Got a new wonderful deck. By Doreen Virtue.

If you want a message please comnent below.

Also please give some feedback.

Shanti Joy

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Hey Sentinel

You get a message from Archangel Raguel.

You are Clairsentient, which means that you can pick up information from people around you in form of emotions and physical feelings in the body. Know that all that you feel is not you and you are to put in some time to recognize what is you and what is not. Usually when you get at feeling and can place it and it makes you confused, in general that is not you. And if it comes sudden and then disappears sudden it is not you either. You need time totally alone to be able to reconnect to your core. So that you become more familiar with your own emotional patterns and it makes it easier to recognize what you are feeling that is not yours in that sent.

You can also work with Raguel on a daily bases to learn how to manage this gift.

Shanti Joy

I would love one Joy! <3

Hej Kjell

You get a message from Archangel Raphael

He urges to to take care of your own health, look closely at your sleep exercise and diet regimes.

It will help you balance you energy system so that it works better. This is the next step for you to evolve also spiritually, by taking care of the foundation of you can manage more easily to integrate the new energy and information.

Work with Rapahel if you have any questions about what changes to make.

Shanti Joy
I would love one if possible. Thank you!
Also let me know if you want me to pull one for you. I've got quite a few decks.

Would you do for me please? Thank you (:

Hey Justin

You get a message from Archangel Azrael. The angel of death.

You have people trying to contact you which has passed over. They want to help you develop you clairvoyant abilities. They are actually your guides. If you see coins or feathers they are near trying to get your attention.

You divine messages comes to you in form of mental pictures. You can also develop an ability to see auras and ghosts. If you don't already do.

Pay attention to the messages you Receive.

To develop your a bilites you can also work with archangel Raziel.

Shanti Joy

Thank you so much, Joy :) It was wonderful and accurate! 

Blessings for you!! :D

Hey Elizabeth

You get a message from Archangel Chamuel

He wants to help heal you spiritual soulmate relationship. You can if you have anything further you want manifested into your love life work with him to gain new ideas and knowledge about how to change your own behavior and thoughts to manifest your ideal relationship. It is suggested you put some time into this as in this moment the conditions are perfect for you to work on this.

Yea please I would also like a General one. Thank you.

Shanti Joy

Hello Shanti Joy,

I have pulled 2 cards for you.  The first one is about cleansing and detoxing your body and mind.  I pulled it as I am having my 6th espresso this morning...so I decided to pull another card for you as I will be honest not sure if it was meant for you or for me.  But thought I would put it out there in case it resonates...

This card is all about eating more healthy and making lifestyle changes, detoxing and keeping your thoughts and speech positive.  It can also be a validation for your current healthy path and to let you know that it is working.

The second card is about you blossoming,  You are very ready at this stage in your life to open and grow.  It however says not to rush this process and to have patience with yourself.  It urges you to take things slow and to enjoy learning new skills and knowledge,  It hints on nurturing your body with healthy food. water, fresh air and sunshine so perhaps the first card is for you.  This card is also reminding you to keep the faith....you are on the right path.

Sorry this is so delayed.

Your message resonates with me and is a good reminder to what I need to be doing!  so thank you!!  I just hope that I can put it in to practice.

Blessings! And hope you have a wonderful day!


Hey Maguo

No you should not give up on your dream

You get a message from archangel Uriel he wants to help it make it more clear about what steps to take from here. You are trying to do too much, that's is why it is not working out. You need smaller more intent full actions. Strong and clear actions, instead of scattering your energy everywhere. It is about being on the right place at the right time. You will notice that even if you take smaller steps it will be the right steps. Right now you also feel burdened and that puts the wrong energy into the manifestation, you should search for a more lighthearted and fun energy and work from that space.

Shanti Joy

Yes okey what i meant with Doing too much is when one is forcing the goal instead of letting it float and being more focused on the goal itself then the path one is walking the balance comes more easily when the path is the goal as well.

Shanti Joy



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