Just wondering if anyone else on here is like me in the fact that they react badly to harsh words or sometimes even just blunt words and even when someone is not being mean you still react sensitively? Because I have that issue, actually I've always had this issue - I guess I was born with it, I take everything either seriously or react way too sensitively towards it.

I've been told numerous times that I'm too hypersensitive and to stop and change this, but I can't stop as it's something that's a part of me. 

I've heard that its a starseed thing - especially from those from higher realms but I just wanted to clarify to make sure. 

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Sounds like you are a strong Empath.

Personally I am the same way. Since I was a child I have always felt what others truly felt. I was told the same thing. "You must change yourself and get rid of it", these words sickened me. Instead I found a way to control it (for the most part). This allowed me to be able to not only feel what people were feeling, but to see their true selves. To know their deepest secrets with out asking. To know their impulsive reactions and why they act a certain way.... 

However, it became more difficult to control as I unlocked more. Now with out realizing it I give people readings and hurt their feelings by bringing up the past with out meaning too. So yes I am hypersensitive (Empathic)  yet I can now realize what someone really feels behind their words. So in a way with out controlling it and unlocking it further I was able to understand people far better. 

So know what you feel is perfectly fine. It is something with in you which makes you understand people to a further extant compared to most. You can unlock it, or continue to stay where you are, even learn to control it. That is up to you. Some people call it the "hero complex" as the trigger which allows us to do such things. I call it a purpose. 

Yup, don't let people's namecalling distract you from your purpose. Empath is a gift.

You will only be able to use it by speaking the truth.

Being able to access your feelings is a gift, just don't overuse it of course.

Few people are able to access their feelings in this world.

It truly is a gift. A blessing.

I get namecalled daily when I use my empath abilities. Some will even deliberately follow me to namecall. So I just answer the people who are worthy of an answer --- those who show me respect.

It shows a lot about our world doesn't it?

they are trying to get you to not use your feelings, so you can become a machine like them


no emotion

is best they say.

And you should preferably write like them too. Proper punctuation so 'youre balanced'

But dont be like them

Be like yourself

Empaths see how we're attacked daily, by many people.

if you got feelings -- they will try to harvest you, play on you. All people not serving god.

Subconscious manipulation

Psychic vampires.

And there are many - not trying to scare you. 90% are not aware they do it to you/people.

Empaths just see things as they are. Many people are vampires, and think negative is 'just good'

They justify negative, to feed off others

Hi Kaigera...

Empathy could be blamed, but imho empathy is tied in with perhaps an overabundance of compassion.....our souls reaching out to the energies of others. We feel what others are feeling, to the point of anxiety / fear/ tension/ etc as well as happiness etc...it's part of the mob mentality for positive or negative....feelings are contagious ! in the animal world it may be a defense mechanism. It's not like reading nasty thoughts about us off another.

We can block empathy...but healers utilize it. Empathy is not, imho, what makes us feel belittled or oppressed by another, or to read what is not necessarily there.


i completely understand how you feel, because i spent my first 20 or so years suffering intensely from that problem..to the point that i was always sure that someone laughing at the other end of the bus or classroom was laughing at me !

and every so often it still does bite me.

in my case, part of the problem was my parents' negative influence from infancy...and later, part of the problem was being an already painfully shy insecure nerdy ethnic mix that became the target of bullying right through the end of high school.

it's only when i entered multiracial college and then started working, i slowly came to realize that i have worth...and i came to the life-changing realization that no one, not even my parents, would acknowledge that unless i myself made it happen !

 an abusive head nurse jolted me into actively starting to  make the changes i wanted for myself....i became a union rep. and learned from them.

i had chosen the nursing field for the quickest lifelong path to independence of anyone: parent or mate.

I didn't need anyone anymore....i knew that, even if i chose to have children, i would need no one to support us except myself.

after i achieved that, though, i was ready to let people of MY choosing into my life...people that were kind to me and supported me....people that were not, were immediately kicked out of my life ( even my first husband). If they didn't care about me, it didn't matter since i realized that i should not care about them or their opinions ! We are all of equal worth.

i did learn, the stronger i got, that people who belittle or bully are fearful of a great many things...this included my parents, my 1st husband, and the schoolchildren....they themselves were insecure.

out of strength, i  learned to be compassionate, and have forgiven my parents ...i wrote and mailed them a letter, though they're dead....."mom and dad", no address.

compassion and forgiveness calms our souls and lets us sleep well at night instead of churning over all the hurts. It's for US.

But, even if we are compassionate toward others, it does NOT mean we have to have anything to do with them if we don't want. This is part of our Free Will, and our Right to be happy !

i do not believe it's only a Starseed thing....it may be ALSO a Starseed thing, if they are on a spiritual evolutionary Path. I do believe that we're all here to learn Lessons, which includes learning to be Strong and to stand up for oneself in a firm but non-aggressive way whenever possible.

we cannot work with the goal of trying to make people like us....people can never be made to like us....

when we grow strong and assertive, we will finally develop the confidence to be kind and even to love..

...to always be honorable and strive to do the Right thing....to never be the aggressor, and even in self defense to be succinct and above board without dishonoring our principles....( in physical self defense, though, anything goes...according to the level of attack of course)

THEN, the people who count WILL like us......the fearful ones never will, no matter what we do.

They are on their own Paths, and no one can help them except themselves.

Life is a do-it-yourself job....and there was a reason you wrote here. It's the beginning of doing it yourself !

we will stick together <3

much love, and be always blessed dear one,


I heard one say, a good lesson we must all learn again and again, is to become more heart centered. And less in the mind.

The mind will argue all things for us, but not all can be lived in the mind.

And it was even a professional person with a big expensive house, all the things she ever wanted. A degree too I think.

If in heart space, others annoy us less.

But if in the mind, it can argue anything is ok -- defence ok it says

Heart says dont hurt others, unless attacked violently

At least mine does

And same goes for ridiculing others. Only say neg. things to others if they attack you.

It is ok to defend yourself verbally as a last resort.

But often verbal anger only distracts, brings us pain in life

Hatred never does anything good really.

I also heard we must learn to forgive all our anger at god, or our family. All disappointment in god, or our family. They may have let us down, but let past be past.

Clinging to disappointment will attract more of it in or life

Often old souls incarnate in opposite families to themselves. For some reason.

I never fitted in in my family, or in school.

@wasreply to original post here in thread

At first I thought it was some unexpected message to me out of the blue....I have a tendency to think everyones words are directed at me...but then I thought it might not be. Still, thanks anyway

Nah... i just have a big tendency to reply wrong post, when i ment originalpost ... due to adhd :-)

and severe adhd at times... meaning i cannot read people's posts at all

but if we think a thing fits for us, it usually does too

they say messages from spirit are universal

doesnt matter who said it

to whom it was said

or when ?:)

i have a list of 'buddha quotes the buddha never said' supposedly

yet still very valuable

with spiritual quotes, or messages of spirituality , it really doesnt matter who said it

or to whom

only maters if it means anything to us or not

if it can spark frustration, confusion, joy or something else

i used to think like you think there, but only when i smoked weed daily ;) ,, it gives the paranoia

there can be many reasons we think others talk about us.... such as they really do

sometimes our friends are not as nice to us as they seem

i have had friends who claimed to be friends i.e. , fake friends

worries, fear is always a good idea to listen to, it usually has a rational explanation. And we usually always get it from time to time. Few people go through life without worries or fear. Not in the insanity of this world. We get manipulated by others daily after all.

Even those that claim they are independent all the time. But it is usually just a disguise they put on themselves.

You can be tough and hard all the time if you want i.e.  - IM TOUGH - WATCH ME -- but it is just a facade one puts on

It must be good to reveal ones true feelings.

That is living.

So keep doing that!:)

But pay attention to what you feelings tell you

Times like that, i appreciate; when the message wasnt necessarily dorected to me, but in my attempts to in a roundabout way---say sorry, or express a sense of humility, more like apology for misunderstanding and taking it as a sign to me.....times when someone is okay with it and understanding, I appreciate that. I do believe that if someone says something that triggers something in me, making me think ita for me, theres a reason and id do best to find out whay it is. That picture for example, to remind me of why Im still going....i havent had enough trust in myself to even attempt using geometry to heal blockages in the most recent days, and I mostly wish for a permanence of the highest love possible....always going too fast though, taking as many shortcuts as i can. Its the numbers that tell me it waseant for me to see. Last night, it was angel numbers that led me to see your picture. If I see palindromes, 545, 757, 858, or 333, 444, things like that, I perk up to see what im supposed to be shown. I see them everywhere, but achool has only just started. To be honest and expressive, authentic and peaceful....I am not quite as good at it as I tend to say I am. I have gone on quite a tangent here. Dont remember the original point i wanted to make, but i like that your messages prompt me to say something. I feel pretty fine as of now. If Mr. Funny brain insidr the brain thinls too much aboit this message, the whole point might get lost. A touch on your words about message from spirit. Perhaps everything we say is a message from spirit. It seems best not to overthink or read into the words too deeply

Thank you for this moment

Yes, let everything and everyone be your teacher :-)

Thank you back  & Namaste

I am good enough as I am, in any clothes, just as I am. Because Iam :)

*smiles*...Musuhi, i am honored to be a soul sister to your mother

and perhaps to have made a difference to your day.

love, addy

"To live well is the best revenge" - what an amazing coincidence - my mum says it to me all the time, when I come to her and we talk about me feeling a thirst for revenge - it always calms me down. My dear father taught me that too. So cool you reminded me that. My mum is also in her sixties and also been through a lot - I must tell her I've met you, she'll be happy to be aware of her next soul sibling :)

Thank you, Adeomus, I feel much lighter now.

Hypersensitivity is being an Empath and I believe all Starseed are Emapthic. I admit I am the same way. I'll take things out of context or otherwise. Even when someone says they're only joking, I didnt take it that way and feel hurt even if it was a joke.
Embrace and love who you are! Blessings!

~ Ash

The problem is you know or felt what they were saying was not meant as a joke in their head. Myself it took a long time to accept the fact that when what a person is thinking doesn't match their words meant they were lying. There are other clear signs as well.

I had to learn to ignore what a person said to me if it had no bearing on my personal safety. In relationships.. well it became a bitch. People even on this site in general fail to catch on that you are lying to someone who knows you are lying. Just being polite not calling you out on it. :-)

Amusing in a way that people even here on this website fail to change their ways with all the sensitives around.

Cheers and Love & Light




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