Anyone else notice how some people with certain first names carries certain similar energies towards you? What is the reason?

Say for example, like meeting girls or guys with similar names, carry a certain energy towards me whether good or bad.

For example. Say you know a slightly common, but not too common name.. example. Sarah.

Every time you meet someone name Sarah you guys hit it off pretty good, as friends, lovers, or family members or cousins (that pick you as their favorite cousin).

Every time you meet a Sarah. they would always do a lot for you. A lot of respect.

Even if the Sarah is mean to other people, Somehow to you, is a different story.

Do you think this is merely coincidence or something more on the spiritual side?

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Numerology based on the name? I've heard a lot about people experiencing the same sort of behaviors or 'treatment' by various individuals with the same name.

Numerology is just a guess. I personally don't ascribe to the thought that we can be so easily described through astrology or numerology. But I also don't believe in that much coincidence.

Yeah I have noticed it, isn't it strange?

I don't think it is a coincidence, just like it is not a meaningless and random fact that our parents pick a name for us, they get the idea intuitively, sometimes it could happen that they receive the idea of our names from their guides or angels, that is why name numerology makes sense too.

And remember that sound holds energy, for example, certain mantrams activate a specific chakra, when we hear some words or names we get a different feeling, some names may sound softer than others or usually important scientists have names that sound cool or that match with their last names (at least to my point of view he he)

I don't know the exact reason but for me that is a proof that nothing in this universe is random and there is further meaning hidden in everything.

I don't know about how they are toward me, in particular, is different than how they are always..
...but i do know that certain cultures like the Chinese believe the choice of a baby's names is crucial to the way they will grow up.
I have seen so many people with the same names have similar energies...there are exceptions, but think of all the people you know with the names Michael, Sarah, Jennifer, Chantal, David, Steven.....
plus, "strong" names vs "soft" names...

we've even noticed it with pets !
what do you think ??

So, I walked into this Charity shop and saw this small fawn coloured Lurcher curled up asleep on a couch.
With a start I couldn't help but say out loud "OMG, this dog is the spitting image of my Lurcher's best friend "Lottie" ".
The owner heard me and turned around and said "Well I never, Her name IS Lottie" !!!

I read an article that said that, in summary, the names we bear has in each letter and the name as a whole, the essence and qualities that we chose to anchor from our soul. The belief is also that we choose our names before birth, sending messages to our parents to what we want to be called and waiting for them to get it. It also says that our soul names and our current names go hand i hand with eachother to bring forth our energy.. In my experience, some names always strike me with a reminder, like your names mark, Ive never met a guy named mark who i didnt like.


This article has some meanings behind each and every letter, what qualities are carried in each letter and pronunciation of vowels in a name


Me, I'm Tanner Ryan Lane -- *Luanay*

lol lol !!   i guess it holds true then hehe...what're the odds ?!!

xoxo addy

Silent Silver Moon Owl said:

So, I walked into this Charity shop and saw this small fawn coloured Lurcher curled up asleep on a couch.
With a start I couldn't help but say out loud "OMG, this dog is the spitting image of my Lurcher's best friend "Lottie" ".
The owner heard me and turned around and said "Well I never, Her name IS Lottie" !!!

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