Balancing the ying and yang, masculine and feminine, Left and right brain polarities

Something I've found to be very important in living a holistic, abundant, and spiritual life here on this Earth is learning to balance your polarities. We all have polarities inside of us, and a lot of us naturally swing more in one direction or another. We've lived in a very yang, left brained, logical and masculine world and its been difficult for those who use rely more on the opposite polarities. I was a very right brained child growing up, and I still am, it can be a challenge when your parents, your peers, your teachers, and society all in general expect you to learn and grow in a way that opposes what feels natural for you. For me, a big lesson I've had to learn and I'm still learning is balance. As we're moving through this new paradigm and the polarities change, I believe that we need to not only need to embrace the feminine yin energy in all of us, but still keep the masculine yang energy just as strong within ourselves. Being whole and balanced allows you to not only stay centered through change, but get the most out of every aspect of life when they do. It allows you to use  the feminine and the masculine, and play the yin and the yang role when you need to. For example, if you want be or are already in an intimate relationship with someone right now, being balanced in both the masculine and feminine sides of yourself help you resonate with your partner and keep the relationship flowing. It can let you know when to be the one who leads and when to be the one who follows, when its important to speak up and when its important to listen, when its time to pump some passion and add some fire and when to let things simmer and cool down.  Both polarities are co dependant on each other, and you'll find that you need to use elements of the opposite side within each polarity to make them work; if you use yin energy and you tend to go inwards for answers or you want to be the position of attracting, you still need the yang energy of will power and direction to find what you want to look for. The same goes for the yang side, if you want to expand, say love outward, for it to work you have to already be able to go within and be in tune with the love within yourself. As we're going through this paradigm shift, I believe that people who use the right side of their mind skillfully and are able to go within themselves are gonna to be in a good place. I'm not saying to abandon the type of polarity that you're used to, use your strengths as much you can, but also try using both energies in your life, they both have something to teach and can help you exist in a balanced and centered way.

Peace and love

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