for those that do not know or are in denial computers; cellphones,tv or ANY electrical device they are all created to make oppose field of human magnectic fields so they can create what is called AURIC BLEEDING , this prevents the regulation of your hormons and chakras flying above 35.000 feet is even more damaging towards the auric fields and can also create like the other devices (tv, computers, cellphones,) auric bleeding this auric bleeding prevents you to gain the energie you need to raise your vibration i URGe you all too spread this message use salt baths after flights and use copper and gold on wrist and feet this will ground you and you will be more in balance with the shuman resonatie(heartbeat of the earth) i say this to help you cause you are me and i am you


with the highest power of the universe and the concept of unity

your brother of light and love

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I will get copper beads today thank u for the heads up :)

Hmm, not worth the sacrifice... i would rather have my computer, and have my vibration go up a lil slower than be bored out of my mind without it.

It can be seen as another obstacle to work around, nothing more, nothing less.

like with so many things, there are plenty of work arounds i bet, finding them is part of the fun i suppose.



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