Got a new wonderful deck. By Doreen Virtue.

If you want a message please comnent below.

Also please give some feedback.

Shanti Joy

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Hey LS

Part of your life mission is to teach spirituality. In any way that interests you. But especially spiritual truths and laws. You can work witch archangel Zadkiel, he will be following you on your path.
You are a light worker. You have claircognizant abilities listen to the ideas that are coming to you. It is guidance from your spirt guides.

It seems the blockage is your inner child struggling with self love. So the blockage lies in the heart chakra. Why it is hard for you to heal it is because the roots lies in a previous life. So you are in deep.
To heal this you can do either one of following or just one. Heart chakra meditation. A past life regression is possible. Or if you wish make a forgiveness ritual where you forgive all and everyone that has ever hurt you and yourself.

Also it seems you are waiting for your twin soul to join you.

Shanti Joy

Thank you, Joy.

Hi, Joy! I'd like to ask if you can give me another message from the Archangel Oracle. I'm in a situation that I think It would be really good to have a kind of guidance. I've been feeeling things about a girl, and she feels the same way towards me. However, I don't know where it can go, If it will go anywhere.


Your message from the archangels is that you know what to do. Trust your inner guidance and act upon it. And it is about following your own guidance. What has your own instincts been telling you.

You also get a card called relationship harmony. It looks very positive.

And a last message a card called gifts from God.

Good luck

Shanti Joy


I asked for a health reading before from you, hope you dont mind doing one more for me?

I want to know my life purpose/my shared life purpose with my twin flame. Things are not easy all my life actually, so I want to see what are my intentions b4 incarnating here.

Thank you in advance!

Love and blessings for you,



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