Are there any lost brothers or sisters from Atlantis here? speak and well quack=) 

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I'm Orion Draconian/Dragon Kin Lineage,

But a Psychic lady told me years ago that she detected that I am or was an atlantean at one point.

However she had never even heard on the term 'Indigo' before.

I also have more memories of elsewhere than Atlantis, but it was the first place I discovered I had lived a past life so is very special to me ❤️
Yeah we should all band together and save the beings and this planet. That's our major feat I would say. Is never gonna be the same I miss being one with you with my whole being!
Tnank you for the links Dawn with the beautiful name. Reminds me of home it does.
What you all remember? I was a high priestess worked with cryatals, the crystal tech, healing and the dolphins. I was royal and law of one, still am. Fought the evil, defended you all to the last drop. We risked our lives for you. Managed to get away to yucatan and with my tf build and teach where he did the building. He's quite famous.. Not that it matters.. We don't see it that way. But, it's facts. I love him forever eternally. But most I love The Source, Father, The One Light. Used to come through the crystal in the temple of the law of one. Until the day he put a stop to it, only for a few left, since the half of the group walked out on us, turning to dark and away from lighted ways, I don't have to say Source, Father, thundered.. He told them to get OUT.
It's like hearing a thunder talk. They should've changed their robes to black that would've been suitable tf said. Since we had indigo blue robes.
They infiltrated the council and the leadership, they decided it was too late. If we, me and tf had been able to decide, the fall would've never happened, it could've been prevented if it was acted upon in time, take them and send them away to a desert planet, away from earth. That's what you do among others in Pleiades, but oh no..
I think now the big mistake were to let them stay.

Well we got over to yucatan,and we succeeded we did it. All is well and everything's safe. It wasn't in vain, th suffering. I want you to know that you that are innocent. Before that me and tf had a fab time playing around and being with all. But I got problems with our near soulmate, in our soul group since he went over to the evil. I pushed him into the water for that. Didn't really mean that, but my force field came out, when he tried to stop me from disallowing him. But the separation between what he was up to, and we were had to be drawn. He's sought me up and was so in love etc but I mean, I told him, that I would always choose tf before him and also that he couldn't separate the three of us, being that close on the soul tree. But he didn't listen. Never have.
We had to run from the evil many times while we did our projects and tried to help people from the evil, those choosing dark. I remember one time tf blocked the door to the pyramid or secret tunnels we were in and the evil came, we did secret experiments that would've helped ppl. We did finish it, but in a haste tf wouldn't let them get the stuff luckily we succeeded, he blocked the door, letting the others escape. He risked his life. But he's an incredible strong guy. The evil is shit scared of him.
I am also an Atlantean Royal. Unfortunetly I am still trying to peace together my Atlantean psst life

atlantis.thoth.oldsoul.ufodreams.momufodreams.pleiadian.recall:Pleiadian, ufo dreams, mom ufo dreams, egyptian resonation/atlantis/pleiadian resonation

got this file on pc :P
it comes to me in bursts,from the unconsciousness, so i am usually not ware of it, just like my ufodreams
not aware
yet attract it into my life
not ware, yet attract egyptian pharaos into my life
not aware, yet speak like an egyptian pharaoh
not aware, yet may speak like thoth for a moment


not aware, yet may speak like a pleiadian for a moment

not aware, yet may have 99% in common with ufo people i talk to

not aware, yet may have 100% in common with atlantis people i talk to

Yet, 0-5% in common with almost all humans i meet in my life
I never met people like mysef in daily life
even though i know we are all One
all brothers and sisters...

In my 31 yrs of life, never met a person like me
except once or twice or so

Yet... atlantis people, ufo people, starseeds (pleiadians)..., its like clones
the muldimensional matrix duplicate of me

Hey, why be humble... :D , if you feel like a god, and feel it is boring being human and suffering, longing to be a god again

Then you likely,,, atlantis, egyptian or such

God.. oh yes
You are god, I am god.
Now if only i could remember which,,,, I did have convos with thoth

Past life recall is not there for me so much. But thoth resonates like 100%.

Also have resonation 100% with eckhart tolle, dalai lama
cosmic brothers...

Not random I've attracted them either.

Soul trying to remind me.
Teacher says abou t the student.

They are god too. Although they dont usually say it :P
But since we are taking atlantis,,,, i might as well speak god. I like being god.

"being human and suffering is boring... being god ismuch more fun, maybe i should seek out a spiritual pathh to end my suffering"

Time to drink up that truth :P

"noone can touch truth without being deeply moved"

So, if you get deeply moved... likely atlantis, egypt heritage



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