Last night I was visited or taken to an alien council, they looked human but they weren't a culture Iv seen before. They had dark hair, eyes and latin skin, they were tall and very kind and loving.

I was called to have a meeting with them and they guided me through some things related to conscious business that uplifts humanity. They were honest and blunt but very loving and kind.

Has anyone dealt with them before? I suspect that it may be the Andromeda council of some sort.

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Latin skin sounds to be from the Vega system near Lyra, vegans.
They have never took me but they have significantly intervened in my life "the lion people" they are extremely powerful they intervene through spiritual magic stuff


It's possible. They have a website that you can check out and a youtube channel as well full of interviews. Here's the website link: http://www.andromedacouncil.com

Love, Light, and Peace

I have no experiences with any beings like you describe, but on the night of November 2nd I DID have a new encounter with a humanish species with pale skin/hair. The following day I celebrated my birthday, and was given a painting made that day which depicted a moment of my most recent astral projection.

So something may be up if an unawakened human was able to paint one of my visions as a surprise birthday gift, AND at the same time other starseeds had new encounters.

CALLING ALL STARSEEDS: did anyone else have a new encounter on that night?

the ET galactic council of Andromeda has many races in it as they govern a huge area. but the numbers of head leaders has increased only 2 years ago after the treaty singeing to stop the war. in those races who interact with earth each race has their own agenda of star seeds put here on earth and their intentions of interaction with them. even if they are part of the same faction. but do know that just because one main race belongs to a faction does not mean ALL do. its good to question them as much as possible politely to know for sure. also the description is very little. was there any other things about them that they shared? what clothes did they ware? jewelry? any tattoos/ painting or tribal markings of sorts? symbols or icons on them? was there ears different? what you described matches a verity of ets that are humaoid.

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