Anyone experience cobweb sensation on face? Im not really liking all

So Ive been having a cobweb sensation on my face in quite a few places for the past few months EVERY DAY a lot. I dont know what to do. Its super annoying and ive tried everything. I can even feel the fine threadlike whatever it is when i try to get it off i can feel it moving on other places on my face. I went to the doctor and they couldnt see anything. Please can anyone help or shed some light? You have no clue how much this bothers me every day.... I  watched David Ickes explanation here

But I have no solution

EDIT: His explanation was that a spirit wants to talk to me or that something is trying to lock onto me.... im hoping for the first

Id still like to hear others opinions or experiences on here though. Thanks hope someone can shed some light

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Thanks :) I havent had any feelings in my hair, but years ago when I was in middle school I used to feel like bugs were running across my body when I was trying to sleep. My mom thought it was my meds so we chAnged it. I still felt it though but it went away after a while.
Hi Denny, what meds are you on or were you on? if you don't mind sharing.
Sure I'll tell you. I was on abilify. Was going through some depression. I think you may want to rule out The possibility of me being crazy, possibly cuz I'm younger than most of you here. And that's fine I understand if that is the case. I have been feeling kundalini energy for years up my spine and out my head, and assumed it was normal. I saw things no one could see, lights. Orbs. Angels. Spirits. Etc. I just assumed my house was 'haunted' since it mostly happened at night. Later on in my life I thought it was ETs, since 9th grade up to early November of last year. Then in November came across the term starseed and the characteristics sounded just like me. My mom used to say she thought I was an indigo child, although I don't think she knew what that meant completely. She still can't grasp it completely but she is trying.

I've had a rough life, although i would not say i was crazy. Just depression at times. But it has gotten much better since I started figuring things out. I have met others like myself, but much older, and they are good friends and understand me more than my own mom it seems. I like this forum cuz I can relate to others experiences and get input of my own experiences from others.

Oh and feeling the insect crawling sensation can be part of the kundalini awakening. Sorry I wrote more than I had to but I just wanted to make it clear I am not crazy. What I do have is ADD and PDD. PDD is pervasive developmental disorder. It's basically aspergers without the 'ticks'. Also I just like writing my feelings thoroughly. :)

Hi Denny, I would never call you crazy. I'm sorry I took so long to respond, it's because I didn't get a notification that you responded to me. I asked about the drugs you were on because I had the cobweb sensation after I took psychoactive drugs many years ago. I hated it. 

Also my face would  get really sensitive and I would feel my individual hairs touching it and it would keep me from sleeping. There are a few drugs that do that to me. I hate it. 

I would never call you crazy. I don't believe in crazy people anyway. Just people who have a hard time processing information they are receiving that most people can't receive. I don't think those people should feel ashamed or think they are crazy if they need help with it and if they decide to take meds. 

If you are here, it is probably because your brain is at least a little more open to dimensions that most human beings don't have open access to.

Me too. 

Right, thanks. I havent changed my meds for months however at the moment I am 25 lbs lighter than I was in August. Probably cuz I stopped eating fast foods and have completely lost my appetite for it. . But im mentioning that cuz sometimes meds can have side effects if the dosage is too much for you and they determine that by weight I guess.

Hi Denny !

i was wondering if the spider web feeling went away after you started communicating with Faery ? I used to get that sensation all the time, but very rarely now. I communicate with Faery regularly.

also...i think your mother was on the right track with thinking you were Indigo, but maybe she was Indigo and you are Crystal or even Rainbow ? ( maybe google various sites to read various overviews of what i mean....i think that bottom line, indigos are the fore-runners and protectors of Crystals and Rainbows...but there is no "rule" about the birth years for any of these, no matter what you may read). are in a very good place, home, here on Starseed network <3


Its gotten better that's for sure, some days its not there and others it bugs me though. I have been spending more time outside.  I asked my friend who when I met recognized I was a starseed right away. She is a Pleiadian starseed and I asked if she could tell if my mom was one and she said it's hard to say. But I will do some research on it. Thank you. My mom has always been open to energy healing and certain stones like lapis lazuli. She just said she likes them cuz they look cool. Her best friend who shes known since college  happens to own a store for everything metaphysical/spiritual now and it is a great store.

Hello Denny!

I am a psychic and a healer.  I also fight demons and do lots of cleansing and I also guide people spiritually. 

I did reading on you.  Please do the following thing. 

1) Try to become focused in life.  You are too scattered in thoughts.  Develop a regular spiritual routine.

2) My spirit guide told me to tell you to worship the "Sun God", the predominating Deity of the Sun Planet.  He represents light of the divine.  It is He who gives light to the Universe.  He is a representative of the "Divine Universal Energy" or "God".

3) Please offer something to him on a daily basis. This is what He has told me to tell you.  It can be fruit, flower, incense, water, etc.  To do this, focus inside into your inner soul.  It is located in the center of your chest or to the right of the heart and ask the inner soul how to do it.  After that whatever 1st feeling or thought you get that is the answer from your inner soul.

4) The cobweb feeling will go away after you become regulated in worshiping the Sun God.  It is put there to help you.  The reason the Sun God was chosen as your Spirit Guide was because you don't discriminate in taking care of lower living entities as you said in your profile and you care for species who others don't like.  In the same way, Sun God never discriminates.  He sheds his energy light upon everything such as stool on the street or a purified place and also all types of entities without fail.

5. Please follow your heart.  Don't look for rules and regulations to worship him just do what comes naturally to you. It is more powerful. But you should look at the You Tube videos and see how people worship Him.  You can get learn from that. DO NOT look at the Sun when you worship or talk to him.  You don't have enough faith to do that.

Hope it helps.
K Shukla

Wow thanks so much for doing a reading. I believe it because in November I had a birth chart reading by AspenRain and it said I had Pleiadian markings and had very close ties to Alcyone in my past lives. I think the Sun God may be from the Great Central Sun, which may be Alcyone. And it powers all stars with its energy. Therefore you could worship our solar system's sun's Sun God as well because he is the same in all stars. What do you think?

It's hard to become focused on one thing in life right now. I'm basically forced to go to college so I get my health benefits from the VA, we use the VA's insurance cuz my dad was in Vietnam war but passed away in 2014. I really hate college and don't want to be part of the system but my mom is not so understanding. I can only pay attention to parts of lectures that catch my interest and if it doesn't interest me I kinda go off into my own world haha. But college is a big stresser and I'd be much happier with more free time and less college. Being around all the people can make my energy all wacky too. I love my alone time and so that's why I hate college. I don't know if you'll understand exactly though.

I will research on the Sun God. Thanks for your help.
Hello Denny
I want to share with you my thoughts and advice you to always be grounded, to be Inside your body. It is easily done by spending many times a day focusing on the sensations within your body. And to observe your surroundings.. bringing you back into the now, present. To not swim around in your thoughts of reality but instead experience it through being here and now. The reason I wrote this for you is because in this state you can easily feel what is going on in your energy. Only focus on spirits and the spirit world when you have something specific to do so that you don't attract unwanted visitors.
The cobweb sensation can be many things, as people mentioned above. When a spirit is entering your aura it can be felt this way. When you are relaxed, try to sense if you feel "still" or if there is movement around and within you that you don't recognise as normal. For example it can be felt as if you are loosing balance whilst laying down, as if you are in a boat on Sea. Pay attention to the feelings and what thoughts they bring. Your can remove the spirit by taking control over your energy. Know that you are in control and always decide what to let in.

Gotcha, yes I am trying to ground myself daily. Thank you. I am spending more time outside now also. I really like to just sit by the lake at the park and listen to everything and observe the wildlife. I believe that grounds me.

Have you thought that you could be a SuperSoldier in the secret space program? I just discovered that my Colombian best friend (age 40) is a SuperSoldier so you could very well have nanobots if you are part of the SuperSoldier secret space program. 

Just last week I visited him and he brought to my attention very strange squiggly markings on his mirror so while I was wearing my Moldavite necklace, he took photos of the squiggly markings on the mirror. 

Many would argue that some kind of insect made the markings on the mirror but I would beg to differ.

So I am glad you made this post because I can post the photo which is in the topic of paranormal mysteries. 

Please look at the photo and zoom in on different sections of the photo and tell me what you see and then read my video post about it to compare your findings.

Here is my video post link

I wonder if there is any possible connection with the squiggly markings on the mirror and the cobweb sensation on ones body???

I will make a separate post about the photo but I am curious what you will find in this photo.

If anyone has their own explanation of the squiggly markings on the mirror, please comment on my post.

Here is link to my post



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