Bypassing the present to see the solution in the future

Hi dear ones:
I am wondering how to bypass the present in other to see the solution for our problem in the future?
I sometimes get stagnant and cannot move forward because I spend times without knowing how I get in that mess and even worse how to get out of it? Even if I do last regressions sometimes I just can't find the key problem the got me in to "jail"

My theory is simply because, everybody speaks about some traumas coming to us from the past, by past regration we can find the source, so how about future projection in order to find the tools for the solution, sometimes the source itself is revealed in the future? Although time is a concept of 3D world caused by a wave of energy, now we are surfing on the wave, how do we go on a "jet ski", in order to get where we want faster?
We are asked to be patient, the universe brings us what we need for the present time, although in the present time we get stuck sometimes, we are not able to eat the universe, we loose track of our gifts.. instead of asking for help to other light worker, for example, one should be able to work on ourselves by passing the present obstacle and running into the future to search for the solution.. Did anyone tried this, ever? Or have a solution?

Blessings you all

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This is a good question. My instinct tells me the first answer is always: go within. A while back I was very stressed/anxious about my job. I visualized an image of Lady Justice with me on one side, and my job on the other, and held the idea of me and my job in balance with each other. And things really came into balance. Have you ever had a vision of your future self, such as a golden Buddha-like being? You could hold the chosen image of yourself in your mind's eye, and imagine a quantum light pathway from this being-ness to your present self in meditation. Another suggestion is to call in the highest level of your divine DNA, for the highest good of you and all, on a daily basis. :)

I went to a group channeling from the Akasha the other night, and the lady doing the channeling said (on behalf of the masters) that a sign that you are on the right path is if things are easy. If obstacles keep presenting, that means that the path isn't where we truly want to be, and you might need to change perspectives/directions/whatever you are projecting.

I don't know if this will help at all, but I wish you the best.

I would agree with Iulia: "Go within."

Here's what I often do:

1. Focus on something you really would like to do.

2. Imagine scenarios. Start with two: "What is the worst that could happen if I did this? "What is the best that could happen if I did this?"

3. Realize that the truth is usually somewhere between those 2 options.

4. Imagine other scenarios. Really use your creative imagination! My Spirit Guide suggests at least 7 scenarios altogether. If you want to, you can make a scenario for each color of the rainbow.

5. Let go of all expectations. In the next few weeks, notice if there are "openings" in your life that will help you along to what you want to do! If so, go ahead and use these "openings" to help you on your way....

6. If you don't perceive any "openings" after a while, repeat the process. Eventually, you will come to an action that will have its own momentum and your Inner Spirit will help you get there...

You already have really good responses. Going within and meditating, you may 'see' a solution not even considered because our existing neuropathways and programs train us to only see what's in the box. Reading positive material (books, and not kindle, not on the internet) is helpful as well as right audios, which creates new neuropathways in our brain. Staying away from TV and other forms of mainstream media, and GMO or processed food, and away from people that think negatively. Surely you have thought of some if not all of these. For each negative we have heard during our life on this planet, we need allegedly 17 positive comments, for example, to reverse the previous negative. So in a nutshell it is important to re-program our thinking and raise our vibration to 'see' favorable outcomes. (being in nature and ingesting clean water and alive food helps). We see and think before we observe or experience what we want.

You raise good questions.

Our timeline and our reality is created by our subconscious mind, which we don't have direct access to. Our subconscious mind absorbs our conscious thoughts, very slowly, over time. The subconscious mind seems to hold onto the words that we say the most, and the emotions that we associate with these words, creating a template of instructions that it uses to create reality. Our conscious mind doesn't directly create reality, because if it did, we would get ourselves in all sorts of trouble, we would be then living as 5th dimensional beings, and it takes training to do that. Humans have a subconscious mind that is 5th dimensional, it can switch between dimensions, but only when it is commanded to do so.

Start today by feeding yourself spoken, written and visual affirmations which begin coding the subconscious mind to travel to a new reality with answers. Our subconscious mind is a time travel portal that requires a shape, color and frequency. You have to imagine seeing yourself with the solution in the future, then imagine how you'll feel. This will code the subconscious to begin drawing you into a new reality.

The only way to instantly communicate and reprogram the subconscious mind is to hold your brain in the Theta state. The Theta state is the state where your subconscious mind is accessible. The problem is, most people cannot keep their conscious mind switched on, when their brain is in Theta. You could play back sounds to listen to when you're sleeping with commands, which can directly program the mind by accessing the subconscious through the intermittent Theta states that occur when you are lightly sleeping.

The secret that they don't want us to know is, if you can get into Theta state, and keep yourself there, you can actually "hack the Matrix" by feeding new commands instantly into your subconscious mind. The benefit to doing this, is that you don't have to wait for weeks or months to reprogram your subconscious using the process described above.

Unless you are a gifted psychic who can hold a Theta state consciously, the best option is to simply go to a QHHT Hypnotherapist. They will use Dolores Canon's method of getting you into Theta hypnosis, where you will be completely asleep, but still able to communicate back and forth with the therapist. They can then ask all the questions that you have, directly to your 5th dimensional subconscious mind, which has all the answers! This is not the same as the Alpha state self hypnosis process or typical fake hypnosis that is approved for public consumption. Real hypnosis is done when the person is in the Theta state, because only then can you get the answers to everything, including all past life memories, future memories, and the ability to have instant healing done on your body. No hypnosis is bad, but Theta hypnosis is more powerful.

My suggestion is to either go to Dolores Canon's website, and choose a QHHT hypnotherapist in your area. I was trained by Dolores Canon, I'm a certified QHHT hypnotherapist, so I'd be happy to talk about these subjects more, if you have any questions.

Realistically, if you just intend to find a solution, and if you keep telling yourself that, out loud, and written on paper daily, and if you act like you are going to get a solution, and if you picture in your mind an image of how happy you'll feel when you get the solution, and if you keep doing this everyday, eventually your subconscious will absorb this "instruction set" from the conscious mind, which could take as soon as 1 day, or as long as 3 months, and in that time, you'll start to see all sorts of crazy synchronicities occur as you begin to jump through time, to a new timeline that has the solution you are looking for.

The key thing I can say, and the most important thing to remember is: Don't use your conscious logic to rationalize HOW you will find the answer. Trust that the answer will come to you, without having any doubts whatsoever. When a new timeline is generated, you'll have your answer.



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