Anyone know who the Akashabu are? Not sure if that's spelled right but that's how it sounds.

I asked who the friendly ETs who help me are and the word or words I heard in my head was/were Akashabu. I said words cuz I don't know if that's how it's spelled but I couldn't find anything on them on the internet. Anyone have any idea? I still don't have the hang of meditation. Things just seem to come in thoughts like in audio thoughts or pictures thoughts. Oh and I think I saw the planet they were from. It was basically all green. Plant life and water and ground etc. all green. Not positive if that's related but thought that might help. Thanks.

I did some translations. Akasha has many meanings in ancient languages. Like Ether; which I read is like the fifth element, Cosmos, open sky, space, universe, infinite space, Spirit, and more. And I think bu could mean buddist, Buddha. Or it could be
Bhu, from ancient Sanskrit, which has these possible meanings below,

भू • (bhū́) f

1.the act of becoming or arising
2.the place of being, space, world or universe
3.the earth (as constituting one of the 3 worlds, and therefore a symbolical name for the number 'one')
4.earth (as a substance), ground, soil, land, landed property

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Any thoughts or anyone know?
Also I'm fairly certain that's what they call themselves, may not be what we call them. Cuz I asked what they call themselves. Thanks.

Edit: hmm found out the Hindu goddess had the same prefix, or whatever you call it in the languages. "Bhūmī-Devī"
Sorry wish I could edit still but I can't. Bhu also means in buddism earth, or Bhū a living breathing being/creature. I've been pretty interested in translating ancient languages since I had the dream with a Latin word in it.

But any input or advice/help?
I think it is beautiful overall that your being guided by good ET folk

Miss Koytraz (Lilith) said:
I think it is beautiful overall that your being guided by good ET folk
Thanks for replying! I agree it is nice to know I'm watched over and helped by them. They always have their eye on me. ❤️

Hmm, well this is an amateur opinion of course. But I have heard that the Akashic records are emerald green. And Bhu does mean Earth, Ground, Foundation. What I get from it is that maybe they are the keepers of Akasha. Perhaps their world is a manifestation of the Akashic records, But that would be really interesting, as then it would be an infinite plane of existence. But then again all planes are infinite if one looks deeply enough. Hope this helped, and remember to stay grateful :) Thank you for sharing <3

Very interesting and thanks for the reply. :) I couldn't find any good sources mentioning the Akashic records being emerald green. Do you know of any links? I blame Google. Haha. But I do know that the heart chakra is emerald green as well.
I found this. Source is at the bottom. I take no credit.
Isn't it funny how I've been doing translations myself, and I found this. It definitely means something. Plus Abu Kash Kar is similiar to Akashabu.

The reason Abu Kash Kar is able to comprehend and read every language is because he was given a universal translation device7 by G-d through the Lords of Karma. This device aids his extensive understanding of languages. This instrument is an extremely rarefied emerald gemstone, not mined on any planet. It was precipitated from the Universal Supply as a gift from The Source of All to Abu Kash Kar’s predecessor, the first Keeper of the Records. This sacred emerald gemstone is deep emerald green, each facet being hand carved by the Finger of G-d with glyphs that are common to every language. The device fits into the hand, is not heavy and is absolutely exquisite!
Eachglyphona facetalsocontainsprimalsoundsthatresonatewitheachportionoftheglyph. Therefore,along with a glyph a sound frequency is emitted that assists with how to pronounce the word. When components of a language are not understandable, unknown or pronunciation is in question, Abu Kash Kar removes the gemstonefromanornamentalboxthathangsonamagnificent,ornatechainaroundhisneck. Hethenplacesthe emerald gemstone device on the person’s Book of Life over the portion that cannot be comprehended and, instantly, the translation and pronunciation is available to the reader.

Have I been accessing the records all along? Is that possible? Is that why the image was green? Because it was translated? Or was the image green because it was intended to be green? So many questions.... and that's just a few. I will get my answers when it's time I suppose.
I have the shivers now and they are not going away. Very strong, altering my breaths. I was not cold a while ago nor do I feel cold now but I have shivers.
The Akashabu are a sect of the Pleiades.



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