Hi there!

I would like to share my knowledge about clues in soul origins using asteroids and planets for you all, for those whom are interested I need thee hour, minute,day/month year, and place of birth place... Peace and love <3

OBS: I'm from Brazil and my english isn't the best yet, I'm sorry about that...

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November 24th 1992, Parkersburg WV. 7:11 am

Hola! Muchos Gracias!!

Hablo ingles, y pequito espanol. 

January 30 1983 10:26 Bellingham, WA, USA

I was born august 9th, 1990. At 8 55 am Pittsburgh, Pa

I would love a reading if you have time!
I was born at 3:27am on July 14th, 1993 in North Kansas City, MO (USA).

Thank you so much for doing this for everyone :)

I've looked at my own birth natal chart a few times and I'm studying astrology but this has interested me for a long time. Very curious to see what you find. I already know my origins however due to being an old soul and have had many duties all over the galaxy I have been seen as all kinds of et races.

14 Feb 1997 at 21:50 (9:50PM) at Dorchester, Dorset, England

Nice to meet other Aquarius's! I was born 14 feb 97 this lifetime round.

february the 4th here 1990 :)

Sure give it a shot

October 17, 1992 9:56am, Los Angeles, California, USA

I'm interested to see what you may think if you are still doing this. I was born November 21, 1979 2:27 pm, Landstuhl Germany. Im not German though, just happened to show up over that way. I appreciate it, and thank you!
Hi can u give me any info I was born September 14th 1984 at 15:32 in Birmingham England!
I'd much appreciate ur help xx
September 27, 1979 12:33pm, Pasadena, Texas, USA

I would love to try this

26th of November, 1986. Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Time of birth 3:14am

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