Does anyone on here resonate as a Hadarian? :) I really feel as though this is what I am but there is not much information out there about them.

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yes!! you're the first person I've ever seen mention them. I identify primarily with Pleiades, but Sirius and Beta Centauri as well. (: do you have any memories from there?

I'm not sure if it is a memory but I have always envisioned my home to be ocean based with an orange and dark blue sky with millions of stars and visible planets :) I also feel like I have been dragged to Earth against my will. I definitely know I did not choose to come here. Do you have any memories? :) 

Hi lyla, I'm in contact with star family from Centaurus - specifically from the Alpha Centauri system, which includes Alpha Centauri, Beta Centauri and Proxima Centauri (the nearest star to our Solar System). 

I've written quite a few posts about them, this one in particular, and also this one, in relation to the complementary binary stars, Alpha and Beta C, as balancing the masculine and feminine energies. 

I've looked up at these stars all my life (from Australia), as 'the Pointers' to the Southern Cross constellation, and the first dream I had of star family about 7-8 years ago was of Alpha Centaurian ships, with horseshoe shaped rings of lights around them, covering the nightsky, at a itme when the planet was about the change profoundly (I'd never heard of 'ascension' or 'the Shift' at that stage, but that dream was the beginning of a deeper waking up).

Hello, I am a Hadarian...searching for my tribe!

I am also from Hadar. I learned this from my akashic reading a few years back. I am always searching to learn more about Hadar. I have read the book Soul Mastery, which was very informative. However, I have such a yearning to learn more still.

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