Are there any movies or TV series that deal with Starseeds ?

i am just curious and interested in making a list of all movies and TV series dealing with starseeds. would love to know more !! recently, i am watching the Ancient Aliens series. if i were to add a few more movies to list, i would include Starman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The 4th Kind, and Stargate.

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alphas is a good new serie about the paranormal abilities some of us can have...

and the concept of movie the green lantern is cool too...


Umm I just found the TV series "Hero's" and I am glued to this one, just finished the entire first season. You want to new 5D abilities, this show has listed and tells a story about all of them. NETFLIX is only 8 bucks a month, and I found it on there. I highly recomend it.




Taken (2002) (Mini TV series) by Spielberg. Well worth seeing. 


"2012 time for change" is a cool Documentary about people that don't even know they are starseeds but doing the work of starseeds! They talk more about global shift of goodness and a better race of people.
Village of the Damned and Children of the Damned are a couple of old school movies. :D

You all will really enjoy a series that was on a few years ago called "The 4400"

Theres a show on Netflix called Travelers. It's not about Starseeds exactly, but about humans from hundreds of years into the future who project their consciousness into the bodies of people who are just about to die so they can take over and do their mission. Their missions as travelers are to prevent major global apocalypse, knowing exactly what is going to happen. Like I said, it isn't about starseeds exactly, but watching it sure stirred up a lot of shit for me, and if anyone here is a walk-in, I have no doubt they wouldnt have much trouble relating to the show. As it stands, the show is fascinating.

Check it out
The Mummy 1 &2

Powder! Also The Fountain

All those are good ❤

There is a book called 'Starseeds the series' ❤



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