Contribute to either the suffering or the wellbeing of earth

Why choose vegan, why choose anything at all?
We have two main choices when it comes to how animals are being treated. Either we contribute to their suffering- or we don't.

Us who have the ability to choose our food intake and affection on this planet and all of her inhabitants should do as little as we can to contribute to the suffering. We should give more than we take. As we all know the planet is slowly being destroyed by our way of living, how we cut down trees to wipe our ass, how we take too long showers for the pleasure of it. How we choose to build new houses when there is no need and that we choose to ride our vehicles instead of walking or other nature friendly alternatives amongst millions of other things. We are built to be walking over a mile per day..

Us who are privileged with the opportunity to choose, We are the ones responsible to do so. We can recycle more, we can choose nature friendly food products. Choose to live from as little as you can, make as little damage as you can. It is next to impossible to do no damage if we live in a structured society, but we can make choices to do less. Choose to be more respectful towards all living beings on this planet, including plants, trees, mountains and the water. We ourselves are all these things. We need to think about the future and take action to help healing the earth. Us who have a choice - choose to contribute to the wellbeing and not to the suffering! Every little thing is deeply important.
When it comes to the consumption of animals bodies and their milk, if you are a person choosing this, it is a choice which clearly causes suffering. I feel that respect should be given towards all living things as well as mercy.

Please, help contributing to a better world for all, to a harmonious planet.

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I love meat too. Even the Dalai Lama eats meat. Plants are life too. Everything has spiritual energy. Perhaps badly treated animals have lower vibrational energies to consume and take on as part of your vibration but everything is one.

@ Brandy Jones

Dali Lama gave up meat after witnessing the slaughter, as would many. He had to return due to health reasons, and only ate in the first place because "I got used to it". In other words born in a toxic world we do what we must. They are not allowed kill animals for food as per their religion, but will eat meat when slaughtered by other religions. (I think this is deplorable but it does seem to be standard practice).

The takeaway is that no meat would be eaten if the world was full of Dali Lamas. Not that we should eat meat because the Dali Lama does.

Everything is one,thus why would one want to eat such low vibration if it is quite literally going to become you? The fear of the slaughtered animal cannot be cooked out. Sure, many say that they can simply tune up their vibration or some such(I'm very skeptical they know what they're talking about, the ones who can are masters and don't rely on meat anyway),but why would you want to waste such energy?

@Brandy Jones, I completely agree, do what you love, if your body is fine with it you shouldn't force yourself to conform because some people want you to.

And since vibrations can be changed by will alone, as long as you eat what your body is fine with and you're happy with your lifestyle there's no problem. I alter my vibrations for metaphysical purposes, fast, slow, moderate, etc.

I can only agree with Set. If you truly wish to have a lower vibration towards shame instead of a high vibration towards bliss then it is your call, and not for others to make.

@Daniel, that's not what I meant. I don't believe high=good and low=bad, vibrations are just vibrations to me not alignments to emotional perception. Same with how "slow" vibrations don't equate to evil barely conscious beings, or fast vibrations dont equate to happy, completely loving beings.

I meant metaphysical in the sense vibrations are just that vibrations, holding different planes on different vibrations and for energy work.

Interesting, but does a "slow" vibration not equate to density and a 3D existence, and a fast vibration not equate to 4D and 5D, which is where the majority of people wish to go?

All my experiences have been towards a higher/faster vibration, resulting from fasting, yoga and med, which result in a physically lighter body and some metaphysical powers when I am in this high/fast vibratory state. Simply not achievable for me when eating dense, heavy meat of low vibration. It would bring me back down to 3D like a ton of bricks.

@Daniel, I've been to "low vibrational" planes, and "high vibrational" planes and met beings and entities of all kinds, all the ones I personally came in contact with were respectful to me and vice versa.

I think people are more prone to listen to what they read online then what they try to experience. The astral is a plane with very high density to a point thoughts, desires, etc can manifest on a whim but there's still harmful thoughtforms there created by the very people that talk about "high vibrations" due to their fears that were created by what they read.

Someone astral projects who fears say reptilians will create a thoughtform reptilian that will embody that very fear.

People have more control of their vibrations by their will alone if they would realize vibrations aren't controlled by what you eat etc. It's your perception and will that controls your vibrations.

If you go around thinking "ugh this will make my vibrations low" it will, not just with food but with anything in life. I'm sure there's someone in existence who feels that vegetarianism or veganism will lower their vibrations.

Point being it's perception that matters most but of course I know some people's bodies also are different and accept food and such differently but food isn't necessarily my point here.

The point being high/low doesn't mean good or bad, and vibrations are fickle and can change based on perception and will. You can have "high" vibes and still be in pain, sad, mad, etc or be "low" vibes and be happy, in love, etc.

I get that the thoughts surrounding food can be as harmful/beneficial as the foods themselves.

But are you going as far as to say that what you eat has no correspondence as to your vibration? Because tell that to someone on MDM, or someone who has spent a couple of days juice fasting and praying. Or someone who takes a powerful essential oil. All simply a placebo? What they consumed/did not consume had a huge effect on their vibration. Aside from mere thoughts.

It is true that there are people who get to a point where they can control their vibration independently through will. But until they get to that point (which I would call advanced) food most definitely will effect their vibration. Why not use it as an aid in the meantime until one gets to that point? And I believe meat to be a dense food with a particularly harmful vibration unless one is a point where they can control it.

Everything I am saying is from subjective experience, I tend to disregard everything I read as total nonsense until I verify it personally. If I had not experienced this personally I would not be here debating it.

In any case thanks for the information. It is helpful to get different points of view. And we may be referring to different things, in terms of what vibration is specifically.

To each his own :)

Actually no, we're referring to the same vibrations, you simply have a different perspective of them, but that's fine. I can control my vibrations on will alone, I shouldn't assume you or anyone else should be able to while I am not them.

Well ascension is a personal process, and I eat whatever my body is fine with and my vibrations are where I want them to be, vibrations are fickle thing that one can change by will alone, what they eat doesn't matter as long as they aren't forcing themselves to change their lifestyle.

I eat meats AND vegetables and I can say confidently that I most likely feel way more happy with myself then someone who forces themselves to eat a different way because people THINK just because you eat meat you wont progress in something that is a personal process.

So many vegetarian or vegan new agers try to use fear to make someone change what they eat by telling them that they won't "ascend" and the funny thing is they are far from correct lol they are the one's that most likely won't.

Meat is good if your body enjoys it, what you eat doesn't determine if you ascend or not. It's your own path and practices.

Yes exactly, it depends on person

I can fully respect that, and of course ascension is a personal process, not defined solely by eating habits. And the thoughts about food are as important as the food itself in many cases.

And I know that personally meat is not for me. But with increased ascension is increased empathy. And I find it hard to believe that someone with such empathy condones the action itself, when they are able to emulate how animals feel as they are butchered. The majority of spiritualists are/were against meat, and I always believed this to be due to their increased awareness and vibration.

I believe you can ascend despite eating meat, not because your body enjoys it. But to each their own.



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