Have you ever seen the movie "Earth Girls Are Easy"? All young actors and actresses at the time Gina Davis, Jim Carey, Jeff Goldblum and Damon Wayons. 

The boys are aliens flying around in space and they come close to earth and see some of our earth women over the airwaves in space. They plot a course for earth and land in Gina Davis swimming pool. 

The movie categorizes earth men as selfish and inept lovers and the earth girls as hair and makeup driven creatures... Well, girls will be girls and they start to go "alien" and the cats out of the bag...

I guess once you go "alien" you can never go back. At least thats been my experience. Being told the same thing from many earth girls that, "you simply are not of this planet" or "you are not from here". It's really quite amusing.

The reason I'm exploring the subject, I want to know "is this sexual proclivity is one of the things that is inherent in a starseed"? Is it a combination of being a starseed and a certain astrological sign? I'm a Sagg male to be sure...

Have other stasrseeds been accused of the same thing? Do you seem to create "crazy people" out of your partners? Are we a "full body experience" type deal across the board? Is there an opposite end to this spectrum where sex is rejected fully? 

It's my understanding that to obtain "full twin flame consiousness" you need to "abstain" in order to prove yourself worthy of twin flame re-union? Any thoughts on this subject would be interesting and appreciated.

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Thanks for the comment. I have some burning questions about my "walk in" experience. I think I have had 2. I need to know more.

since im a male sag too, I'll agree :)

as for the "full twin flame consciousness", no idea... but I've read from a channel that for "true masculine power"...one has to embark on a journey which involves moving away from feminine energy....then coming back into it.

This would go with your idea that one would "need" to abstain first to create that re-union..

Abstaining from relationships and sex is the story of my life. Never been in a relationship.. never had a "girlfriend".. turned more girls down for sex than i've been with. I just wasnt in the right state of being to attract the type of relationship i was looking for and i still won't settle for less than that!!
Yes! hahha i was just thinking of this the other day.
I think that star children remember deep down the relationships they had back home.. which is full of conscioussness, love, intimacy and freedom. From what I remember, there we no 'deals' such as " if you give attention ill give you sex'.. it was completely free and no negative feelings even if the partner decided to leave to continue their journey. It was completely blissfull in the moment Love, being.
And this is what people resonate with, this is what they want and it appeals to them and they can feel it from those who arent from here.

Haha, Goodluck Mate ;)


I would agree what Xisqu said, it is a spiritual and sensual experience combined. And this "Do you seem to create "crazy people" out of your partners? " I completely relate to. But I think for some starseeds it's the polar opposite that they do not have that drive for physical intimacy in a human sexuality sense whatsoever, it doesn't feel natural for them.
funny... every boyfriend I ever had (and I've mostly had pretty long-term relationships so far) have told me that they have never experienced such intensity of love with anyone else but me. some of them still tell me that, although we are just friends. I definitely think it is a starseed/walk in thing. I guess most people around here long forgotten what is to express and experience love and is overwhelmed when we can show them a glimpse of pure love.

love and light to you all...
I think the biggest difference is that we in general remember what love is like in its purest form. In 3D, love is often characterized by neediness, forced responsibility, and control. It makes feel a little sick to see some of the relationships that are portrayed on TV and in reality. I suspect we naturally love on a deeper level where we desire to enhance each other lives as much as possible.
The idea that we are to abstain until finding our Twin Flame does not resonate with me personally. I agree Rende, we are able to share love in it's purest form with no other motivations. My relationship with my partner who is also a starseed far exceeds anything I have ever experienced. It is spiritual. I believe the love we share, the physical intimacy and energy is the most healing thing on earth. The energy feels so wonderful when it "spills through and over" our bodies.There are times when we actually appear to be glowing, and he says it feels like he goes into a higher dimension. Nirvana. That said, I am also told that my astrology contributes to this. What a wonderful Universe!! lol And how wonderful it is to send this loving energy back out into the Universe.:)



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