The things that I've noticed with the Reptilians that I communicate with is that 1) they're very protective (of me) and 2) their energy is very intense.

These beings are not the malevolent types that people misjudge them to be but are really focused on aiding me with my spiritual growth and my twin flame - who happens to be one of them (he takes their form sometimes).

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Thank you very much, I have been working on that, and on accepting both sides always. Peace, love and blessings on your journey as well friend.

anyone can be a holder of such energy, fire, water, earth, air. literally everyone has these energies. there's really no one race or individual that's a holder of such energies.

Thank you for that reminder :) I'm looking for something from the (limited) human perspective though, since our brains are so associative, we associate that type of energy with this facilitator, you know what I mean? Thank you for reminding us of the big picture though :)

Humans also work with the water energies. Because the body is 72 percent water. Dolphins,whales.
Yes indeed. Thank you!

"These beings are not the malevolent types that people misjudge them" - humans in majority see reptiles as cold and ugly, this is enough to associate them with evil - even if they're just animals like any others.

I also know a being who would be called here a Reptilian (actually a hybrid, but still a lizard-like bastard ;)) who is very protective and has a very strong energy - he may seem violent and demonic for some but those who know him better, free from prejudice, see his big kind, passionate heart. When he's angry, he's angry. When he's happy, he expresses that without restraining, like a big kid. I cherish that authenticity, even if pretty wild sometimes ;) Maybe that straight-forward nature is perceived by some as evil? Because it isn't 'fluffy' enough or what?

A pretty-face evokes trust so easily - my friend from here remained me recently a saying "don't judge the book by the cover" and I think it applies here. It helps me to see the bigger picture.

Svannah is right (greeting to you, bright soul!), that's your unique experience. People will state their opinions, like I did. But listen to yourself first, hope you'll have lots of fun during your journey! And don't worry too much about stereotypes, may they not limit your experience.

Glad to have you all here, guys, feels very at Home.



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