The things that I've noticed with the Reptilians that I communicate with is that 1) they're very protective (of me) and 2) their energy is very intense.

These beings are not the malevolent types that people misjudge them to be but are really focused on aiding me with my spiritual growth and my twin flame - who happens to be one of them (he takes their form sometimes).

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Theres no such thing as "reptilian energy" imo, every individual has different and unique energy,not seperated per race rather per being
Hi Kaigera!

Firstly I want to say that you must always go with your own experiences, as they are unique to you. You don't have to look outside yourself for validation of what you know is true. Even when I go into meditation to connect with my soul/star brethren, they always tell me we are you. Therefore, you can never feel separated from the beings you connect with. Because you are one with them and they with you; there is no separation.

I also agree that ET race should not determine who a group of beings are, as being so called "good" or "bad". It's quite sad how people continue this way of thinking and labeling certain beings as being more malevolent than another. I'm here to remind you and anyone reading that it serves no one at all, and all you need to remember is that the beings who are s with you love you as does your twin. You can't stereotype beings, because each has its own factions.

I hope this helped ;)


Thanks, mainly I was wondering "why their energy was so intense?" but I understand what you're saying about them being 'one with me'. 

Whenever I ask them about themselves they always say that me knowing it is "irrelevant" and that focusing on my spiritual path and twin flame is more important. 

I've also had experiences with Quetzalcoatl and the Aztec Temples that me and my twin flame were standing in front of.

Reptilian energy is fire. They are the holders of the fire energy. This is why there energy is so intense. My interacting with them were the same the intense energy that they bring. Many celestial blessings on your journey!!! They are also very direct with there energy as well.

No wonder lol I've noticed that too, that they're very straight to the point and it's easy to tell when they're angry or happy. Their emotions are very passionate and when they feel something, they REALLY feel it. They don't hide their emotions like we do - well the ones that I'm in contact with don't.

That is the same experiences that I have personally interacting with them as well. They don't hide their emotions from me either. Yes they are very protective of the ones that they connect with.

Thank you for sharing that, it's nice to be able to understand their way of communicating. 

I love how protective they are, like they'll do anything to keep you out of danger/harms way. I can always feel their energy whenever I wander off from my spiritual growth (e.g. when I think the wrong things about myself) almost like they're wrapping an arm around me to stop me from going any further. 

Hmm that makes me wonder... who are the holders of water/aqua/blue light energy? It's hard to explain but it's the color ultramarine. No matter what color I see, somehow it's always ultramarine. It can appear to me as glowing pink, teal, turquoise, red, orange, purple, or blue, but always somehow goes back to ultramarine. Would you happen to know who facilitates that energy? I have a hunch, but I just want some confirmation.

From our perspective on that type of energy it would be linked to water beings. Or the collective linked to Andromeda. Many water species arrive through the two worlds that is Sirius or Arcturus. There is also a Pleidian water world. Many Pleidians use this type of energy as well as Andromedian begins. Plus some water reptilian as well. Hopes this helps. Much celestial blessings on your journey.

That makes sense, as my homeworld is somewhere deep in Andromeda. Also I have lives on Sirius and the Pleiades, Draco as well. What do you think about the dichotomy, or rather complementary energy between yin/yang, tiger/dragon? Not to mention all the Felines and Dragons in the universe? I am working on integrating these two energies within myself.

Beautiful and lovely energies. They work well when balanced and integrated.



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