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this not story this is true fact i wish i can remember living in such a heaven.

watch this you would definately like this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWNSPUBrb-g


but why are there sp many other storys of atlantis with a same core of truth?

the storys are different indeed like they become arrogant and go to war with lemuria or aliens that came back in time with a artificial merkaba and conquered the land

but all say that a act of lower vibration (ego) destroyed atalntis and not a natural catastrophe. many different storys but all with the core that a articial catastrophe was the  reason

with my memory of it i cant say what is true

i only know that living in atalntis sure was heaven but in his last moments it was destruction of a very high terrible level...emotional and physical. what cause this i dont remember ^^

it was thier ego they start bileving they are gods making genetic with animals and humans which result in mermaids and many more ofcourse the last time on atalantis was full of destruction.

thats what im thinking too

that they were obsessed with power and being almighty that they lost the focus of what really counts and made a mistake that catalyst the catastrophe

really sad :(

nice links

i may have time someday to read this all^^

in more the hearing type but i will save they links in my favorites :)

but yeah someday the golden age will rise again :)

yeah :(

All these stories are probably told from someone their point of view. Everyone that lived there remembers something different just because they were individuals and lived on different places. If a disaster would happen on earth now, my story will be different than yours, yet it was the same event.

I think the way they started living also caused these disasters to happen. I think one attracted the other. Their lowering vibration probably allowed the peace on earth to be interrupted by something this intruding as a natural catastrophe. Earth is also a living being that reacts on what is happening on the surface, just like what is going on today! They lost track and started living the wrong way. Look at what we are doing now... You should think they don't want to see history repeated.


Not long ago, a technologically advanced human civilization thrived on Earth. This was Atlantis, the real Atlantis, not a mythological story. Here—documented for the first time with new scientific data—is the true story of their demise. They were not undone because of a natural cataclysm. Rather, through the reckless misuse of their own science, they destroyed their civilization. Only a few thousand people survived, and everyone on Earth today is related to that same small group of survivors.

This is a breakthrough scientific study that combines the use of remote viewing, U.S. government originating underwater imaging data, a touch of genetic knowledge, and a hefty amount of open-minded thinking. Remote viewing is a mental procedure that was originally developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes. Now, civilians employ the same methods, or procedures that are derivative of those methodologies, to study human history. Using remote-viewing data collected by two of the most accomplished "military grade" remote viewers of the day, the true story of what happened when Atlantis collapsed is told with striking detail and clarity.

Forget what you learned in school about human civilization being a recent phenomenon. All that you see today, all the wonders of human achievement, have all been done before. And it all ended very badly.

This time, we need to learn from our past mistakes. We humans have a complicated history on this planet. We need to discover that history, not censor it, if we are to be a species with a destiny. Let us begin that process of discovery here, today, now.

thats why starseed are here not only we can change the world we need most of human beings to understand than only we can achieve golden age but i doubt everybody would understand you know how many people are there in world.

Nice read, thanks for sharing. I've heard of different interpretations but they certainly do share a lot of common themes. Just like much of what you mentioned.

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