Every now and then especially in the past couple of weeks I have feel like parts of my body are like literally on fire, they feel really really hot but NOT to the touch lol I guess as instinct I try and pat myself continuously but to no avail, it began with my feet, now it is either my feet or a leg or both legs, or arms or hands etc even if I am in complete darkness, it use to scare me because of the thought of Spontaneous human combustion but then I learned to understand that and I know that this is something totally different but it can get annoying, has this happened to anyone? and if so do you know how to at least lessen the effects?

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I've experienced this and the other day my DOG's back, in the middle of his shoulder blades was so hot. I felt a connection to the transition happening. Interesting ZohAura! All those little electrons & protons firing off, dormancy awakening.
I usually just tell my other half (My guide, sister, me, ect.) too cool down,
it usually happens to me when I have a burst of happiness or if Im just excited about something in general :)
Yes! My forehead has felt so hot for the past 5-6 weeks. At first, I thought maybe I had a fever, but it's cool to the touch. During meditation, my entire body tends to heat up... I've pretty much gotten used to it. :)
I am plagued and have been for a few yrs now with firey palms, my very handprints are always blood red, it looks like a burn/ it's on both hands, I went to a dr. thinking something was really wrong, they had no explanation.. go figure, haha, they also produce alot of heat, also have felt like you lately waves of heat, kindof crazy!
Zomg! Thats been happening to me the past couple days outta no where!! I randomly get very hot in the middle of the night or when i'm going to sleep,there is no heat on and I love heat but know when it is to much for my body before I sweat lol.
Not sure if this is related but it seemed odd. Last night while I'm at work I noticed the clear Quartz crystal I wear around my neck was a good 10-20 degree's cooler. Which is odd, because it has been in direct contact with my body the entire night. I am not sure if I had a spike in body temp and then noticed the crystal was cooler or if the crystal it self was experiencing something.

Just seemed strange and it happened twice last night / this morning.
Your Kundalini is rising.
For several years I was only able to make very small energy balls but recently I've been able to make ones a foot or two in diameter again. And I often feel burning or feverish all over but am perfectly cool to the touch. I also get fainting type spells and I was getting seizure like things but the doctors said they weren't seizures and that nothing is wrong with me when I get all dizzy and fall to the ground. My doctor thought I might be hypoglycemic but everytime my blood sugar is tested it appears to be fine. Also it may be of interest that recently I had stomach flu but my chem panels were in almost perfect ranges of what they should be. There was one number I forgot which that the doctor said she almost never sees in normal range.

If I get any HOTTER ~~~~ I fear I may EXPLODE!!!

All I know is that now I have a fever from a *FLU* like episode that kicked my butt, had me darn near delirious and a lasting fever and heat that is lingering way past when I desire... its been 7 days now..

Can anyone help me...? I can only dip myself in so much cool water!! :)

Every night for me. I go to bed and as soon as i get my feet under the cover they get boiling hot. I cant sleep with my cover over my feet any longer. It has bin like that for 2 months now. I also feel like my skin is super sensitive and tiny strokes from the cover or my hair tickles like crazy.

Yes, that might be it. Here is a page with symptoms of Kundalini rising


TMS said:

Your Kundalini is rising.

Super Sensitive.. great description.. I will look up the link.. TY :)

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