Just wondering if anyone else on here is like me in the fact that they react badly to harsh words or sometimes even just blunt words and even when someone is not being mean you still react sensitively? Because I have that issue, actually I've always had this issue - I guess I was born with it, I take everything either seriously or react way too sensitively towards it.

I've been told numerous times that I'm too hypersensitive and to stop and change this, but I can't stop as it's something that's a part of me. 

I've heard that its a starseed thing - especially from those from higher realms but I just wanted to clarify to make sure. 

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Dalj, You seem to be a healthy empath, nice to find such a person.

What about being both, thin-skinned and empathic? Kinda deadly mixture, a sign af an "ill" empath ;) Maybe that most sensitive empaths have to work harder to overcome the state of vunerability to reach the balance and step into being fully developed empaths? Cherishing the state of being destructively sensitive is a bit illogical to me, as it isn't benefitial to me at all - that's the thin skin you've mentioned. Not all thin-skinned people are empaths of course, I see your point. But some empaths are oversensitive and they cannot process messages correctly, it touches them too deep, like there is no shield between their feelings and feelings of the others. If not born with it, it is something to learn. Great you have it, you can teach Kaigera a lot.

I want to ask for your opinion - if I'm attacked and sense no pain but rather satisfaction ("I enjoy playing like this"), superiority ("you're wrong, we have to change you for your own good or the sake of the others") or  conformity ("I don't even know why she's bullied but I bully her too anyway"), are those fake  feelings? Or is there something behind? IMHO sometimes there is no pain, just lack of understanding. Especially among children.

"The key is to silence your own emotions, and learning to recognize when you are feeling the emotions of another being." - so simple, yet so hard to achieve ;) How to filter properly someone else's feelings and thoughts through your own structures without distortions. I'm done at this point ;)

For me, empathy equals copresence. Being able to look at the world through someone else's eyes. That lead to understanding. Compassion is one of the possible results of understanding.

I like my ego as it is, even if I know I need improvement. My issue is having too strong emotions, maybe a bit similar to what Kaigera experience. I'm able to answer back and state my mind without obstacles but I get sick from emotions later, no matter if positive or negative, whole me ;)

I'm looking forward to your advice in the future. Take care!

i know you asked Dalj, Musuhi, but might i offer 2 cents to think about ?

i don't claim to know anything...but i do like to think about things...

you said : "if I'm attacked and sense no pain but rather satisfaction"...

the attacker could still be a very insecure person in pain at times...but they seem to get a false momentary feeling of "power" over someone else , that might give them satisfaction and makes them forget about their own feelings of inadequacy even for one moment ?

this is the same with gossips....they're only slightly different from the typical image of a bully, but they can do even more harm....

they all seem to crave the momentary feeling of power, of " being a somebody" at someone else's expense...

but....we must not forget that there are also sociopaths that have their own unique psychological mix, but i'm not talking about those here...


When something somebody says causes pain, the origins of that are usually my own ego problem - something I am insecure about. That is thin skin IMO.

Empathizing with somebody allows me to agree with them, not get angry - this would not give them the impression of thin skin. As a kid I simply couldn't get mad at people.

Your question - is it possible to have empathy for somebody attacking out of conformity, misunderstanding or superiority. I say yes. All of those states can emotionally be traced back to fear - even confusion, or inadequacy, like adeomus said. I don't rationalize this when I meet a person - I just look in their eyes and understand what they feel.

Empathy, as you know, by definition, is understanding emotion - not just feeling it. And while you are right that compassion is one aspect of this, I see it as the basis.

I know of one thing that helps me with strong emotions or chakra blockage - walking barefoot in the grass.

Thanks for your kind words. I learned a lot just by reading them.

I heard one say, a good lesson we must all learn again and again, is to become more heart centered. And less in the mind.

The mind will argue all things for us, but not all can be lived in the mind.

And it was even a professional person with a big expensive house, all the things she ever wanted. A degree too I think.

If in heart space, others annoy us less.

But if in the mind, it can argue anything is ok -- defence ok it says

Heart says dont hurt others, unless attacked violently

At least mine does

And same goes for ridiculing others. Only say neg. things to others if they attack you.

It is ok to defend yourself verbally as a last resort.

But often verbal anger only distracts, brings us pain in life

Hatred never does anything good really.

I also heard we must learn to forgive all our anger at god, or our family. All disappointment in god, or our family. They may have let us down, but let past be past.

Clinging to disappointment will attract more of it in or life

Often old souls incarnate in opposite families to themselves. For some reason.

I never fitted in in my family, or in school.

Yup, don't let people's namecalling distract you from your purpose. Empath is a gift.

You will only be able to use it by speaking the truth.

Being able to access your feelings is a gift, just don't overuse it of course.

Few people are able to access their feelings in this world.

It truly is a gift. A blessing.

I get namecalled daily when I use my empath abilities. Some will even deliberately follow me to namecall. So I just answer the people who are worthy of an answer --- those who show me respect.

It shows a lot about our world doesn't it?

they are trying to get you to not use your feelings, so you can become a machine like them


no emotion

is best they say.

And you should preferably write like them too. Proper punctuation so 'youre balanced'

But dont be like them

Be like yourself

Empaths see how we're attacked daily, by many people.

if you got feelings -- they will try to harvest you, play on you. All people not serving god.

Subconscious manipulation

Psychic vampires.

And there are many - not trying to scare you. 90% are not aware they do it to you/people.

Empaths just see things as they are. Many people are vampires, and think negative is 'just good'

They justify negative, to feed off others

Dalj - yes, seeing it through your perception is enriching, I shall think more about that. For now, I think it isn't an insecurity that causes pain only, it's more like feeling of injustice. My disagreement doesn't change a fact I admire your calmness.

"As a kid I simply couldn't get mad at people" - hm, I don't remember myself as kid being particularly angry, I can tell honestly that now I am sometimes mad. Or maybe more frequently than sometimes ;) When I think about your words, it is indeed a kind of pain - when I fail to protect myself and others. Is understanding an acceptance? I would say not always. I understand why some people use others in a brutal way for their own benefits, however, I do not agree with that kind of behaviour. I understand why a particular person attacks me but I do not agree with it.

Or I misunderstood - you agree with the emotion, not the way it is expressed? Pain or fear justify attacks?

Yeees, I would add to it chilling with my 4 cats and a dog and I'm fresh and ready steady again. It has to wait though... Or I'll find pleasure in walking barefoot in the snow, what about that ;) My nephew gives me a lot of relaxation too, we've been destined to fool around together even before he came out of his mummy ;) Really, I remember when I asked my sis if I could touch her belly to feel the baby, she said it's too early for that, nevertheless, I reached to the baby with a greeting and that little rebel kicked me ;) All that creatures that came out of my sisters are my best friends ever, happy to have them. Music always calm me down too, especially when listened with my dear friends. Music will save us all, lol ;)

Adeomus, no, you cannot, now I'm gonna eat you, bon appétit ;) Everyone is welcomed to share. Don't worry, feel free to say whatever you think, honesty above all - I will not call you a liar or something like that. Yep, I asked Dalj and sincerely hoped there are others to give me some insight too.

"this is the same with gossips....they're only slightly different from the typical image of a bully, but they can do even more harm...." - I know something about that too. Still, I don't understand how can I remain calm when I see it harms not only me but also people dear to me. How to react to lies so they stop spreading, I don't know now. In the past I wasn't too concerned but now, when I see how much it can change my life, I wonder. Yup, it is a kind of an insecurity, but how not to feel it when others are endangered? I would love to hear your opinion.

Thank you both, guys, for the insight and your kind patience! There's a lot to learn ahead but I'm sure that I, Kaigera and the rest of our happy circle of super-sensitive beings will succeed in expanding.

That was sweet, and unexpected. You made a friend out of me.
Thank you for that. Last night was a difficult one for me, as many nights tend to be, but last night in particular. This message was needed.

@wasreply to original post here in thread

At first I thought it was some unexpected message to me out of the blue....I have a tendency to think everyones words are directed at me...but then I thought it might not be. Still, thanks anyway

Nah... i just have a big tendency to reply wrong post, when i ment originalpost ... due to adhd :-)

and severe adhd at times... meaning i cannot read people's posts at all

but if we think a thing fits for us, it usually does too

they say messages from spirit are universal

doesnt matter who said it

to whom it was said

or when ?:)

i have a list of 'buddha quotes the buddha never said' supposedly

yet still very valuable

with spiritual quotes, or messages of spirituality , it really doesnt matter who said it

or to whom

only maters if it means anything to us or not

if it can spark frustration, confusion, joy or something else

i used to think like you think there, but only when i smoked weed daily ;) ,, it gives the paranoia

there can be many reasons we think others talk about us.... such as they really do

sometimes our friends are not as nice to us as they seem

i have had friends who claimed to be friends i.e. , fake friends

worries, fear is always a good idea to listen to, it usually has a rational explanation. And we usually always get it from time to time. Few people go through life without worries or fear. Not in the insanity of this world. We get manipulated by others daily after all.

Even those that claim they are independent all the time. But it is usually just a disguise they put on themselves.

You can be tough and hard all the time if you want i.e.  - IM TOUGH - WATCH ME -- but it is just a facade one puts on

It must be good to reveal ones true feelings.

That is living.

So keep doing that!:)

But pay attention to what you feelings tell you

Times like that, i appreciate; when the message wasnt necessarily dorected to me, but in my attempts to in a roundabout way---say sorry, or express a sense of humility, more like apology for misunderstanding and taking it as a sign to me.....times when someone is okay with it and understanding, I appreciate that. I do believe that if someone says something that triggers something in me, making me think ita for me, theres a reason and id do best to find out whay it is. That picture for example, to remind me of why Im still going....i havent had enough trust in myself to even attempt using geometry to heal blockages in the most recent days, and I mostly wish for a permanence of the highest love possible....always going too fast though, taking as many shortcuts as i can. Its the numbers that tell me it waseant for me to see. Last night, it was angel numbers that led me to see your picture. If I see palindromes, 545, 757, 858, or 333, 444, things like that, I perk up to see what im supposed to be shown. I see them everywhere, but achool has only just started. To be honest and expressive, authentic and peaceful....I am not quite as good at it as I tend to say I am. I have gone on quite a tangent here. Dont remember the original point i wanted to make, but i like that your messages prompt me to say something. I feel pretty fine as of now. If Mr. Funny brain insidr the brain thinls too much aboit this message, the whole point might get lost. A touch on your words about message from spirit. Perhaps everything we say is a message from spirit. It seems best not to overthink or read into the words too deeply

Thank you for this moment

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