern, and I recognize them as evil lies. I don't want that stuff in my head. I mentally throw it right back in the trash where it belongs. I've also noticed that it's very easy to be triggered by other people, as if they carry a "virus", or at least something "toxic", that is then passed on to you.

My experience they are very real as well. I had to deal with attacks from demons and reptilians several times over the last few months. They were originating from one of the ancient priests of the Satanic church. One of them had it's claws around a family members heart and it took archangel Michael holding it's head back and me blasting it with holy water energy to finally get it to shrink so it would let go. The attacks on my family member and I were meant to kill us from high level ones. I was only attacked twice myself, but both times they used ancient scroll like curses and attacked my power centers in my stomach and lower body. The 2nd time they attacked me I was extremely protected and ended up putting a crapload of reptilians and demons inside an object on our property they knew I would have to touch and I didn't even think about it. Every time so far I have seen them attack when someone is at their most vulnerable, then they strike and start draining your energy and power centers. They also left implants that acted like leeches to send energy back to them. With reptilians sometimes they leave eggs or venom behind too. Part of the issue is while we are raising our frequencies through the 4th dimension levels that's where a lot of them exist, so we raise our frequency through those levels and then we are shedding the rest of the fear, depression, negativity, anger, and while we have to experience heavy negative emotions sometimes while shedding so it leaves you very vulnerable. 

Last weekend all of the sudden on Saturday, something crazy happened and the demons literally came back and picked up all their implants and everything throughout my entire family and our property and left. It was like an order went out to leave us alone and now they are gone permanently. 

I've found that one of the best protection is putting yourself in a ball of love/light and asking Archangel Michael to protect it from the left, right, front, back, above, below 24/7 365 days a year. So you can imagine him on all of those sides. Also using a blessing to bless water energy and turn it into holy water energy for dealing with any that are attached and won't let go. 

It doesn't seem like any attacks can even happen if you have worked through your fears & negative emotions. But sometimes that's really hard to avoid when things come up for healing that you have to work through and feel those emotions so strongly. Or you are in a vulnerable state like the situation you shared.

Since most of the lower "dark" beings from 4th dimension and down have cut off source and don't have any power of their own, they have to steal power from others. So none of them are more powerful than anyone connected to source. 

The other part I do consider a possibility is that everything I experienced simply my fears manifesting themselves as reality. Is that what happens for all of us dealing with this? I don't know if I will figure that out, I consider it a possibility, but from what I experienced I dealt with attacks from things I never even knew existed or knew what they were doing was even possible to do. I've also helped get attachments and discarnate souls off of other people several times already too. 

I'm sorry about what happened to you and your family. I recently watched a video about a girl who said that her friend had had paranormal activity in their house and that it turned out to have been a demon that had caused it. It also caused family members to experience horrible things. She said that she had used her religion to fight it and that a phrase caused the demon to go away immediately: "In the name of God, go away".

I wouldn't doubt that demons exist, or that malicious consciousness exists if this is closer to the sense you'd intended. But I am extremely familiar with the inner voice you're describing, one which stokes your anxieties, insecurities, and frustrations. And it is as much a part of you as the inner voice which inspires confidence, peace, and security. It is the musing of an apparatus that most people never learn to control. It is the human mind acting without restraint. 

Thought is like a channel of water cascading over the native terrain of the mind. It adapts its course to suit the topography. When we are born, we are the nearest we come to a blank slate. There has been no programming, no suggestion, no influence. We have only our natural disposition to guide our development and inform the way we engage with and react to programming elements. So thought is naturally channeled through our basic inclinations. If we are more susceptible to stress, we will hear the anxious voice more often, and it will wield more power over our mood. The more frequently a thought occurs, and the greater the intensity of the thought, the greater its capacity to reshape your mind so that it can occur again. Programming may change the terrain of your mind. Mindfulness can do the same. These three influences, in concert with your natural temperament, work to determine which thoughts you are susceptible to. Even if external influences have molded your mind, the thought is still yours.

If we dissociate from our own thoughts, we risk unknowingly making an enemy of ourselves. The sort of dangerous neurosis where we berate ourselves for berating ourselves, a vicious cycle. Personally I've found that the anxious voice has just as much to tell us as the confident voice, if we are strong enough and open enough to heed the message. When the voice says I am not good enough, I ask myself why I feel that way. I investigate the insecurity, get to the heart of the issue. If anxiety comes from pain, I will heal it. If insecurity comes from an irrational conviction, I will correct it. And if the feeling of inadequacy arises in response to real deficiencies, I work to overcome them. 

It's all in your reaction.



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