Hi, I'm Tim. I'm very new to the idea of star seeds, however I am not new to the concept of extra terrestrials. Are they the same thing?

I titled this post "Being Human" because that's what I am. I feel Earth is as close to a home world as it gets. But I don't feel like this is the only place I've been to in the universe by some other means. I just don't know what that is.

Can people from Earth travel to another planet? Can it only be done by leaving the human body?

Has anyone here ever seen a physical being from another world on Earth? Is it possible Nasa has a future for humanity to enter space? I think very few humans are interested in space travel right now. Earth has some problems to sort out prior to becoming a stable space nation.

Are extraterrestrials not physical? Does science fiction have the concept too limited dimensionally for our current understanding?

Is soul travel possible without a body? Do souls exist? What do you feel or are aware of outside the body if possible? Can people be soul conscious while in a human body?

How do I become consciously aware of my soul to enter and leave the human body at will? Do our lives as humans count for something? Is there a god or does the world we live in create illusions on purpose to keep people from soul travel?

Soul exploration is something I wish to achieve some day. Sometimes I feel like I am living in a reality that cannot accurately describe other worldly affairs beyond the visible eye. Be it mentally or physically visualizing things towards such a perspective.

I want to become soul aware. I wish to move on from humanity some day. If I can't, and I'm already human, then please excuse my ignorance for asking so many questions.

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You got some amazing questions :)

I cannot answer your questions definitively, but I can share my understanding, if that is enough.

Starseeds are not the same thing as extraterrestrials. On earth, starseeds are humans whose souls have previously incarnated offworld, as extraterrestrials. It is a matter of spiritual and psychological conditioning, memory beyond the present life which yet influences the present life. 

I have not seen a physical extraterrestrial on earth, though I have at times glimpsed extradimensional entities who "leak through" the veil between their plane and ours.

NASA does have plans to send humans into space; specifically, they are planning a manned mission to Mars in the next few decades. But I think that any serious effort to colonize other worlds or explore the stars will be pioneered or at least spearheaded by corporate space agencies, as with the contemporary Space X, Virgin Galactic, etc. Modern corporations are indisputably the economic and technological engines of the social machine; in the future they may be the only ones with the wherewithal and innovative spirit necessary to tackle a challenge as formidable as interstellar travel. It is true that few humans have a serious interest in space travel, but the same was true during the manned missions to the Moon in the 1960s. The will of a few can and often does overcome the apathy of the many. 

Typically extraterrestrials are defined as physical, biological entities, and I think this category represents the bulk of sentient life in this universe. There are sapient beings that do not fit this mold which I and a few ufologists refer to as extradimensional entities. They may be nonphysical, geometrical, photonic, or quantum beings, of a constitution we can scarcely imagine let alone understand. 

I believe that souls exist, and that they may be what makes us "conscious", in a sense. The mind has its own part in this, as it enables awareness of our environment and the formation of an ego concept. But the soul exists as an awareness lurking behind even this, the true "self". I tend to distinguish between the two with a simple axiom. The mind says, "This is what I am." But it is only when the mind falls silent that I know what I am. 

I would not say that soul travel is possible outside the body, but this may be a semantic argument on my part. Travel implies movement from one point in space to another. I do not believe that the soul exists on the spatial plane when it is disincarnate. It is a transcendent entity which can only inhabit the base spatial planes by possessing a body which already exists here. That said, I do not mean to suggest that the soul is static; it has a range of experience available to it. But we cannot compare this experience to physical movement or biological senses. There is no sight, no sound, no feeling, no motion, but there is something. 

If by "outside the body" you mean while the soul is disincarnate, I cannot understand and do not know how to describe what the soul "feels" in this state. I have the vaguest memories of disincarnate states, but they don't translate well to any aspect of the human experience. It is very subtle and ethereal, not a manifest reality but a sea of potentiality. If, however, you mean to ask what the soul feels during astral projection, it is quite like the disincarnate experience bounded by three-dimensional senses and imagery. The world is still very fluid and malleable, but the soul (or astral body to be more precise in this context) experiences it through the living senses: sight, sound, sensation, and so on. It is rather like a lucid dream. You may explore the universe which has been generated for you, seek out a particular experience, or become the architect and engineer of your own reality. 

Yes, people can enter a state of "soul consciousness" while in a human body. Astral projection is just one way of accomplishing this. Some use meditation, yoga, hypnosis, aerobics, art, or music. Some experience it as a sudden and unsolicited sensation, like divine revelation. It does not matter so much what one does, so long as it is a genuine episode and not something imagined by the mind. It is, paradoxically, best recognized by failing to recognize it, by lapsing into a state of flow characterized by having little to no conscious sense of self or one's location in space and time. 

Ah, and this too is a paradox. You become conscious of the soul by becoming unconscious. The less self-aware you are in the moment, the less you engage in self-talk, the more aligned with the soul consciousness you become. And from this level, the will is enough to achieve total agency. If your soul wills itself to leave the body, it will. But it is too easy to confuse the will of the ego-mind with the will of the soul. What you think you want is not necessarily what you want. 

Do our lives as humans count for something? No, they don't count for anything. But yes, they are something. If a life is to count for anything, it must count to someone. That value is utterly subjective. Something doesn't have objective meaning, it just is. I know that it is an uncomfortable thought at first. It dispels the comforting myth that the universe is founded on values, virtues, and order. But alas, it is just a myth. The universe is founded on existence, that is all.

There may be a god, but I do not think it is the same god that humans worship. I do not think we would even recognize it as a god. The Hindu concept of Brahma is perhaps the closest representation I've seen. Everything is Brahma-- the universe, energy, Source, or God if you prefer-- but everything masquerades to the human mind as discrete forms. Tree, cloud, rock, bird, man. They seem separate, distinct-- this is the illusion conjured by the world. In reality they are all of a common origin, all part of an interdependent system where one could not exist without the other. That totality is god. The underlying essence of things. Existence itself. I do not believe it has any consciousness, contrary to most mythologies. I think of it as a disordered system which is gradually achieving equilibrium. When it does, life as we know it will cease to exist, reduced from the illusion of separation to totality again. At least until that equilibrium is upset once more, and the cycle repeats. 

You may reach the point of soul exploration. But I would not think of it as an achievement. In trying to do it, you are thinking about it-- what you are doing, how you should be doing it, what you hope to accomplish. This goal-oriented mindset keeps you locked in the human mind, simulating rather than having spiritual experience. It is better to let this all go, to think of nothing, strive for nothing, and simply be. The zen discipline is the only one I've found which produces a genuine spiritual experience. Even (or perhaps especially) the New Age doctrine fails to do this.

I would also caution you not to take my answers as the answers. They may be valid but that does not mean they are correct. The most significant part of asking the kind of questions that you are is the process of thought, experience, and reflection which leads you to your own conclusions. There is no shortcut for self-discovery.

Hi Tim. So like Zaikan wrote before me, all I can do is share knowledge, and it is ultimately up to you how to interpret / validate for self.

Firstly, ET's and SS are essentially the same thing, just not existing in the same moment while any being is incarnated into the Human system of life. Our origins are exactly the same, the previous life shared before this one were bound to an ET race, existing beyond the stars as a true species. Most people do not understand the true definition of SS, so the term hardly describes accurately what is it supposed to anymore. All human beings playing in their avatars are considered to have cosmic connection, just many do not have much universal experience yet, and have not been blessed with achieving life within a higher state before arriving within this system of living/expression.

True SS are directly linked to ET races, all expected to return to their form and function once the human avatar ceases to work and our fractioned energy projections are released and we return to Source self, becoming a higher state ET once again. Advanced ET's are SS program participators, just not fractioned into an avatar and experiencing an artificial system of corruption; instead being in whole state existing freely in a universal context.

I will tell you this secret, even though it will continue to be thoroughly denied, and you determine your perception: Humans will never reach space, Mars, or anywhere outside the belt of energy restricting them to Gaia. Stray too far from the energy that created you and supplies your avatar with life, the avatar dies, and so do animals and plants. Space is not achievable by man, unless man figures out a way to carry "part of Gaia" with them outside of the field of influence. That kind of knowledge is waaay beyond mankind, making space travel irrelevant, something NASA has known since the 1940's, and the PTB knew long before that. The link of life for a human incarnate is restricted to the energy field of the system they were born into.

The fake space industry is worth billions in annual funding from taxes and other invisible revenue sources, not to mention the benefit of private funding by many who are throwing money into the toilet; no surprise then that they will keep up the lie tooth and nail, else find all those $$$ run dry. Now that the "net" has been lifted, true astral projection to distant locations via 4th dimensional pipeline travel is available to any and all, but must be done esoterically, not physically. These avatars, for as strong as resilient as they are upon the planet, are miserably weak and frail by universal standards, and are not naturally suited to survive the rigors of space, and that resiliency becomes instantly irrelevant, even in hypothetical terms.

The human PTB know space travel, as you desire it, is not possible for humans; but you and the rest of humanity do not know that, so they continue to sell you snake oil, just like always, business as usual. No way would the Community Galactic Council permit a non sanctioned non race from achieving extended space colonization and exploration (IE: if it could), based solely on the destructive nature of human programming and the resulting behaviors/actions; no other reason is needed.

ET's can be multidimensional, can have physical form one moment, then not the next, or can achieve a multitude of forms, physical and not. A human's perception hardly is capable of perceiving the vibration needed to understand and "see" the vast range of an ET's spectrum of presentation, projection and purpose. Some ET beings spend time in numerous forms, the physical being the least functional and attractive, instead preferring to spend most of their moments in non physical form, for obvious reasons. Science fiction in itself is too limited to have any relevant truths beyond fantasy and requiring constructed beliefs in what is hardly understood. When theory defines your relative truths, fiction is all it will ever remain.

Soul, or 4D energetic self, what your true consciousness is, does exist. It is provable right now, this very instant. Is travel without the body possible? Well, not through the 3D construct of interaction, a 3D embodiment to house part of the 4D self is required, but through the 4D it is possible to travel anywhere, even 'through' the 3D under it all. Every system, and every dimension too, is built upon the layer of the preceding, and therefore functions in a higher dimensional state overlapping all that came before it.

Fundamentals of reality and existence are built up, allowing for more function within essentially the same system of the universe. Life is all about systems and levels of interaction depending on what your soul development requires. What you feel is beyond feeling, it transcends physical senses, touch included. So you feel nothing, and everything, and are aware of SO much more, it cannot be listed here. Everyone is consciousness, not physical humans, that is just a means for expression.

Humanity is not a race, it is a constructed reality to express into, broken as it is, and that is by design; that is for a different conversation. Your consciousness self is impossible to define in human standards, you have not been taught how to see your true total self. Not yet.

You desire to become esoteric at will, bouncing into and out of the body, like what, Dr. Strange? That movie did more to confuse than enlighten. It takes DEEEEEP states of meditation just to achieve awareness of outside the body, let alone detachment into light/non physical form. You have to stop being human to achieve this state. Our lives as humans do not count for much more than slavery and false purpose, but our existence in this universe count for everything.

This construct is not contributing the the positive growth of the universe, and is not functioning in the capacity it was meant to, not even close. Is there a god? You are a god. I am a god. We are all our own personal god, who express themselves in a prime creator universe, as sub creators. That is our true purpose, this construct called mankind does not contribute to that purpose, does not teach from it, does not support those truths, instead it creates illusion and mysticism in an artificially designed and borrowed system that human behavior and programming support.

My advice to you, while inhabiting human form, is to meditate deeply, daily, as often as you can, if you truly desire to become soul aware. We will all be moving on from humanity, way beyond, like it becomes a distant memory, and we are all whole once again. That day is coming, closer and closer, and looks NOTHING like this that we currently are forced into participating with, forced into witnessing around us. Worst behaviors ever!

Human beliefs destroy the universal connection to a much greater self than you know. Let go of all that you have been forced to "learn" while incarnated as a human, detach from the complacency of a lifetime of programming, and know that you are so much more than Human, and how that realization can afford you a much greater purpose and self definition than you ever thought.

Human is just a temporary state, not a definable race or species, even though while incarnated as one, we are all compelled to believe it has supreme relativity and deeper meaning. The illusion is, and always has been, very strong, but only has a temporary hold upon us. Once your time being human is completed, you will understand who/what you truly are, free and able to express you finally, free of that which limits all of it.

Remember, you have to interpret the knowledge and conclude what you must; belief, faith, ideals and what you have been taught are all meaningless. :)

Thank you for all the advice given.

Essentially, I am not sure if humanity is insignificant or not in the "grand scheme of things" however, what concerns me, is lack of personal growth as an accepted social standard here. For years, we've achieved advancements in technology, which aims to support us, but which does in fact, mostly the opposite. Computers manage our information, thoughts and snapshots of memorable moments in life, but why not our own brains? The world has never been more disconnected as an entity. People are used to commercial or preapproved ways of life based on their social status. Animals still kill each other to survive from each other. Humans, specifically Europeans and Asians, are the ones who started the whole movement to space with the inclusion of others later on. The message I'm seemingly getting from all of this, is that none of what constitutes a valid concern in the physical plane here matters at all to anyone?

Is it fixable? Are way all just waiting until we die to leave and never come back? Is there a way out of what feels like a virtual prison? If our soul isn't real, then it would make sense we were programs of some sort. But I don't believe that is true. I know I am more than just a person with wishful thinking on this stuff. It's just that this is not an easy task to complete, especially considering the limitations of this world, and their inability to adapt to responsive thoughts. Prayer and meditation for instance, keep us alive, but they won't help us ascend to anywhere, not even if we could transfer our consciousness to the astral or etheric realms. In my experience, all we are aware of, here, on Earth, while conscious, are our own thoughts, emotions and reactions to situations we find ourselves in. We have nothing else going for us. There's no sense in hiding the truth about who we are, because it can't help us move on from here. But at the same time, we could have it all wrong. But if we could imagine a place where we had the ability to have better control of our environment, I know it's possible. I don't believe our imagination is just that, and there's nothing to all we wish for to never even be dreamed of happening. I mean even the Beetles made an entire song about it, though it's only been recognized as wishful thinking by any serious major lyrics expert. And humanity pretends it isn't real that they have to change their way of life. So they don't. But who ever wants to, gets discouraged from doing it by people who won't change. And they just happen to be in power, some of them. World history proves this.

So what I want to know, is there anything we can do to make it easier to transition to a more accepting society of maybe more love and less madness and confusion here. Inventions aren't what makes us, of that I am sure. It's how we use them to either better or strengthen our life in which ever direction we are going, which makes the real and most impacted difference both personally and rationally.

Soul exploration, is just one method I have thought of to help the process along in some way. By connecting with other races or beings who already mastered this, we could learn from them by having a joint society of some kind, assuming our worlds are compatible. But if they are not, but they still show up here, what do they hope to see? Something they will have to not try and implement? I don't understand why extraterrestrials wouldn't be welcome in such a way here? Unless they either don't exist, or won't set aside the time to understand us and wish to help us. One person cannot represent all of us, and so that's why I never believed extraterrestrials were even real. All the action films you see like star treck, doctor who, don't show you an alternative way of communication with a casual being from another world or dimension. I don't know of any physical use case where this has occurred, and if I find one, I'll be sure to post about it and let you know. Until then, I'm trying to figure out a way to be involved in an event which can further our independence, instead of having to give up on the idea of ever being truly free.

My heart wants what my mind already knows how to achieve if certain systems are in place to do so. I just don't know what they are, which is why I came here for answers. The ones I have in mind are things we could do as a representation of some of the interests we have in fields such as space and extraterrestrials. No, I don't think ufos are the answer. I think perhaps experiments into dimensional interfaces or gateways might hold promising results. Also, what may prove useful would be to develop the technology of portal travel. If we can't use enough fuel to venture in to space directly. portals could be used to bend space so we could get to where we wish to faster, and not need to use a manual or conventional method to get there. All we need is the people to build it. Stable building material could work to achieve this. The physical dimension is teaming with life, we just have to find a suitable environment for us to coexist. I think that's our biggest problem.

Perhaps someone out there is waiting for someone in here to make a move like it. But if that isn't the case, then whatever event corresponding to leaving Earth for good means, must seemingly only apply to people who are soul conscious. If there's anything I can say about humanity, it's that we're not alone.

So what I want to know, is there anything we can do to make it easier to transition to a more accepting society of maybe more love and less madness and confusion here

Yes. Prepare your cells, prepare your consciousness, prepare your memory and thoughts, prepare to act beyond the capacity you currently can. Prepare for a new way to respond to environmental stimuli, higher energies, by practicing not being reactive to the lower levels around you now. Be ready for a much more broad scope of perceptible possibilities and vibrating frequencies, prepare your 4D self (all of your consciousness and a from you currently do not remember) to be realized and expanded into. Repair/clear out your quantum aura, detach from being human, as each instance presents itself, and know that what is to come will spur the world around you to comply with those new higher forms of being, in a much higher state, that will comply. Preparing for that energy to arrive is paramount, as you do not want it to blindside you, due to its intensity and causality upon humanity and the way of life.

We make it easier on ourselves by preparing for that massive energy to arrive, to prepare to become 4D realized, and for an acceptable system to be implemented to exist within at that 4D level in physicality; a true creation template based free harmonious system of interaction and purpose, where all this, crumbles away, into distant and forgotten memory.

Just know, trying to put human teachings as a blueprint for universal conceptualization and fundamentals for participation on a grander scale is not acceptable by the truly responsible in our shared universe. Humans are way more than just years away from developing these technologies, they are existences away from being allowed its use within a pseudo-society like Humanity. To be allowed to use that tech, so much that happens in a human day has to come to a total end, beliefs and ideologies of acceptable behavior need to be moved past, something evidently not happening any time soon, when observing the current climate of all.




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