Contribute to either the suffering or the wellbeing of earth

Why choose vegan, why choose anything at all?
We have two main choices when it comes to how animals are being treated. Either we contribute to their suffering- or we don't.

Us who have the ability to choose our food intake and affection on this planet and all of her inhabitants should do as little as we can to contribute to the suffering. We should give more than we take. As we all know the planet is slowly being destroyed by our way of living, how we cut down trees to wipe our ass, how we take too long showers for the pleasure of it. How we choose to build new houses when there is no need and that we choose to ride our vehicles instead of walking or other nature friendly alternatives amongst millions of other things. We are built to be walking over a mile per day..

Us who are privileged with the opportunity to choose, We are the ones responsible to do so. We can recycle more, we can choose nature friendly food products. Choose to live from as little as you can, make as little damage as you can. It is next to impossible to do no damage if we live in a structured society, but we can make choices to do less. Choose to be more respectful towards all living beings on this planet, including plants, trees, mountains and the water. We ourselves are all these things. We need to think about the future and take action to help healing the earth. Us who have a choice - choose to contribute to the wellbeing and not to the suffering! Every little thing is deeply important.
When it comes to the consumption of animals bodies and their milk, if you are a person choosing this, it is a choice which clearly causes suffering. I feel that respect should be given towards all living things as well as mercy.

Please, help contributing to a better world for all, to a harmonious planet.

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There is nothing fundamentally wrong with eating meat. We have done it forever.Be we are going through an evolutionary phase. A large part of that will involve a lack of butchering animals for the heck of it. Because it will kill your vibration.

The entire world will not go vegan or vegetarian. Then again the entire world will not ascend. And I guess choosing not to ascend is a personal choice.

Meat is good. Until you stop eating meat and toxins for a prolonged period and eat meat and toxins. Then you isolate what it is actually doing to your body. Then you arrive at the inevitable conclusion that no, meat is most certainly not good.

i love meat


Yes exactly, it depends on person

I can fully respect that, and of course ascension is a personal process, not defined solely by eating habits. And the thoughts about food are as important as the food itself in many cases.

And I know that personally meat is not for me. But with increased ascension is increased empathy. And I find it hard to believe that someone with such empathy condones the action itself, when they are able to emulate how animals feel as they are butchered. The majority of spiritualists are/were against meat, and I always believed this to be due to their increased awareness and vibration.

I believe you can ascend despite eating meat, not because your body enjoys it. But to each their own.

Hmm. I can't say I agree as far as to say eating meat is fine because ascension is personal. Mainly because it messes me up too bad and is too integral to my own ascension/path, which mainly involves what I eat/don't eat in the fasting process and between.

I'm sure you can learn to ground around the problem somehow. But nope, not for me. It just aint conscionable ladies and gents, merely developing a capacity to ignore the butchering of an entire species.

But again, to each their own. Whatever makes you feel comfortable :)

you no like meat? y u no like meat

Personal experience. Did a fasting process where I

a) gained empathy for animals
b) threw up and felt awful when eating meat afterwards

I'm not supposed to eat meat as it kills me. Literally. And I need to fast and not eat meat in order to attain divine amrita and build light body. But thats just me, YMMV.

BTW before the fast I loved a steak as much as anyone.

You really need a basic course in logic then.

The idea of invading and punishing orcas is the satire my point is based on. It's ridiculous and never will happen.

Yet here you are trying to set the world straight by trying to convince people they should be vegan or vegetarian.

I never said we NEED to kill animals to eat. Quote me or make yourself a fool.

Hello Empress. Sorry to sting you.

But you can't keep putting forward strawman arguments, where you appear to deal with issues which I never put forward. For example, I never intended to set the world straight with veganism. In fact, one of my primary values is to let people do exactly as they wish, even if I don't agree with it, even if it involves butchering an entire species. "To each their own", I have said a few times in this thread.

"Lions dont go around commanding animals to submit to their will and follow their orders. They kill what they need to survive. Nothing more, and when food is scarce, often less.

There is no justification for cruelty. There is justification for killing to eat."

Given that the thread itself is about whether or not eating animals is immoral, i took the final point to mean that we need to kill animals to eat and that is itself a justification. Otherwise all your points are mere ramblings against strawman arguments. But I may have misinterpreted.

So, you had a preconceived notion about vegans, read the thread and decided to attack your own notion of what veganism was, ignored all points made for animal welfare which has led you to where you are now.

I do provide online logic classes on skype if you are interested, at a very reasonable price :)

BTW if you were/are being satirical a course in logic would not help me very much :)

I jest. Anyway have a nice evening, I need to get some sleep.

If a sting is the best you have, I have no concerns.

Uhuh, I'm sure you give great lessons.

How is your assumption my problem? On one hand it would have been deception on the other hand it's just false info. Point is I never said it therefore you were mistaken.

(But I can respect an honest fool)

I have no preconceived notions. I value Vegans and Vegetarians, I dislike the doom and gloom outlook they propagate. (The minority ruin the bunch)

Now I will gladly admit my fault in directing my arguments towards you, while my intent was to argue the thread and its point. It doesn't mean I'm wrong, I just forgot to aim before firing.

It requires a level of logic to identify satire. If you can't deduce that someone is being satirical than you need some help.

but meat is good

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