Just wondering if anyone else on here is like me in the fact that they react badly to harsh words or sometimes even just blunt words and even when someone is not being mean you still react sensitively? Because I have that issue, actually I've always had this issue - I guess I was born with it, I take everything either seriously or react way too sensitively towards it.

I've been told numerous times that I'm too hypersensitive and to stop and change this, but I can't stop as it's something that's a part of me. 

I've heard that its a starseed thing - especially from those from higher realms but I just wanted to clarify to make sure. 

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*smiles*...Musuhi, i am honored to be a soul sister to your mother

and perhaps to have made a difference to your day.

love, addy

"To live well is the best revenge" - what an amazing coincidence - my mum says it to me all the time, when I come to her and we talk about me feeling a thirst for revenge - it always calms me down. My dear father taught me that too. So cool you reminded me that. My mum is also in her sixties and also been through a lot - I must tell her I've met you, she'll be happy to be aware of her next soul sibling :)

Thank you, Adeomus, I feel much lighter now.

Hypersensitivity is being an Empath and I believe all Starseed are Emapthic. I admit I am the same way. I'll take things out of context or otherwise. Even when someone says they're only joking, I didnt take it that way and feel hurt even if it was a joke.
Embrace and love who you are! Blessings!

~ Ash

To be sensitive to words said by someone, even if they didn't sounded offensive... it's the ransom for being empath. We can sense the intents behind the words. However, we can also be fooled by that "gift", so we have to remain cautious and to not jump at people's throats too quickly. Most empaths that i met forgive easily and try to see the best in everyone... so we tend to be confuse between our good will and the things we often sensing. So to learn how to shield ourselves is more than a necessity to avoid being perceived as bipolar crackpots freaks who gets offended for no reasons. With our natural ease to see the best in anyone (and give second, third, fourth chances) and because we can sense people's distress, we tend to attract toxic people. As empathy could be see as a gift, it can easily be feel as a malediction.





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