So I get visitations from a male ET and a female ET, and baby ET with no gender specified. They're very tall at 7'0, white pale skin, and long golden blond hair. The baby looks like them but smaller with curly blond hair. I feel a sense of comfort around them, like I already know them, and don't mind their presence. I really don't think I have a choice though.

Last time I tried to go out to find my souls origin I heard the female ET say " That's it. I'm turning off all forms of consciousness." After that episode I have not been able to physically see them, but I do hear them telepathically. Before she decided to cut off all forms of consciousness, while trying to find my souls origin, I was on a boat with beings who were transparent, blue ,and where out in the ocean. 

So are they Pleiadians, Angels, guides, or something else? 

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There are a lot of tall blonde beings I suggest ask for their names
Today/yesterday, I woke up and my probable (note: probable) telepathic contact/"religion" was almost completely gone. Or like, quiet.

I also happened to find out my soul origin that day. Or I think I got a memory, that wasn't from the past, it was from the "everlasting moment" and not a surprise at all.

Previously I have had no similar experience.

What's going on?
I think my spiritual guides are angry with me. That my spirit told them something that my physical body is not aware of at the moment.



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