Hi there!

I would like to share my knowledge about clues in soul origins using asteroids and planets for you all, for those whom are interested I need thee hour, minute,day/month year, and place of birth place... Peace and love <3

OBS: I'm from Brazil and my english isn't the best yet, I'm sorry about that...

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Me please. I would love to learn from you as well. Jennifer, bryn mawr(hospital) pa usa 938am.(75 w one). I've been fascinated with. Esp since knowing I'm with my twin flame and pulling asteroids etc. Love it.
Shayna Blackman, April 4, 1996. 4:49 pm EST. Doctors hospital, coral gables, FL. US

Hello Erica,
My birthday was Dec 29, 1958 at 23:59 i Seattle, Washington if you could please.
I have strong ties to dolphins and Orion as well.
Thank you! Michael B.
p.s. Also a lover of Samba music!

I hope you are still doing these readings!

I was born on August 24, 1971 at 7:00am.


Much Love and Light,

I'm lovetoo I been wanting to know as much my origin an lineage and really wanted to know please time of birth 2:51pm 6/3/1986 new York NY.i love to travel music nature and adore animals

Hi Érica, what can you tell me?? :) thank you in advance

may 4th 1980, Hull (Canada), 9:52PM

February 17th 1992. Lisbon, Portugal. 07:10 AM

Hi, can I ask, is the reading still possible if I am not sure of the exact time I was born?


I would absolutely love on of these, as my origins are still a mystery to me.
9.00PM, January 8th 1997, Winschoten (Netherlands)

Hello, if you are still doing readings I would love to see. Oct.15 1985 2:50pm Bristol, CT 06010



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