I'm looking for an advice with a situation I have endured for years. I believe it's an extreme case and some subjects I'll be talking about might be quite upsetting to some people (suicide, self harm) so if you are sensitive to these please don't read this.

I am not usually one to expose my life on the internet but I am desperate for some advice. I have struggled with extreme mental illness since I was a child. I've tried to commit suicide around 13 times and my left arm is mutilated beyond recognition due to self harm and it's unpleasant to look at. My legs are also covered with deep scars.

I know it's all due to long-term childhood trauma, which has most likely left me mentally scarred for life. Sadly, demons and entities love to latch on to the pain caused by trauma and exasperate it. I hear horrible voices and I believe they influence my thinking, because a lot of awful images and thoughts pop into my mind without any precognition.

They cause a lot of physical irritation and pain if I try to reach out to my spirit guides and star family, and a big part of me is now convinced that the spiritual side of life barely exists at all.

I struggle with delusions, voices, paranoia and suicidal thoughts on the daily, and the 6 demons that are around me want me dead.

Thankfully, since 2 weeks ago I am living in a mental health recovery & rehabilitation unit for the next year or two, where I will be receiving heavy-duty psychiatric care. Unfortunately, they don't take notice of the spiritual side of mental illness, which I think is equally as important.

Thank you so much for reading this and if you have struggled with entity attachments and manipulation I would like to know how you got through it.
If anyone decides to be chewy or take the p*ss, I will simply ignore you.

Have a blessed day, lots of love

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I got one that I call bo. He's not one that cares if we hurt. He likes to use the word b**** any time and it's almost impossible to catch him before it happens. There are times when I'm able to ignore him, and think about something else or keep focused on whatever I'm doing, but he keeps coming back. I've picked up on other entites that latched onto me from the astral , and have been bitten, munched on, scratched and targeted. It's maddening trying to fight them and fin silence, zen, but I find it helps and gets easier the more I focus on doing what feels good and makes me happy. I believe some will go in time the less I give in to being afraid of them and the happier overall I become, and others I may need to develop gifts like extraction and shielding. All processes that I think will build in time, I'll get better at. But at the very least, finding simple Joy's and simple pleasures that don't come from their influence, like doing what they tell me to do, eases the moments and lessens their hold. I'll still feel presence and some charges of just uncomfortable and destructive energy from them, but it gets more subtle and less debilitating. Day by day, moment by moment, keep finding what you enjoy and do those things as much as you can, I think you'll be able to fight them off by not even have to fight as time goes by

Heyy Isaa,

I ws thinking bout u nd ws worried, thank god you are ok now aand recovering... i have struggled with entity attachment since childhood(even presently) they can take many forms as humans(or astral beings) having a generic lower consciousness can be so easily manipulated. They have targeted me through them, sexual abuse and whhat not... even tried to kill me many number of times... i'd hve suicidal thoughts earlier but steadily i gained awareness as to who i am.. i started watching my thoughts and most importantly disassociated with them,,,

I beleive it is an experience which made me powerful as overcoming them brought in me strength of willful manifestation... its like you command and the nature obeys, precognition and with it mny gifts.. i know tht u r powerful nd will overcome them... i will assist you astrally... dnt wry everything will be fine...


I recently listened to a half dozen of Teal Swan's videos. You might find them useful too. These are a few of the ones I bookmarked to watch again. I hope they're relevant. I decided to share them with you last week and then couldn't get into the site and now I can't really remember so well what she was saying.


First offmay you feel the love and support of this community! Secondly I am pleased that you're in a safe and stable environment for the foreseeable future, because facing such deeply ingrained trauma can be devastating to a person who must still concern themselves with rent/food.

My grandmother was a medium and I've been warned that "things" latched onto my family because of her actions, so I really do empathize with the intense situation you have been living in. Here are some general logical statements that will help you stay grounded in reality.

#1: If the voices are angry or scared it's probably because you're thinking about something that takes control away from them. The more they scream insults into your mind the harder THEY are fighting to KEEP YOU ENSLAVED!

#2: It is in the benefit of those entities to make you devalue your spiritual self, and cut you off from any positive connections you might forge. If they were right and "the spiritual side of life barely exists at all" they wouldn't NEED to fight so hard in the first place.

#3: Plenty of theologians have reasoned that the soul itself is pure energy, so why would these entities latching onto you wish you dead? Probably because if you give in they can slurp up that soul energy faster than a dry drunk at an open bar. By refusing to let them win you're refusing to let them into the open bar, and since it's your soul to begin with I'd say you've got the right to refuse them!

#4: Evil loves to lie. The only thing you can trust is their absolute disregard for morals and values. If they claim they are able to kill you hold onto hope like a burning coal in your heart, because the moment you believe a liar you're giving them power over your emotions.

#5: Without you those entities would have no purpose. It's pretty pathetic really, but some aspects are so enamored with wickedness that unless they're hurting others they're surrounded with suffering. Merciless pity is a great tactic to use against them, because it is possible to pity something that pathetic without wanting to keep it around.

I hope this has helped. Be safe and keep the faith; you are part of That Which Is, Was and Evermore Shall Be.

Thank you all so much for your kindness and understanding. I am truly so grateful for the advice. I am still very miserable but I'm sure it can't last forever.. Again, thank you everyone and I will reply to each comment individually as soon as I have the time. I hope you are all doing well and happy christmas in advance <3 I hope lots of blessings come your way during the new year

Hi there. What you are describing is very common among psych patients and you seem to have figured out the cause of it. However although I'm sure the trauma had been scarring and terrible to experience it may not help your healing to declare that you will have the trauma for life. If you entitle yourself to any part of the areas that are causing the sickness you may literally be condemning yourself keep yourself in that same level of energy.

The beings who are pulling the energy off of you can only be superceded if you can understand that the only way to to truly get them off of you is to not identify with the trauma that you experienced as a part of your identity and then to contact help above their level of negative energy.

The way I got through the attacks attachments and manipulation was first not identifying with the garbage thoughtforms and emotions that had been being projected onto my field. Simultaneously as I disengaged every negative throughtform that related to a past experience I would go back to that past experience and use the Honoponopono Prayer and forgive the person or forgive myself with the mantra "Im sorry, I Love you, Forgive me, Thank you".

The way you can detach from looping negative thoughts is through a process I wrote about here on understanding your own energy:


And here's a video I did on this very topic of knowing how when negative being is messing with you:


There's an explanation in it on how you can call your Higher Self to arrest and take away those 6 demons. I literally do that all the time for myself and the ones around me who are clearly being harrassed

And here's another video I did on how to connect with your own Soul Council where you can call your own Angelic Crew to stand around you in a circle of 6 as a shield against negative forces


Much love to you

I could use assistance astrally as well. I'm so depleted by them that I lost my spiritual gifts and abilities to fight back.

Thank you so much for share this,it helps me a lot to understand
what happens with ppl around me. <3 Love and strength. <3 <3

hi Aishwarya
First of all i am glad that you are somewhat stable and safe.
It is my view that you should be aware that psychiatric hospitals are "slaughter houses" for the free thinker and free "soul".
I myself has been admitted several times into one as i was "born" schizophrenic due to cosmic circumstances in the "matrix".
but i would advice you to comply with medication as long as you feel fragile.
also learn to keep your distance to unpleasant people in the ward as some are placed there on purpose to trigger your fight or flee response to keep the doctors in control.
If you have a choice try to get a singe room and retreat there when needed and always remember that it is the doctor that is god.
Instead of cutting into your self try to just gently stroke your hand with a finger to ensure grounding and relax in the darkness to the sound of your hart(S) beating.
If the demons fight you send them to Lucifer/Satan or threaten them with the impending judgment of Odin and Thor. also remember to pray to the goddesses of the universe as the archons report to them. and if you wanna leave ask the Alpha/Omega to carry you into the light in a dream and leave this forsaken world in peace.
Almost all of us belong to the Lucifer/Satan soul group in this "holographic universe"
Some of the higher beings pray to the Om/Ohm or the atom of the sun god Ra given to Gaia by the god Eather delivered to the god of the underworld Anubis.
Some of us ancients still say sorry to Shiva and pass in silence before the god of balance Thoth into the light of Ganesha.
I would advice you to try to spiritually connect to your ancestors and pray to the mother goddess of universe for a spirit animal to heal your soul and ferry you across the river of delusions into the clear waters of Isa.
also do yourself a favor to eat and drink to celebrate life eternally, and if your hospital has a garden try to walk or relax there to find yourself in nature.
Love and Blessings

Suicide and self-harm are your choices. Folks can tell you not to do it, but as you'll have figured out: It's your choice, and more often than not, they don't understand your pain anyway.

Regarding actual demon attachment...I have had a similar problem since birth. It's a bit of a long story, and perhaps not of interest.

I'll give a few general suggestions since it is unlikely we will a have personal in-depth conversation on the topic:

-White weakens demonic attachments. Consider clothing choices.

-Magnets weaken demonic attachments. Consider magnetic jewelry.

These will help, but ultimately you'll have to face the darkness within your Soul if you want true liberation, true freedom, in this life.

How you choose to go about doing that is your business. I chose meditation. And it's what I continue choose when wrestling with demons.

Particularly when it gets down to the level of the cradle of Hell.

Pardon the dramatic aside.

In any event, again, your business is your business. Your choices are yours. Find what works for you.

Good luck.

Beautiful advise here. And I'm not trying to add confusion. Just giving you another option or route as we all choose to follow what makes us feel whole and free. All throughout my teenage years I have self harmed. My left arm is also very much scared. My legs as well. I am 40 now. I stopped cutting, however I delt with 25 years of alchohol abuse till one day, just stopped. I was diagnosed with bi polar disorder, anxiety, manic depression, migraines due to a 10 year physically abusive relationship and ADHD. Needless to say, I have had my share of demonic attachments. You will hear of a lot of different God's. I found God "I AM" "Yaweh"(spelling lol) "the source" "the Divine" call him what you will, has the power and authority over Demons. They are terrified at the sound of his name. When calling on him, if you chose, just be careful to know what exact demon attachment you have. They are very knowledgeable about the creator and you. They know your weaknesses. Speak sternly with authority! They they are not welcome and command them to leave your presence at once. You might burp, vomit foam, shake and tremble in fear of your own words. Don't stop untill they are gone! You will know. And for the love of all, don't do this in front of anybody where u are at. There is a damn good reason you tried to end it all 13 times and failed. I don't know how you are even getting into this group from where you are at. But be blessed you have an outlet. As I write this, I'm at my lowest in life. The only thing keeping me going are my two daughters who depend on me and my husband. I am going thru the dark night of the soul. Whoever said this Awakening process is beautiful, lied through their teeth! And some can say It's your choice to self harm, but please don't beat yourself up for this. All of my bad karma from past lives including this one have all caught up with me within the last past 5 months. I am so far down the rabbit hole, I can't even see the star where I'm from to dig myself out of. Lol. I can't even self harm! No way, no how. I've cut out 3 of my 6 meds, slowly and carefully! Not advising this. But still numb my pain with 2 of them. I know once I cut these two out, I am home free. My gut wrenches at the thought. I am responsible for an Indigo and Crystal who, I don't know why, chose me to mother them. But they are my reason for living. As an empath I feel your pain. If you can't do it anymore, pray for an easy transition back home my dear friend. But you can be inspiration to the next person going through this. You can chose to shine that beautiful light I know you have in the middle of all this darkness! Hang in there. I will be have you in my prayers and thoughts. Blessed be.

If you are struggling alone with releasing entity attachments while you are already on psychiatric care and adjusting to new environment, I feel that taking things in your own hand will only add to pressure. One can walk a lonely road, but you have to be brave for it and might take time, patience and courage. You have to really push through spiritually in that sense if you cannot seek help spiritually while you are in an environment that does not encourage those thoughts. It's okay to cut off from it for a while, but seek someone who can enable you for more healing spiritually.
If you are getting treatment, then get this done. If you need help with enitity release also seek a healer or a spiritual expert. You don't have to go through anxiety alone.

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