Got a new wonderful deck. By Doreen Virtue.

If you want a message please comnent below.

Also please give some feedback.

Shanti Joy

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Awesome! Doreen Virtue does great decks, my favourite one to work with is the past life one.

I'm open to it if you would like. I will give feedback of course :)

Always awesome to see how another works with the cards and to also see what other decks are like!

Hey Tenoth

You get two messages from Archangel Michael. He thinks it is about time you expand yourself in the directions you have been wanting to go. Know that you have enough energy and you are enough strong to take on those challenges. It is a question about reclaiming your own authority. You are strong. You need to live according to your own fullest capability. You have a light to carry and a truth to spread. Know that he also is with you always. He is protecting you and as he also is a warrior and you are part of his legion he chose you because of your unique talents and your warrior spirit. But you need to protect yourself because of your sensitivity and ability to feel it all. Use his swords as a focal point to open up to more light. You might see yourself traveling into darkness but this is were this mission takes you.

The cards were you are safe and remember who you are.

Shanti Joy

Thank you :) This really resonates and has helped me focus.

Namaste :)

Will you read for me please and thanks :)
Hey Desheutz

Your message is from Archangel Metatron, he thinks it is time for you to do some healing work on your chakras. A lot of energy is being cosmically charged into our chakra system, this opens up to transformation. Take an active part in this transformation by chakra meditation in any form you like. Breathing, yoga and so on.
This is very important otherwise you get overloaded and suffer symptoms like confusion, tiredness, feeling depressed, feeling out of tune and so on.

Yes you are an indigo child.

Shanti Joy

Thank you for your time gorgeous! ;)

Hi! I would like one too, please. Thanks!

I would like a reading, if you will



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