Anyone experience cobweb sensation on face? Im not really liking it....at all

So Ive been having a cobweb sensation on my face in quite a few places for the past few months EVERY DAY a lot. I dont know what to do. Its super annoying and ive tried everything. I can even feel the fine threadlike whatever it is when i try to get it off i can feel it moving on other places on my face. I went to the doctor and they couldnt see anything. Please can anyone help or shed some light? You have no clue how much this bothers me every day.... I  watched David Ickes explanation here


But I have no solution

EDIT: His explanation was that a spirit wants to talk to me or that something is trying to lock onto me.... im hoping for the first

Id still like to hear others opinions or experiences on here though. Thanks hope someone can shed some light

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I've had the cobweb sensation.  I've always associated it with Faery energy, typically I've found it's a Fae creature who wants to make contact, either with a specific message or just to say hello.  I've never had it last that long though; perhaps some meditation could shed light on what this being might want?

Please keep us posted, I'd be interested to hear how this turns out if you feel like sharing. :)

Thanks a lot for sharing. I will keep you posted on this thread. and yes my good friend who is a psychic told me it was a nature spirit or nature wanting to talk or get my attention. So i went to the lake and meditates. I saw some things but I dont know what they were. One was a portal in the sky and the other was orbs above me but they moved with my eyes, for the most part.

Just wanted to know other people experiences and thoughts though, so thanks for sharing. I have always loved nature but this winter I haven't been out much here. So they may very well be telling me to get out of the house and enjoy the nature!

If anyone else has any thoughts still or experiences I would still love to hear!

They are called treemends. They are like fine threads that move. I have had treemends with me for several years they go all the way down my back also. when you close your eyes can you talk to them to get them to talk in pendulum motions on your eye/eyes.


Thanks for the reply Powessy. Im interested in what you have to say about so called 'treemends'. Can you please explain what you think they are and if they are good or bad, and why you think I have one?

Hello Denny

treemends are hard to explain, they are thin hairs that can be inches long to feet long depending on the number of souls in the knot. It is possible you are also having issues with things and are becoming yourself inside of yourself. Look there is something here on this planet earth and then there is something in the after world separated by the veil. It is possible your body is forming in something there and it is possible there are spiders or other things that crawl on that side of things. If the threads move through instruction like independently then they are soul knots and if not the sensations can be other things. If they are treemends then they are not necessarily benevolent and can pull you into good astral experiences or bad ones depending on the minds inside of it. 


Hi, thought Id give you an update. I setup a shrine for the fae 5 days ago or so and they have already showed me signs they have seen it and like it, like a piece of coral I had on the shrine in my room was found way out in the kitchen by the backdoor. Also I found a seashell on the shrine that I did not put there. But tonight I was meditating and made contact with my faerie guide. She was average height, young with long blonde hair and big blue eyes, in cartoon form. She told me her name was Leanna, and gave me a message. I think it was "believe in Nature"or maybe it was "be in nature" Im not positive on the first two syllables. Then I said my goodbyes and thanks and after meditation I looked up the name Leanna and it is of Irish origin, from the name Helen, which means "Light; beautiful  woman"   Helen also happens to be my sister's new baby's name :)

Ok thanks for your input Powessy :) I will keep it in mind


I don't have the exact same thing but recently I've started having a recurring sensation that feels like my hair is falling or being moved/played with on the left side of my head and always in the same spot. I'll touch there thinking a bug is crawling on me or something is on my head but nothing is. I think (hope!) it's harmless but annoying so I just try to ignore it. I thought it meant that something was trying to communicate with me like you mentioned above, and like you I really hope it's that and not the other thing.

Good luck!


Thanks :) I havent had any feelings in my hair, but years ago when I was in middle school I used to feel like bugs were running across my body when I was trying to sleep. My mom thought it was my meds so we chAnged it. I still felt it though but it went away after a while.
Hi Denny, what meds are you on or were you on? if you don't mind sharing.
Sure I'll tell you. I was on abilify. Was going through some depression. I think you may want to rule out The possibility of me being crazy, possibly cuz I'm younger than most of you here. And that's fine I understand if that is the case. I have been feeling kundalini energy for years up my spine and out my head, and assumed it was normal. I saw things no one could see, lights. Orbs. Angels. Spirits. Etc. I just assumed my house was 'haunted' since it mostly happened at night. Later on in my life I thought it was ETs, since 9th grade up to early November of last year. Then in November came across the term starseed and the characteristics sounded just like me. My mom used to say she thought I was an indigo child, although I don't think she knew what that meant completely. She still can't grasp it completely but she is trying.

I've had a rough life, although i would not say i was crazy. Just depression at times. But it has gotten much better since I started figuring things out. I have met others like myself, but much older, and they are good friends and understand me more than my own mom it seems. I like this forum cuz I can relate to others experiences and get input of my own experiences from others.

Oh and feeling the insect crawling sensation can be part of the kundalini awakening. Sorry I wrote more than I had to but I just wanted to make it clear I am not crazy. What I do have is ADD and PDD. PDD is pervasive developmental disorder. It's basically aspergers without the 'ticks'. Also I just like writing my feelings thoroughly. :)

Hi Denny, I would never call you crazy. I'm sorry I took so long to respond, it's because I didn't get a notification that you responded to me. I asked about the drugs you were on because I had the cobweb sensation after I took psychoactive drugs many years ago. I hated it. 

Also my face would  get really sensitive and I would feel my individual hairs touching it and it would keep me from sleeping. There are a few drugs that do that to me. I hate it. 

I would never call you crazy. I don't believe in crazy people anyway. Just people who have a hard time processing information they are receiving that most people can't receive. I don't think those people should feel ashamed or think they are crazy if they need help with it and if they decide to take meds. 

If you are here, it is probably because your brain is at least a little more open to dimensions that most human beings don't have open access to.

Me too. 

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