It was last year that I was introduced to the Pleiadian beings. I had always heard the name but never really knew what they were before then. I had a Facebook and I found a quiz with a similar name "Which star do you come from?" I took the quiz and the outcome was Pleiades. Even if it sounded silly to believe a random quiz on FB (plus, I don't believe in coincidences), I decided to type the name in google and I found a website which I can no longer find, but visiting this website, everything I ever knew in this life somehow related to the wise words of the Pleiadians hosting that website. 


The other night I made some homemade alphabet cards (because I couldn't find my pendant or my psychic circle among all the clutter in this house) and it took quite a bit of effort to make them while I was in the dark. (No light as to prevent from disturbing my son's sleep.) I asked the cards a simple question, bearing in mind the essence of my being and feeling special in every way, my question was "Where does my soul originate?" The results: "IM PQZDN." I did not even think to "debunk" such a rendering outcome because the truth has always came with a feeling of just knowing. I feel the connection, but I feel oblivious and I also want to know more. I want to know more about the Pleiadians. So, I ask the community on Starseeds, is there anyone here that knows they are Pleiadian? And if so, can you please tell me more them? 


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The bringers of the dawn are a large amount of old channelled messages by the pleiadians. There's a type of audio book free on youtube that is worth checking out, I've found their stuff to resonate quite a lot with myself as it's one of the first things I ever came across as a child.


Here's a link to the first part from youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7l0cJL7e4w



By the way, Maya and I received these memories, that information was directly from our memories together, so absolutely NONE of that information came from any other source but our hearts! :) Most of the stuff she said were in our memories of back home.


By the way, I am the one known as 'her closest <3', but you can call me Chris :) Nice to meet you :) I hope we can talk sometime. :)
Kris☆(Pleiadian∞Love)☆Elliott said:

Are these memories or is this all from things you have read off the internet ?

To add ... Pleiadians do not look like a certain anything.. this steroetyping of pleiadians "blonde, blue yes" blah blah... is kind of annoying. The people I have met here on earth who are deffinately pleiadian souls, are usually burnette, green eyes. So their is no stereotyping an entire race of beings.. me and my girl (both pleaidian 'starseeds') are bth brown hair, green eyes. My eyes are mixed blue/green with yellow iris though. but its like saying humans are "white, blue eyes, brown hair" .. well no, humans vary in many ways when it comes to appearance.

~ Kris

Maya Nicole Beaver said:

Yes, I can tell you a lot about them. I know for certain I'm pleiadian and my closest is too, we just met over this site! But I can't tell you everything all in this box. You could message me if you want, later. :) I'll tell you some things though. 


Basic Apperance- the average pleiadian is blond, fair skinned usually long hair, blue eyes or sometimes green, and about 7 feet tall. If you saw one walking down the street you would barely be able to tell if they were a different species because of how alike they look to us. You would probably do a double take though, because they are all gorgeous, as in model quality. And then if you were to look closer you would see their ears, the only physical apperance that is different from ours- their ears are located below human ones, on the lower side of the face instead of in the middle. Oh and they have a VERY FEMININE ENERGY. 


Their main planet is called Erra, it is much like earth but more nature filled and peaceful. The sky is blue and they have a few orbs in the sky instead of just our one sun and one moon. The entire place is tinted more blue and chrome/ silver and instead of cars, we used starships to travel around, or we walked. 


The pleiadians are known for their emotional bodies, which are ten times as emotional as that of a human. They also have much longer life spans, living even a thousand 'years' though they don't actually use time, that is a human invention. 


They do not really practice marriage as we know it. They can have 'marriage units' but they are not legally bound and can have even three or more people in them. When a person is ready to move on to do other things and see other people, there is no resentment or resistense from the other person. There is always a high amount of respect. 


They are actually only about 5D right now, but there are also 7D pleiadians who do not have bodies. They consider themselves to be our close family in terms of species because we are like cousins in our apperance and lifestyle. 


They use crystals to communicate instead of phones, the crystals can be accessed telepathically and are then used like computers to upload and download information. They sometimes activate to music.....


Allright, that's what I'm going to give to you right now! I hope you can look inside yourself and see if any of this resonates with you, because if it does then it is reason to say you are one of the Pleiadians! 


Good luck on your search, light and Love!



Yes, I am a pleiadian too. :) brunette with green eyes. I can tell you that the best part of realizing that you are one too is that you activate your star family into existence. You acknowledge them and now they can come to you more easily in more conscious way. You will have constant company. You will never be alone. Xoxo

I am also Pleiadian. 
You should listen to this stuff it really resonates!



And if you like you should check out Bashar, he is not pleiadian but I love his info :)


Love & Light Sister! 

Thank you much

One love!

Solidus said:

Hi friend!


Over at this place: Planetary origin. There are many others aswell i guess but this was the one i got into and i read them all. Dont think that it means something that the first trait page you see is Vega though because I could not understand how to get the root of the page to appear in the link so its vega that shows up. Well, maybe it means something then hehe, but feel it and see what  fits you the most! =)

Thank you so much Kris

One love

Kris☆(Pleiadian∞Love)☆Elliott said:

oh sister surrender to the knowing; there is no point looking for proof, doesnt your heart give u enough proof? I spent months here not putting myself under any catagory as to not conflict my terran life with past life as a pleiadian. But too many signs to ignore; though I didnt need any sign. I always knew I was from pleiades, as a child (8yrs +) I was always lost gazing into the dazzling constellation of the Pleiades, Home <3

You dont need cards, a psychic, some ET itnervention or dream to tell you where you came from. You just feel it in your heart, to this day, I stll gaze into the pleiades like time doesnt exist <3 My heart and soul has been connected to those stars since I took over this vessel, I will never forget my home <3 ^_^

~ your heart is the greatest compass to navigate your soul home <3

Thank you for posting since, hope u find what your looking for,

Kris <3

Hi everyone following this thread and especially Stephanie.

This discussion stirred my thoughts and I would like to share some of them with you =)
I am kinda new to this too. I don't really know if it is the awakening or the upcoming events, like disclosure, ascension etc. that i am new to but i feel new anyway. I have always been very open to the "unknown" like ufos, dimensions etc. and it really comes to me naturally. I often find answers to things when i try to, i mean from within as people talk so much about. Also when i read up on things on the net its usually is just me nodding and agreeing on one hand and on the other feeling, "No thats not real" etc.


Anyway, what id like to say is that when you are digging into all this, what i call "the real reality", your head is getting overloaded with info at some points. You wonder and you wonder and you wonder hehe. So my advice is to take a rest from it at times and let it sink in. You or/and your higher self/uncouncious will sort things up and then you can read and learn more! Dont be discouraged! Also, one thing that is repeated here and at other places is the line "Take what resonates with you and leave the rest!". That is very true and thats how you can pick the important pieces for your puzzle and leave the ones that do not fit in. Somewhere there is a blueprint of YOU and that blueprint will most certainly guide you on the right track. Also, another thing that is often seen here is the expression "Your truth". Its very related to the law of "free will" and as far as I know it means that everyone have their own truth and will. So the basic thing is that what might resonate with one being might not automaticly resonate with another. The free will part (at least I think) means that one can not force ones truth onto others, like religion for example. The third thing that is important is respect and to understand this. For example its like saying "My back hurts" and thinking that another person also have this pain in the back. We are all unique!

It appears to me almost like there is no universal truth but rather small "truth frames" that will fit with different people. Bottom line is that you should not be discouraged by something you read. Because it might invoke fear in you. Like if you read something about 2012 that says its the end of the world. Dont take it as a truth and fear.

Same thing when you read that some people have found out where they come from. It makes you wonder why you have not found out and then you might feel bad cause you dont know. I think its not so simple. I personally feel that i am human but my soul is older than my physical age and that it is related to Arcturius and the Pleiades. I think i have been around at many places before here and my connections to the above might be that i lived there most recently or they have great influence on me. Others might now they come from this and that place and that might be because it is so! They come straight from that place or have lived there for a long time so it makes a great "fingerprint" on them. I feel, my truth =), that it is not that important where i come from since it will be evident sometime anyway. Its more important for me to try to enlighten and help others and the earh right now.

Im good at rambling but i hope you get some of it! =) Also, since youre an empath like me, i would like to say that i am not angry in anyway and i am not trying to tell you "this is the truth! period." however the message came out with a feeling that might be interpreted like that, i dont know why, and i apologize if you felt so...


Take care all of you and love, light and understanding to all!

No problem! One of the best things i know is to share my conclusions =)

And this is just a part of my puzzle, all the pieces can be found scattered throughout the internet but when i add them together i got this and im trying to keep it simple and live by it too. I would like things we discuss here to reach the mainstream people too. Its like we sit here and talk and everyone is similar and understands etc. but it never really gets out to the ones that might need it the most... writing a book might be good someday! =)



I know what you mean.. though i have never seen any bad argument here so far. Discussing is good aswell as being a sceptic. I am one myself in the sense that i always first try to see a logic 3D explanation to the ufos i see and the videos i see online. What I have seen though is that things are not always as simple... because the signs we are being given from other beings in the universe might still be things like (fiction story i made up just to explain, a girl called geraldine who feel lost in her life):

"The car broke down in the middle of nowhere and it stopped right before a wooden fence were someone had written 'This is the right way! /Geraldine' and an arrow. When i had read it and got astonished since i had been wondering if im on the right way or not the car was working again!"

Such things may seem like coincidence and the writing could also be written by someone else also called geraldine. The point is though that someone else (from somewhere) made this coincidence happen so that this Geraldine girl would get the message. To her it is a sign that she believes in and that makes her feel good and opened a new door but if shes telling someone else it might just sound stupid.

So its hard to grasp everything that happens. Like if you see a satellite, do you KNOW it is one or a UFO imitating one? Probably most likely a satellite but if you FEEL something else or asked for a sign and then suddenly looked up it might be something else...

Swan Cynthis said:

Thank you, Solidus. That was wonderfully said. There's still a lot of judgment, even on this site.  It seems that if someone shares a feeling or experience that someone else disagrees with, the one in disagreement will view it as an opportunity to write a wordy reply, stating why that feeling or experience is "wrong."  And there goes open communication... down the drain.  And I'm not talking about opinions, which are largely from the ego. I'm talking about people opening up their hearts and souls and sharing some very deep stuff... only to be lectured for it later.  Kinda makes me sad for them. 


I had a reading done by Jo Amidon. She told me that I'm from Pleiades which makes sense since I fit her description of them on her planetary origin website. I also found out that my secondary planetary origin is Sirius. I have other lives at different places too. With me, I don't try to label myself though. I don't want to associate myself with just a couple of groups since I try to be open to everyone. I think I've a combination of different energies from different places too.

Where is Cygnus? I don't think I have ever heard of that. I do know that you live in the spiritual world between lifetimes. I guess Cygnus can be like a vacation place.

Swan Cynthis said:

Stephanie - dear, I did not mean to hijack your thread!  Have you tried the My Way Home meditations and attunements that Amba offers?  If not, this may help you.  After doing this, I knew (although I always suspected) that Pleiades was my original home, and I learned Cygnus is my preferred home - where I like to be in between lifetimes.  Hope this helps!

I just read that Cygnus is in a northern constellation in the Milky Way. Its name means swan. I can see how you are associate with it if you are drawn to swans. It even has a Greek mythology story about it. Check out this link: Cygnus. What do you do there though? Do you have to have a life there? I was thinking about taking a vacation after this life on Earth though.

Its interesting with those near death experiences... I have one myself but its rather the opposite of near death. One could call it near-birth instead =) I have this picture, very clear one, of me being in a hospital where there is a room where my mother is laying in a bed and my father anxiously waiting outside. Its kinda like a surgery room she is in. When i picture this its like a small videoclip where "the camera"/me is doing a pan through the wall into my mothers room. This is very clear. The interesting thing is that I talked about this with my mother and she said it was pretty close to what she went through a like 2 years before she gave birth to me. We talked about this and we think that maybe i was there checking my parents out and that was when i decided to be their son. Maybe i could recall more of this in like meditation or so, would be interesting to see if i could get something more..

Take care and be loving ones!



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