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So i looked up some birth chart generators online and thought it would be nice to see what i would get. However when i read what they said its completely, or allmost completely, wrong. They say im like a bragging cool guy who loves to take on the leader role and to be in the center. Like a player sort of. Also that i love to compete and my highest dream is to be number one across the goal line etc. This is so completely not me. Anyone knows why this is the case? i mean why the charts seem to be so inaccurate. I almost got insulted by it hehe. Or am I missing something here? Like how to interpret them or so?


/ Andrew

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There might be multiple reasons. One reason might be that you have not connected to this part in you in your life and have lived through other aspects of your chart.


Other reason is that computer programs only read one thing at at time without seeing the whole picture (which can only by done by an astrologer), so when you combine all aspects together, you get something a bit different.


You might also have something on your chart that contradicts this part in you and that is why you have hard time relating to it.


It is also important to see, that the reactions that these readings create in you, are very important, since they can be a tool for self-discovery.


A good astrological site is www.astro.com


Much love,



Ok, thanks for the answer! It looks like i should maybe try to contact someone who can make a chart by hand. I never felt like a walk-in so i dont think its because of that, if that makes the birth chart off i mean. Maybe it would fit on the original person i walked into but i doubt this is the case..



I did not in anyway mean that you would be a walk-in...? :) I do not sense that you are.

I think that you are probably a person on a journey of finding their true personality and inner self and on this journey, you will encounter all kinds of traits of yours - some of that you'd like to own and you are aware and proud of them an then some, that you feel offended by and it takes time to learn about it and then some that you do not recognice because of your specific mindconstruct of your personality and your being and "THIS IS HOW IT IS"-attitude. :)


We all have that.


I do not think that you necessarily need to find anyone who is an astrologer, but more like dwelve deeper why bringing this topic up makes you some how reactive and stirs emotions in you...That is more like the key.


Much love,


Hi again!

I did not mean you thought i was a walk-in, sorry =)

Anyway, it seems interesting with these birth charts. I will look into it more when i have the time. It does not feel that important right now. I think what you sense is accurate =)

Thanks for the links too! Ill check them out!




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