Contribute to either the suffering or the wellbeing of earth

Why choose vegan, why choose anything at all?
We have two main choices when it comes to how animals are being treated. Either we contribute to their suffering- or we don't.

Us who have the ability to choose our food intake and affection on this planet and all of her inhabitants should do as little as we can to contribute to the suffering. We should give more than we take. As we all know the planet is slowly being destroyed by our way of living, how we cut down trees to wipe our ass, how we take too long showers for the pleasure of it. How we choose to build new houses when there is no need and that we choose to ride our vehicles instead of walking or other nature friendly alternatives amongst millions of other things. We are built to be walking over a mile per day..

Us who are privileged with the opportunity to choose, We are the ones responsible to do so. We can recycle more, we can choose nature friendly food products. Choose to live from as little as you can, make as little damage as you can. It is next to impossible to do no damage if we live in a structured society, but we can make choices to do less. Choose to be more respectful towards all living beings on this planet, including plants, trees, mountains and the water. We ourselves are all these things. We need to think about the future and take action to help healing the earth. Us who have a choice - choose to contribute to the wellbeing and not to the suffering! Every little thing is deeply important.
When it comes to the consumption of animals bodies and their milk, if you are a person choosing this, it is a choice which clearly causes suffering. I feel that respect should be given towards all living things as well as mercy.

Please, help contributing to a better world for all, to a harmonious planet.

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Yup. The great beef holocaust is pretty bad as it stands.

The answer is still as simple as ego reduction, and all the other stuff comes naturally. Reduce ego = reduction of materialism and waste = better more aware society. I believe a surprisingly high number are scared to go vegan or vegetarian due to the stigma in many places.

And in the end the planet isin't going anywhere, so its really up to us.

Tell that to Orcas (killer whales)

They kill for sport. They kill and waste.

Orcas kill Grey Whales just to eat the tongue and leave the rest of the body to rot.

Orcas will hold down a baby whale, and then cover the blowhole, to drown it.

Should we exterminate Orcas from the earth?

Vegans and Vegetarians fail to realize that humans are not alone in cruelty.

Did not know that. It's an interesting piece of information, though somewhat irrelevant? I think the purpose of the thread is to do the opposite of extermination. If the Orcas decide to kill then that's their choice I guess.

You're trying to imply that there is killing in nature. And that because nature kills there is nothing wrong with us killing to eat, as its a natural process, correct? "It's just the way it is". This is quite shoddy reasoning. As higher level beings we have a duty and responsibility to have respect for life. Otherwise, can we really complain if an extra-terrestrial life form such as reptiles decide to dominate us completely? Where does that stop, I mean do us first world citizens not have a right to rule over the third world, because that is just the way it is. It's only natural that the strong dominate and take over the weak, right?

It was the way it was because it had to be the way it was. Now we have evolved. There are more than enough resources. And it does not do any good to have a divide between me and them "vegans" and "vegetarians". I don't identify as a vegan or a vegetarian, though I really only eat vegan food.

Vegans and vegetarians fully realize that humans are not alone in cruelty. But they also recognize that this is in no way a justification for cruelty.

So its okay if Orcas choose cruelty but not humans.
Thats rather shoddy for an argument
One side is only natural while the other is considered evil?

Killing to eat in nature is not a matter of dominance. Its a matter of needing to eat.
Nothing more. And to suggest otherwise is ignorant. Lions dont go around commanding animals to submit to their will and follow their orders. They kill what they need to survive. Nothing more, and when food is scarce, often less.

There is no justification for cruelty. There is justification for killing to eat.
You are welcome to open a thread for your subject about the animal life. So far there has been no arguments against the wild life, you are trying to justify yourself and your cruelty. Very few humans kill their own animals for survival. Most go to the store and buy their food(or their parents do). These people have money and they can choose whatever they want from the store to eat. This thread is ment to encourage those who have this choice to make the right choice. Vegetarianism is not a religion, we have all different reasons for why we choose this.
Daniel: Ultimately yes, together with ignorance

Iam a vegan but not by your definition...

i eat what i can i pass on knowledge of how to maintain a healthy life style but also do not say that its better to take on not eatting things that aren't organic or naturally occuring but in a sense i use what is locally avaiable to me to make ends meet. it might be true for everyone but its the way i prefer to live life. i only eat small portions of live stock i do my best to share what i buy or have collected from the stores with what little money i have and . make sure that when something goes to waste that is not just thrown out but recycled the best way it can be other then that i have a cat that has been nuetured so that the population of cats in my area doesn't increase to uncontrollable amount much like how deer and wolves maintain balance in nature there are things that help to benefit the a safe world verse a warring world of imbalance and turmoil. even zebra are war like and tend to do things that orcas do just for the sake of their surivial of their legiage but i don't see it as a compitition but more so i see it as foundations that once were meant for something slowly breaking down thus allowing for new beliefs and systems to emerge from the change of one purge to another this isn't a global purge but it does happen in places where people see it fit that life should be be express in a most primal way thus there no wrong or right ways to lessen the damage on earth.

Vote Whitelight!

Argumentation is not advocation.

Call me cruel with neither evidence nor rational reason and you only make a fool of yourself.

Encouraging people to see from your perspective is never a right choice.

It's the same concept as threatening hell and damnation to get people to be and act like you.

But then vegetarians see neither logic nor reason.

If it weren't for the fact that humanity evolved from omnivore who consumed meat whenever possible, we would not have the mental capabilities to discern right and wrong in the first place.

The 'choice' that you worship and advocate is thanks to the meat diet of primitive ancestors.

The animals considered most intelligent are oh look at that, carnivores who kill for sport. Go figure.

That's twice now i've stated i don't advocate cruelty.

The only ones ever spreading stigma are vegetarians and vegans. People who eat meat don't go around rubbing it in other peoples faces.

They may not understand a vegetarians feelings on the matter, but they don't go around blaming the suffering of a world on a person's dietary intake.
Empress beyond infinity: You are very young, emotional and badly need a course in logic and reasoning from your under developed arguments. There is no need to pretend to be some sort of logical impartial rationalist. Because rationalist thinking is

a) not your strong point
b) on the way out, as the golden age prevails.

Are you proposing we "invade" the orcas because we are good and its out civic duty to set them straight? Or are you saying we should act like the orcas and kill because it is natural? Very dualistic thinking. I believe in neither option. We will not invade the orcas. And we will not kill others ( man or animal) simply because, yanno, the orcas are doing it. Its not our job to set the universe straight. Who are we to say what is cruel or right or wrong?

You don't seem to fully understand abundance. There is more than enough food and wealth to feed the planet many times over. But the scarcity lie is often perpetrated to infect mainly the young and emotional. We do not need to kill animals. It just lines the pockets of the slaughterhouse owners. And there is a huge difference between killing naturally in the wild as opposed to setting up slaughterhouses where animals are put on a production line to be routinely massacred. That sure as hell ain't natural in my book. Then again I would never force anybody to go vegan or vegetarian. That's simply not up to me, despite having strong feelings on the matter.

I AGREE there is justification in killing to eat. I DO NOT AGREE that we need to kill animals to eat. And in the next couple of decades the world is going vegetarian and vegan, to the betterment of all species. That's just how it goes.

but meat is good

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