HELLO THERE CANADIAN STARSEEDS> i was wondering if there is anyone on this website who is older than 25 years old, had blond hair and blue eyes, and resembles arch angel michael, probably knows they are andromedan and has a sweet husky dog? there is only one person who would match this description. and they know exactly why i am asking if they are on this website.

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well there could potentially be more than one person who could match that description but its not likiely lol.

there is one just not on here.they are in us Midwest area I think if its right person or at least in your soul group.i think your one of the few on here who seems to be nice lol.i have never seen a more callous uncaring group of people.i used to be anurse so I'm used to working with caring people,I have seen people indifferent about people who are talking about suicide.i know people who like me can heal and help and we don't act like this.i always help those in need cant be around people so callous and cold.i don't see a kid in need and move on but I think most here would.the concept of service to others is lacking here but service to self rampant.this is basic source law don't even here people talking about source law.if people here are starseeds don't have understanding of source law.

what makes you say hes in the midwest?

my tarot cards say he lives both in canada and hte midwest....

where in the midwest do you think ?

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