Antarctica's Inner Earth Entrances on Google Earth?

Ok ive seen a few things on google Earth which looked like glitches with satellite photography but this is not. Anyone can view these locations but some are not sure for how long before they get photoshopped out. Watch both the short videos below and see what you think then watch the last one where youtuber Cari Kindle explains why these holes or caves are anything but normal. Pay close attention to the ice and forms around the holes and to what some are saying is a cover (mechanical?) plus look how similar both sites are.

Wether they lead to some Inner Earth location or are Hollow Earth entrances I would not like to be stood on the edge of one, thats for sure!


Mysterious Inner Earth Entrance Antarctica - No.1

Mysterious Inner Earth Entrance Antarctica - No.2

Cari Kindl - These are not caves!

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Hi there is a reason the discussion was titled 'Inner Earth' not Hollow Earth, they are not the same... Inner Earth is anything inside the Earth (usually something unknown) and that includes stories of lost cave systems, tunnels and temples or cities. I never said anywhere what the holes lead to or that its hollow Earth, nobody knows exactly but as many people are researching things like Hollow Earth theory its gonna interest them. I make up my own mind.

Now before anyone goes off at me I do not know if I believe the Earth is hollow, its an interesting theory and it makes you wonder. So just based on what I have heard from some people who do fully believe this, they seem to believe that the lava circulates at the centre of gravity within the crust. You will have to look it up, in another video Cari explains why she belives hollow structures are perfectly natural.

As for these just being caves, you could be right but im careful not to dismiss things before anyone has supplied any proof otherwise. If you watched the last video you would have heard the argument against that these are just caves and I believe she has some very valid points.



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