Hi there!

I would like to share my knowledge about clues in soul origins using asteroids and planets for you all, for those whom are interested I need thee hour, minute,day/month year, and place of birth place... Peace and love <3

OBS: I'm from Brazil and my english isn't the best yet, I'm sorry about that...

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Cool! I'd like to try this. Thank you in advance. 

18th of September 1992. Tampere (Finland). Time of birth 04:11 am

June 3rd 1997. Columbus, Geoegia at 3:55am

Thank you for doing this.

April 4th 1987. Altus, Oklahoma. 4:30 pm.

I'm so interested!!! My inner self has been nudging me about the "soul origins" topic lately.
I was born at 5:56pm on January 19,1990 in Fair Oaks hospital, Fairfax, Va. :) Peace and love!

If you'd like a word picture in exchange, I'd be happy to give you one!

Hi dear

I see a strong connection with Andromeda, since you asteroid spirit conjunct Almach... One star of this constellation and sextile saturn and child, I feel this means you have Unfinished business on there.

Your ascendent has a a exact conjuntion Regulus (which is an Royal fixed star ruled by Archangel Raphael, maybe you have some connection with cure and the green ray)

I also see that you maybe have a soul mate from Betelgeuse (Orion) since your june conjunct this star.

Those aspects are sufficient proof that you are a starseed indeed :)

Your ascendent conjunct Galactic Center may indicates that your soul has come from another galaxy... Maybe Andromeda Galaxy, since in Draconic chart I see Alma and interkosmos conjunct!! That's amazing :)

In this galaxy I don't see many important aspects, except for Antares and Sirius... maybe you didn't have time to live in many places yet?? Haha

Interesting, I'd like to see what you could tell me:

June 13th, 2001 at 7:46 pm Jacksonville, Florida

I will try this. Thank you for sharing!! 6:30 am,02/02/1977. Arlington Heights Illinois.

Thank you. May 17th, 1996. Gothenburg, Sweden.

Hello and thanks. I am Sol, my date of birth is 18 June 1978. 5.34 pm in

Buenos Aires  , Argentina. Warm hug and thanks so much in advance.

You pretty much look like a Sirian soul... IC exact conjunct Sirius, there is a beautiful dolphin soul haha!!

Besides you have strong arcturians origins too since descendent conjunct Spica... You maybe  an old Milk Way soul, since I don't see strong aspects with galactic center, Maybe your first encarnation was here...

I Erica, mine is 1:00am January 4, 1966. Ankara Turkey.  Thank You

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