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Some people will feel that she's the real deal right off the bat, some will take some time, and some will never accept it.

I wish everyone saw what we see but not everyone's ready. 

I, for one, know I'm very blessed to have come across Alura. My life has greatly improved thanks to her guidance and healing. I promote her to anyone who will listen and if an individual isn't open to it then I move along. 

Hi Preston, I admire how you stand up for Alura. I, myself have been gone from this site for a long time now, due to unnecessary confrontions that drag me down and are a waste of my time and energy. The rudeness wares me out. However, I will stand up with you here in support of Alura Cein. She is a Beautiful, Kind person. She worries about everyone and wants to help. ( Seek and ye shall find....) Use your intuition to guide you on your path to truth. My path has led me to Alura. I had my Soul Origin reading by Alura, now I understand many things about myself,and now I am reasured that my existence is not a random train wreck. It is beautiful to know who thought to create your light from a piece of theirs. Love is why we exist.
I understand that Alura is a very beautiful person. But the way you have worded your comment has made me confused. Sure she must have given you great advice but you made it seem too me that she was the one who gave you answers about yourself. I always thought that you had too find them yourself and that nobody an do that for you. Sure people can help you on your spiritual path but you must be the one that walks it. Then agian I have a feeling that you did not mean that she took steps for you. Please take this a friendly concern and nothing more.
Thank you for helping me understand and thank you for the advice



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