Hi there!

I would like to share my knowledge about clues in soul origins using asteroids and planets for you all, for those whom are interested I need thee hour, minute,day/month year, and place of birth place... Peace and love <3

OBS: I'm from Brazil and my english isn't the best yet, I'm sorry about that...

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Much blessing and energy to you Erica. You much Appreciated :-)

06:47 am Fontana California July 15th 1987


If you can help me, Id love to hear what you have to say. Ive been looking to find my origins.



Elbasan Albania

Olá, Erica!

Gostaria muito de saber sim!

São Paulo - SP, 21/05/1997, 10:57 am

Obrigado! ^^

I'd like a reading please. :) Thank you

Same birthdays! (1983)

Hi there I would love a reading!

Time: my mom did not know exactly what time but she said somewhere between 7 or 8pm (sorry!)

date, month, and year: July 23rd 2000

Born: At a navy base in Virginia. Basically on a boat lol 

Thank you!

Hi, I just saw this and hope you are still offering this. I was born 645 pm on 5th day of August in 1952 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA .. Thank you in advance. Peace and love to you as well.  lionpearllady

Where do you learn this stuff? I would like to learn, too. Did it take you a long time to learn or can you use a guidebook to help you at first?

My details are 10.30pm 21st August 1983 in Inverness, Scotland, if you have time to do a reading.

You had 8 pages of requests when I sent this, so please don't worry if you don't have enouigh time to get to around it.

If you do, can you PM me what it says as well as I don't get on here much (3 year old on nursery holidays & choaked with the cold so my days are full at the moment). Thank you for offering these readings, it's very kind of you. xx

I want to second that question! Erica, if it would save you time, I am glad to seek methods and resources on this instead of adding to the inbox.

Is there an "Astrology for Star Origins" or similar source we could refer to?

Hi Erica,

I'd love a reading. I was born 8/ 22/ 1986 at 1:02am in Columbia, SC. 

Thank you so much!

Hello   June 15- 1987  7 pm in NJ USA

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