The other day, before falling asleep I had two visions play out in my mind. The first one being some kind of ancient being in the desert. There was a pyramid before them. I had a deep sense that this being was me. Another thing i noticed, this being had an extremely long tongue. I had previously had dreams where I have a long tongue as well. The second image was a seashell sitting by the water on a quiet beach. There were no people. I also had a deep knowing that I was this seashell. The feeling that came along with this one was indescribable. I could literally hear the waves and feel the wind. I felt so at peace and so content. After waking up from this, it made me motivated to find that exact feeling in this life, and be able to remain there. What are your thoughts?

Love & light

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Feels like this is your spiritual knowing coming in to play. At night, in bed specifically, we tend to become more familiar with our spirits.

The first seems to be some kind of fantasy from your past life that triggered your spirit to present to you what you want to experience within this life.

It feels like you know what is taking place, but this triggers the experiences when you did not know exactly what you were experiencing, specifically in relation to knowing emotions. So any uncertainty you feel is just the opposite experiences, coming to the surface.

+I love pyramids, they rock.

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