Are flying dreams an ego thing? I've had flying dreams in my sleep all my life, not every night but very frequently. As a child, they would involve the neighborhood kids, who would say "Hey, teach me how to fly!" I'd say "It's fun and easy, all you do is let go and fly!"
However, I would still be the only one flying.
As an adult, my flying dreams usually consist of just me flying but there are usually other people in the dream too, who don't fly, in which case it just feels like I'm just showing off (ego). I know these are only dreams, but depending on who you talk to, dreams can teach you a lot about yourself, others, and the world around you. Flying dreams are really liberating for me, metaphorically, they seem like the direct opposite of the heaviness sometimes involved in three dimensional earthly life. It's no secret that many people have flying dreams, and enjoy them for the most part, I just wish I wasn't the only one flying in my flying dreams. It feels like an ego thing. Wouldn't it be so much better if these dreams involved me, with OTHERS, hand in hand, a huge string of people flying across the sky, across the world, picking up others along the way. Wow! That kind of sounds egotistical too, doesn't it. But, I didn't say it would be cool if I initiated the whole thing, I'm thinking more along the lines of when someone starts whistling a popular song and then it catches on and sooner or later everyone is singing, or maybe the way yawns seem to be contagious. Anyone follow where I'm coming from? I want some flying dreams where I'm not the only one. Comments? Advice?

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Thank you.

I think ego can be involved any place, for ego is just identification with self.

In fact I have an idea that as much as 90% of dreams are ego, perhaps often even 99%

For we dream about ourselves.

But at some point in the dream, we may 'free ourselves' -- jum p the bridge, as Morpheus say

That represents freeing the mind.

From ego control.

Now true liberation, like that of a Samadhi monk, or what they call it. Nirvana?

The realization that me, my environment are not separate, I am not separate from my fear either. I accep it. I learn from it. It is me. By loving it, I gain freedom.


1. there are entities seeking control, tehy can even take over people sthoughts and give the mdreams, I had possessed dreams 16 years, an entitity feeidng my mind with fear dreams, being chased by shadows/shot etc.... always chased by animals, people /entities .

this is again ego. Not fully in control.

As such it manifests as a nightmare. Lack of contro usually does.

The ego usually fights for control, and as such it is expected that it would produce Fighting Dreams.

Which I had plenty of.

True free from ego dreams may be rare, most dreams I hear from normal people involve some element of fear,loss,the past.

Which sound often fear based

Some say dreams are brains method of healing itself.

Maybe zero dreams are ego free, except when we become lucid like in lucid dreams... recoginzing we dream.

But that would often be hard to admit with ourselves.

That we have an ego. Humility /pride thing and all.

Humility is often humanitis enemy. And pride its friend.

So I would not expect humanity mastering their dream, before they master their mind.

Mastering their mind, can take a lifetime, or more.

Being free from ego can.

As such I feel most dreams I hear are usually ego yes. Even lucid dreams, when theyt involve fear

Ego: fear, anger, attack/fighting, survival, need to feel strong, reliving the past, wantings, desire

The ego is an invisible prison to most.

turtles said:

So what if it is??
Spread your wings and fly!! I had a dream awhile back where I was flying with huge bird like wings. I got a glimps of myself and it was wonderful. If you don't want the ego involved maybe check it before bed? But - as I write this - I am starting to think if the ego was involved doesn't it show itself in another way that isn't as cool?? I also have to say isn't it freakin cool to open up and see what the hell you can do - sometimes!? Maybe it is your dreams way of showing you what the heck you can do?? Ya, know?

I've had a dream where I was welcomed back to a heroines welcome, and I don't think it is an ego thing, because it is all just apart of the mission.

Humm flying dreams where you are not the only one. Maybe before you go to bed meditate, visualize, put out in the dreamscape that you want flying buddies.

I suppose it was one of your guides. We get a lot of 'astral training' in dream state. :-)

Cameron L Brockel said:

Thank you guys for your input. Ironically, after sharing this yesterday, I had another flying dream last night, towards the end of which, someone started "instructing me" on how to "leap, glide, and then land" down hills and such. This one had a name very similar to one that has appeared in my dreams other times, only with maybe a different appearance. I don't know, that part is fuzzy, but the part I liked was that someone else who "knew how to fly" engaged me and gave advice. Cool!

I've had fighting dreams too, a couple of nights ago. Those are weird to me because I'm not much of a physical brawler in my waking hours and those dreams are usually of a physical confrontation. Ironically, I'm usually getting the upper hand in my "fighting dreams", but I don't like having them. Been having flying dreams lately where if I'm flying low to the ground people try to grab my feet and pull me down, in which case I see that as a metaphor for people in my life trying to pull or drag me down. I would say to anybody, don't allow them to. Anyone else have people pulling at their feet in their flying dreams? I'm sure it's common so you're probably out there. I would say overly analyzing your dreams could become counterproductive, but I lead a pretty simple life these days and I think that is why my dreams are becoming more interesting. Oh, one more thought: Maybe the people who pull at the feet of "the flying" actually just want "a lift" that they perhaps need for themselves. Wow, it's easy to think negative right off the bat, huh!

You have invoked my imagination and memories of flight in dreams. And In all my recollection I have no memory of fling with others? I have had veering types of flight too. As a child my family move around, to were my father would get contracts for the different work he did. As a younger child I could climb to the roof of the house I was at at the time and fly off it and land in any of our previous homes and visit the friends and people there. This was more gliding then flying though. I also have had dreams were I can fly from the ground, but can take some effort to get off the ground. I found that this is were I have felt most in harmony. It seems your idea would be a swell of hope and harmony. While I don't feel the ego should be in charge, I do feel it has some counsel value. It is of your will. If you are of the will to help others sore with you, then good for you and them. But it is intent that will fuel the growth of spirit. I feel that your fling in dreams is your loving spirit flexing it’s wings! But only you know the true motive. Thanks so much for sharing your food for though.

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