Anyone experience cobweb sensation on face? Im not really liking all

So Ive been having a cobweb sensation on my face in quite a few places for the past few months EVERY DAY a lot. I dont know what to do. Its super annoying and ive tried everything. I can even feel the fine threadlike whatever it is when i try to get it off i can feel it moving on other places on my face. I went to the doctor and they couldnt see anything. Please can anyone help or shed some light? You have no clue how much this bothers me every day.... I  watched David Ickes explanation here

But I have no solution

EDIT: His explanation was that a spirit wants to talk to me or that something is trying to lock onto me.... im hoping for the first

Id still like to hear others opinions or experiences on here though. Thanks hope someone can shed some light

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Hmm not sure what that could be. But I don't believe I am that. Hope you figure out what it was making the marks, or even what the marks meant. That does look like pretty interesting markings.

Hello. Thought I'd give an update. I am still having this sensation. I have come to believe it is my aura interacting/connecting with a guardian angel who is healing me. They are actually very thin hairs attracted to my body, in particular my face. They move around on my face. I have pulled some off and they dance around on my finger. I think it may just be my natural static electricity which is way above normal for some reason. But more likely it is my angel. I have been told I have to leave it alone and stop messing with it. It will be here for some time.

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